A step by step business-building course designed for the new and aspiring service-based entrepreneur.

our newest Signature course


YOU know you're meant for something big.

You can feel it in your heart and even if everyone thinks you're crazy, you know the real truth. Does this sound like you?

• You want to move past fear and doubt.

• you want to know what's really  working online.

• you want to attract more clients.

• you want to go to the next financial level.

• YOU want a successful service-based online business.


Sick of downloading every free ebook or webinar to piece-together the steps to take as a new or aspiring entrepreneur?
Tired of trying to do this on your own while your non-supportive friends and family look on from the sidelines?
Longing for consistent clients coming in the door instead of the unpredictable results you're getting now?
Ready to kick your fear or lack of confidence to the curb and learn how to stay on track with your dreams?
Working 80-100 hours a week knowing that there's a better way but you just don't know it yet?
Worried about what other people will think about you starting your own business (because sometimes you wonder if you can really do this too)?
Longing for the day when you can finally leave your 9-5 job behind?


Yup, you're feeling all those things. Check. Check. Check. 

it's a constant rollercoaster.

...but you don't have to ride it alone.

Yes, there's a time and a place to roll up your sleeves in business, but frankly lovely, trying to do this on your own is the slow-path to the success you want. There are tried and true methods that work, and in order to reach your goals faster, hiring those people (who are literally reaching out their hand to you right now) is the best thing you can do to set yourself up for success!



We're here to help...

Your dreams and desires are possible and meant for you. Yes, that includes success and impact. Just look at Anna below. She came to us wanting to move forward as an entrepreneur. She'd tried other programs, but was still running a very "premium hobby". Fast-foward, three years later, she's left her job as a lawyer, and is a rockstar copywriter and coach making multiple 6-figures per year! 

It's no mistake that you landed on this page today. It's time to make your dream a reality.

“From A to Z, Emily and James walk you through every step of the process: choosing your ideal client, developing your first program, and marketing that program. Through my time in the program, I went from having a "premium" hobby (I don't say the word "expensive" anymore), to making 150% of what I earned in my full-time job as an attorney. I can't say enough wonderful things about how this program can help you move forward with your dreams."


I'll have what she's having >


A new or aspiring entrepreneur (making under $50,000 per year) looking to scale to 6-figures, leave your 9-5 job, and drastically change your life?

If so, keep reading...

Driven to make a lot of money in your online business?

Passionate about changing the world and creating impact? 

Ready to share your message on stage, in books, on TV, on Facebook LIVE (even if there's some fear there -- you know you're meant to be visible!)

Looking for support from people who have been there and have gotten the results you want to achieve.


Have clarity and a solid plan that will take you from A to Z?
Replace your 9-5 income and make more in a month than ever before?
Experience connection and support while growing your biz?
Stop looking at others succeeding while feeling that you're behind?
Get technical help with funnels, emails and online marketing?
Actually know what's working right now in the online space?
Travel, create your own schedule and have more time with your kids or family?

Make enough to get ahead instead of always living paycheck to paycheck?

No longer feel bad about wanting to make a lot of money?

Believe you can make a lot of money and see it come in (consistently)?

Stop struggling to get clients?

Increase your prices or ask for that raise without the fear and guilt?

Turn your yearly income into your monthly income?

Drop the panic and constant shame and worry about money?


I know, there can be a lot of questions and confusion if you’re starting a new business or looking to scale to that next level. If you don’t have a plan to follow, it can be easy to make some “hard to come back from” mistakes, get off track, and continue with your feast or famine mindset. Without guidance and support, it can be difficult to get closer to the life we both know you’re meant for.

For that reason, WE’ve created a PROGRAM for you to help start and grow your online business and achieve more than you ever dreamed was possible.

it's possible...


introducing newest signature course

This program is designed to support you in becoming a standout entrepreneur -- whether you're brand new or looking to go to the next level in your service-based business, this is the comprehensive program you've been looking for. 

heck yes! I want IN >

3x her corporate pay!

"With Emily's help, I have been able to create a business that I LOVE! I get to impact women all over the world. I have quit my 6 figure corporate job, I generate 3-4 times my monthly corporate salary each month and actually just 2 days ago, I generated more than 3x my corporate pay check in ONE day! The amazing thing about this, is that while it has been hard work it has been so effortless and easy. I knew I was meant for something more and I am getting to live it every day by impacting women who are going to change the world."

courtney carol

was able to leave her
9-5 job + launched a group program

“Emily helped me launch my first group program within two months of starting the program...Working with Emily and in her program has given me complete confidence in my entrepreneurial pursuits. Thanks to her coaching style, the mindset work, and support from the amazing community, I am completely sure that my business goals are mine for the taking and I couldn't be more grateful for having made this investment in myself."

