I Heart Coaching

Start your dream coaching business.

I Heart Coaching is a six-month, live training program for the female entrepreneur who desires to create or grow her high-level online coaching businesses, and is ready to make a real impact in the world.

You can be extraordinary.

A program for the new and experienced coach alike, I Heart Coaching will empower you with the skills and knowledge to take your business from ordinary to truly extraordinary. It's created to teach you how to make big money doing what you love, become the woman you've always wanted to be and to finally live the life you've always imagined. But it's also so much more than that.

It's time to live your success story.

I Heart Coaching goes beyond a business building course. This program opens your world up to an extraordinary community of female entrepreneurs that you can learn from, grow with and keep in touch with as your own success story unfolds. Their unique experiences will widen your understanding of the industry and provide you with an amazing support system along the way. This program is designed to support you from all sides as you find your way toward the success you desire in your business and the life that you’ve been waiting for...

So what is I Heart Coaching?

I Heart Coaching is a training program for new and aspiring coaches looking to make money online.

This program is designed to support you in becoming a standout online coach — whether you’re new or looking to go to the next level in your coaching business. 

Co- Coach James Williams
Is this Program for Me?

It’s time to step into the life you were born to live. I Heart Coaching will get you there.

Wondering if this is for you? Here’s how you know. I Heart Coaching is for you if…

01You want to finally start or grow your coaching business

It’s time to finally move forward with your dreams. Whether you’re just getting started or you’ve been running an inconsistent side-hustle, this is for you.

02You're ready to make more money or replace your current income

She made 3x her previous corporate salary in a day!

I generate 3-4 times my monthly corporate salary each month and actually just two days ago, I generated more than 3x my corporate paycheck in ONE day!” – Courtney McClasky

03You want to develop a mindset that supports your success

You know you weren’t born a successful entrepreneur and you need to grow in confidence, transform your money story, get over your fear of sales and transform into a powerful business owner.

04You want to learn the business systems and structures

She learned the strategic “how to’s” of building a successful coaching company.

“Since investing in the program, I have successfully launched two programs, rebranded my website and now work with amazing clients (women and men alike) from all over the country, soon to be “countries.” – Molly Dalbec

05You want to live the life of your dreams

You’re ready to stop struggling. You have big dreams for your life and you’re ready to make them happen.

06You want to use your innate skills to make money

She went from food stamps to using her talents to impact the world and make more money!

“During my time with Emily, I was able to break through some intense money blocks, and nearly triple my monthly income.” – Kate Patchett

07You're longing to go to the next financial level and join the 6-figure earners

“I wasn’t able to pay for a stamp last year and now I have a 6-figure business! I had my biggest month ever at the start of this year — $26.5k!” – Lynne Taggart

Program Curriculum

I Heart Coaching will teach you how to start and grow your online coaching business.

Guest Experts

Exclusive Guest Experts to fast-track your success.

We have the honor of learning from some incredible, world-renowned guest experts in the next six months.

Investment + Planning

Choose the plan that’s right for you.

The investment for I Heart Coaching will be $6500 USD. (There will be an additional charge for VAT for UK clients.) You can pay in full or take advantage of our extended payment plan. Please do not choose the payment plan if you do not intend to honor the payments after the course concludes. This is out of integrity and would create negative money karma for your business.

Program Bonuses

I’m so committed to you making more money that I’m giving you these exclusive bonuses worth thousands.


Proof This Program Works

I helped hundreds of women start and grow their coaching business.

And now I’m passionate about helping you transform your life and bank account and grow your business – just like my clients below…

Working with Emily has been life changing for me. I have went from coaching for free in my Network Marketing business to earning £13,763 ($18,000) in four months. Emily taught me how to get that clarity I needed to step into alignment, build and launch a website, create my coaching program and attract dream clients.”

Lynne Taggart

Success + Miracles Coach

Next Success Story

“Since investing in the program, I have successfully launched two programs, rebranded my website and now work with amazing clients (women and men alike) from all over the country, soon to be ‘countries.'”

Molly Dalbec

Business + Networking Coach

Next Success Story

“Emily enables you to get the confidence to see ‘you’ as a brand, and build and grow a tangible business that attracts more clients than you ever dreamed possible, and connect with them through the power of social media.”

Lucy Griffiths

Success Coach + Video Strategist

Next Success Story

“Since completing the program  I have consistently hit 5 figures in sales every month and had my own 5 figure group program launch. Alongside the financial success I am happier and more confident than I have been in years.”

Ruth Kudzi

Success Coach

Next Success Story

“My One on One program is now fully booked and I’m earning consistent 10 to 15K months. I’m launching a group program in a few weeks that totally lights me up and with all the systems and structures I’ve learned – this launch feels exciting and pretty easy.”

Wendy Gless

Life + Money Coach for Women

Next Success Story

I Heart Coaching was the spark that transformed my life. It gave me the clarity, confidence, and tools to push fear out of the driver’s seat and pursue my passion. I no longer just hope and wish for my ideal life, but take action to make it happen.”

Erica Marie Walters

Eating Psychology Coach + Nutritional Therapist

Next Success Story

“I have been able to create a business that I love! I get to impact women all over the world. I have quit my 6 figure corporate job, I generate 3-4 times my monthly corporate salary each month and actually just 2 days ago, I generated more than 3x my corporate pay check in one day! The amazing thing about this, is that while it has been hard work it has been so effortless and easy.”

Courtney McClasky

Business Strategist

Next Success Story

“Six months ago I took a leap of faith and signed up for I Heart Coaching. I was already in the thick of building a business and so finances were extremely tight… I didn’t know how I’d afford it, but there a voice inside me saying ‘there is something more for you’. I now know what that whisper meant and my life has changed beyond recognition.”

Lauren Armes

Business Coach

Next Success Story

“I did I Heart Coaching last year and since then my husband and I both have left our jobs and we have been pursuing our passion since November of 2016. It’s amazing when you are shown that it is possible and there’s a better way to live. What I have learned in this course has not only helped my business but it has inspired my husband to pursue his passion and start his own construction company. We had our first 5 figure month in March!!!”

Heidi Parham


Next Success Story

When I signed up for Emily’s I Heart Coaching program, I was unemployed, broke and had over $20,000 in credit card debt. Within two weeks my monthly salary became my weekly income and by 90 days I had paid the entire program off and made over $23,000!”

Janelle Mason

Success Coach

Next Success Story

“…I’ve run a group course ‘discover the mindset’ that had 21 participants and I’ve also been coaching awesome women one-on-one, empowering them to build their own unique online personal brand as well.”

Dr. Tilean Clarke

Mindset +
Success Coach

Next Success Story

“By the time I finished IHC I had made the whole enrollment fee back and more. I am now ridiculously proud of a business that is producing 5 figure months, every month, with joy and ease. I get to travel and work, including a $17k day and $20k week. Without IHC I would still have a hobby business that trickled along while I churned out the hours in my 9-5.”

Penny Comins

Sales + Biz Coach

Next Success Story

“Within just a few weeks of a soft launch of my business, I signed six clients, and I didn’t even have a website! I now wake up excited every day because I get to work in my zone of genius all day long.”

Kim Heintz

Online Business + Technical Strategist

Next Success Story

“Through her program I learned to create a new money story and what action to take to create the life I truly desire. It was hands down one of the best decisions I have ever made.”

LaDawn Townsend

Business Strategist

Next Success Story

“I had coaching clients before I even launched my business, and a month after our graduation I’d matched my senior lawyer’s take home salary. I’ve made life long friends and fast forwarding to less than a year from finishing, 5-figure months have become my new normal plus I’ve started to travel the world and have just bought my dream car.”

Lulu Minns

Success + Transformational Coach

Next Success Story

“Before starting I Heart Coaching, I was a mess! I had no website, no clients, and was totally stuck on how to make my business happen. Thank goodness I worked with Emily – because now, I have a fabulous website, a unique brand that I’m ridiculously proud of, and pulled in 3 new clients and 4 figures within the first month of launching my business!”

Jamie DeMarco

Dating + Relationship Coach

Next Success Story

“Emily Williams and I Heart Coaching were pivotal in changing the trajectory of my life and business. During my time with Emily, I was able to break through some intense money blocks, and nearly triple my monthly income.”

Kate Patchett

Soul Coach

Next Success Story

“Because she showed me what was possible, I went from feeling overwhelmed and confused, to feeling confident and excited working with clients I adore, and hitting 5-figure months.”

Alexandra Covucci

Transformation + Success Coach

Next Success Story

“I started training with Emily in I Heart Coaching in May and launched my coaching business on August 15th and within six weeks I have had five one-on-one clients sign up and generated £10,000/$13,000! It’s now a year later and I’ve hit 6-figures in my coaching business.”

Noor Hibbert

Business + Life Success Coach for Mumpreneurs

Next Success Story

In three months of launching my coaching business, I’ve been able to consistently double my income each month! Within 45 days of truly “going for it” I’ve made $5,200. My life has truly changed because of this program.”

Lauren Girdler

Success Coach

Next Success Story

“Being part of IHC has been a huge turning point in my business and also my life, and I am so grateful I said yes. I signed 10 new clients, had the biggest month of all in my business – $8.5k – and now I have the mindset, systems and confidence to continue to grow this into the future.”

Leanne Lisbon

Weight Loss Success Coach

Next Success Story

“Before working with Emily I ‘wanted’ my own business for over 2 years, but hadn’t done anything to get it. Since then, I’ve gone from having nothing in place to signing 10 clients and making $3K, all while working 40+ hours in a corporate job.”

Hollie Tkac


Next Success Story

I’d thought about starting a coaching business for a year or so, but was paralyzed by fear and overwhelm of not knowing where to start. Within four months, my business was up and running! And, I could not have done it without the support of Emily, James, the IHML team and of course my IHC sisters.”

Nicole Ramano

Lifestyle +
Business Strategist

Next Success Story

“Not only am I building a strong foundation to my business with the business modules provided, most importantly with the mindset work Emily has created I understand more of who I am, what I want, and have the confidence to fully jump into my amazing new life.”

Alycia Caroline

Self-Worth + Dream Life Coach

Next Success Story

“I gained the clarity I needed in my brand and niche, and now my dream clients come to me. I’ve tripled my email list, and I earned $15k last month! I can’t even believe that this is my reality.”

Rachel McMichael

The Techspert

Next Success Story

“My life and business has completely transformed by working with Emily and that all started with saying “yes” to myself. When I made the decision, my house was in foreclosure, and I was barely squeaking by with $30k in a year. Fast forward to just nine months later – I’ve completely revamped my business, I’m owning my talents & more confident than ever and I’m on track for my first 6-figure year!”

Brooke Rash

Social Media Marketing Strategist

Next Success Story

“I have successfully started and run other businesses so I honestly thought I could figure this out on my own! Man, am I glad I didn’t! This program has helped save me tons of time. I am a new mom…so the time saved was essential! I would highly recommend this program for anybody looking to get into coaching!”

Samm Murphy

Success Strategist for Life + Biz

Next Success Story

“Being part of I Heart Coaching has changed my life. I have never felt so truly aligned with my purpose and confident that I can do it. I was a complete newbie and I am so impressed with myself for what I have achieved in just 6 months, now I feel like I’m ready for anything!”

Amy Shefik

Personal Development Coach

Next Success Story

“Working with Emily Williams has been truly life changing. I was such a lost girl in a big world, and now I am a successful CEO of my very own business! I have so much more confidence and purpose after working with Emily, that it doesn’t even feel like the same life I was living before.”

Sarah Byrd

Personal Development Coach

Next Success Story

“From finally starting the business I always knew I was meant for, to learning the in’s and out’s of everything you need to succeed, to connecting with entrepreneurs all over the world that are now life-long friends, this program is gorgeous and turn-key! If you are looking to change your life and be the boss babe that you have always known you were meant to be, then register for IHC today.”

Annie LaRose

Success +
Life Strategist for Goal Diggers

Next Success Story

“Emily and IHC changed my life. I followed my calling to become a coach and IHC provided everything I needed to get started. I am a successful coach now and I wouldn’t be here with IHC! Signing up was the best decision I ever made but not just for myself but for my family and most definitely for my dreams.”

Anita Smith

Mindset + Business Development Coach

Next Success Story

…the greatest gift this program has given me is the commitment to believing in myself; to believing that I could do something world-changing and showing me the steps to finally realize my heart’s desire.”

Lorri Silvera

Success Coach

Next Success Story

“Since working with Emily and IHC I created and launched my 1:1 coaching program along side my full-time photography business as well as being a full-time Mom! With the roadmap, guidance and support of Emily and IHC I am now able to live the life I have been called to live.”

Keri Gavin

Confidence + Mindset Coach

Next Success Story

“In the short time that I have been part of IHC, my fiancé, friends and colleagues have inquired how I ‘transformed myself’ seemingly overnight.”

Karen Schmidt

Business Coach

Next Success Story

“Emily not only believed in me, she showed me how to believe in myself. The courage I have developed through this program has changed my life forever!”

Diana Minot

Success Coach for Authors

Next Success Story

“Because of I Heart Coaching I now have a solid direction for my business, a beautiful website, and clients I love!”

Kaycee Brown

Success + Clarity Coach

Next Success Story

“I Heart Coaching is the comprehensive business building program I’d been seeking for years. The combination of mindset work and step by step framework for business is a recipe for success!”

Beth Hulsbrink

Energy + Life Coach

Next Success Story

Since working with Emily my life has changed drastically for the better! I worked really hard in her I Heart Coaching program to set my business up while working full time. After losing my job I was able to make up my month’s salary in two weeks of working in my business!”

Heather Franks

Success Coach

Next Success Story

“If you are looking for a program – and more importantly a community – that is going to walk you through step by step how to create the business you are proud of then I Heart Coaching is it.”

Nickey Rautenberg

Digital Marketing Strategist + Sales Funnel Coach

Next Success Story

“I decided to take the leap and join her coaching program and within less than 90 days I launched a new business. Being in the mastermind and learning from someone who has been where I wanted to be, provided me with the clarity and support I needed of how to make it all happen.”

Kristine Barnes

Business Start Up Strategist

Next Success Story
Program Timing + Summary

I Heart Coaching at a Glance

Over the next six months not only will you engage with 24 in-depth modules and an extensive library of bonus materials, you’ll also receive LIVE group calls to support you as you work toward creating the life, business and bank account of your dreams! Here’s what you can look forward to…


This program includes everything you need to start and grow your coaching biz.

Extensive modules and resources

Get 24 downloadable modules filled with everything you need to build and grow your coaching business.

Live group coaching calls

We want you to feel supported in this program and get your personal questions answered. This is your chance to experience live coaching.

Private Facebook group

It’s important to connect with other women who are on a similar journey to you. Remember, you are who you surround yourself with, so it’s time to get that wealthy, driven posse you’re craving.


We’re giving you thousands of dollars worth of bonuses before the program even starts because we’re so committed to your success.


Need help? Have questions? We’re here for you.

“Emily’s helped countless women leave their 9 – 5 jobs, start a business, and make more money than ever before.

Selena Soo

Creator of Impacting Millions + Top Publicity Coach

Next Endorsement

“If you’re looking to master the inner game of wealth, look no further.”

Sarah Kaler

Business + Leadership Coach

Next Endorsement

Emily truly helped me ‘flip the switch’ on how I view money, freedom and even fear itself. And she also has an uncanny ability to make complicated ‘money concepts’ really simple and actionable!

Chris Winfield

Coach + Writer at Inc. and Entrepreneur

Next Endorsement

“The impact she has had on her clients is evident in the results they get.

Jessica Nazarali

Founder of It Girl Academy + It Girl Radio

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Still have a few questions?

We’ve answered a few of your top questions below. If you still have more, email us at [email protected]. (Don’t worry, we’ll stop with the selfies and get back to you lickety split!)


I'm not a coach - can I still take this program?

Yes! I’ve had women from other industries take this course as well and have great success. As long as you’re an online service-based business – graphic designers, chiropractors, fitness experts, social media experts and countless other professionals utilize the information I share in this program to compress their timeline and take their businesses to the next level.

I just started my business - can I take this program?

Yes, there’s no reason for you to go through the 54 “no’s” that I went through! This is all of the information you need at the beginning to build that foundation and momentum towards your dreams.

I'm still trying to identify my path, does this program help me gain clarity on ideal clients and direction?

Yes! This program will help you identify the person/group you want to work with as well as what you want to offer them.

What if I don't have a blog or a big following yet? What if I don't even have a newsletter list?

You don’t need a massive following right now or a blog to start this program. I started with 15 friends and family on my list. We’ll work on building your following over the next six months together.

What additional investments will I need to make in order to implement what I learn?

I didn’t start with any help. I did everything myself for the first six months and literally the only outside help I hired was a Facebook ads expert for one hour in November 2014 and one hour with a copywriter to help me with a sales page. Now, I was great at my branding and loved writing and felt like I could do everything well, so that was my decision. You have to know your strengths and weaknesses. However, I worked a lot, and would recommend outsourcing sooner than I did, but it is possible. I’d suggest having money for Facebook ads around Month 5 though. Again, you start with what you have. It doesn’t have to be a fortune!

How is this different from other programs?

It’s hard to compare, but I’ll do my best! The content of this program was developed from my own journey from nothing to my creating a business that made over $500k in sales in my first year and over $970k in 2015 alone. Specifically, this is the path I took from getting my first client to making six-figures within six months. I found that the mindset work was essential to my success. It’s also a much more intimate group in terms of numbers compared to a lot of other programs so you get more attention in the Facebook group and on the bi-weekly call with me.

Why is there so much mindset work?

The mindset work was essential to my own success and I know it’s going to transform yours as well. If you think about it, your future clients are going to want to know that they are working with someone who has it together. The mindset work will set you up for success and set you apart from the crowd.

Will calls be recorded? How will I get the training materials?

This is a completely online course so everything will be stored on our Member’s Site. Once you register, you’ll get a unique log-in with that information. All calls will be recorded and the links will be on the Member’s Site as well as the weekly module content.

Can I pay in installments?

Yes, you can pay in six to twelve smaller payments depending on when you sign up.

Am I guaranteed to make money?

As you can imagine, there are no guarantees when it comes to programs like this, but my previous clients have gotten incredible results as you can see on this page. What I’m going to teach you is exactly what I did to go from nothing to making six-figures and beyond in my business. It’s possible for you too – especially if you already have a business, and it just needs some tweaking to support you in bringing in more clients. However, if you’re a complete beginner, I’d recommend having a side job as you build your coaching business as, like anything, it does take time to get that momentum going. Expect to start working with clients and bringing in money in the final two months of the course.

Your Opportunity

You’re meant for something big.

The thing is, you’ve always known you were meant for something big – maybe it shows up as a voice inside or as a feeling of being pulled in the direction of your dreams – regardless, you know it to be true.

You know in your heart that you’re so close to your something big. If only you had the support to make it all happen…

This is your chance.

You deserve the chance to go for your dreams, and this is it. Don’t hesitate, because this can be the moment everything changes for you…

“It only takes one step in the direction of your dreams. You can be the next success story. You just have to get started!”

– Emily Williams