Leah gervais

FIllable workbooks + Detailed video Trainings

Get access to templates, tools and resources in 12 modules containing everything you need to start and grow your business.

Q+A calls with Emily Williams

Get access to our library of coaching calls - you'll get over 12 hours of business + calls with Emily Williams where she answers real-life questions that you'll be able to learn from in your own life and biz.

Q+A calls with James Williams

Get access to our library of coaching calls - you'll get over 12 hours of of high performance, relationship, and mindset calls with James Williams. He covers everything from sleep, to food and exercise, to how to handle an unsupportive spouse.


This resource library will help you compress your timeline and expand your knowledge in a huge way! Plus, you're getting access to recorded coaching and sales calls so you can nail those discovery calls and improve your own coaching skills. Everything you need is at your fingertips!

Scripts, checklists, funnels

No need to reinvent the wheel -- we've included all of the scripts, checklists, funnels, onboarding materials, before and after coaching documents (to name a few!) you need to stand out online and serve your clients while saving you precious time and energy. 

the ACCELERATOR Includes All the Templates, Tools and Resources You Need to launch your business and get clients.

Over the next 90 days, you'll get your business up running and start getting clients. You'll also get access to an extensive library of scripts, templates, tools and resources including weekly live group coaching calls, sales calls and the templates you need to grow to 6-figures.

step by step tech tutorials

We know that technology can be a buzz-kill. That's why we've created trainings for you on things like Google forms, Survey Monkey, Active Campaign, and more. And if you ever need another tutorial, let us know! We're all about simplifying this process for you!

Over the 90 days, you'll engage with 12 modules as well as an extensive resource library of bonus materials, templates, checklists, video trainings, funnels and more -- all designed to give you the life and coaching business of your dreams. This is your opportunity to become the next extraordinary entrepreneur out there so take the time to explore the course guide outlined below.  


Program your mind for success

program your mind for success

create a new relationship with money

create a new relationship with money


design the life you want

discover your ideal client

discover your ideal client

build your personal brand

build you personal brand

design your standout website

design your standout website

understand your target market

understand your target market

develop your offerings

develop your offerings









Launch Your online marketing strategy

Implement Goal Setting + REvenue planning

create sustainable success + Habits 

refine your sales SySTEMS + Process





launch your online marketing strategy

refine your sales system + process

implement goal setting + revenue plans

create sustainable success + habits



Get clarity around what you want now
Finally feel worthy of your desires
Set specific and intentional goals
Discover your “why” behind the goals (hint: check in with your heart!)
Learn to use jealousy to give you even more clarity
Channel your talents to impact the world
Stop blocking (and denying) what you want

module 2



Get the money story scoop
Uncover your money story (yes, you have one!)
Go back in time to the origin of your money story
Learn how rich people think
Get real about your money fears and worries
Discover how your money story is keeping you broke

module 3



Learn how to shift your thoughts like a playlist
Create new and improved wealthy money habits
Learn how to stop blocking money once and for all
Replace the toxic money-blocking words
Create new stories about money that actually serve your dreams
Use your money story to attract money in your biz
Get real about how you need to show up to hit your targets

module 4



Figuring out who you’re meant to serve and where you can find them.
Connecting with your ideal client and attracting them to you effortlessly.

module 5



Learn how to conduct market research to understand your audience.
Identify the pain points and desires of your clients (so you can market to them effortlessly).
Be able to speak the language of your clients so they literally feel like you're in their head!

module 6



Build your personal brand from the ground up (or take it to the next level).
Identify the colors, fonts and overall aesthetic of your brand.
Get clear on the language and copy that represents your brand.
Understand how to stand out from the crowd.
What you need to know about your first or next photoshoot to knock it out of the park!

module 7



Learn the four pages we recommend you have on your site.
Get access to our sales page breakdown - the 15 sections you need to have.
Access easy to use tutorials so you can build your site (or outsource it).
Understand how to write the copy for your site so it attracts your customer.

module 8



Learn about the client ascension model.
Create your first or next program, product or offering.
Move forward with developing your product or program.
Understand what a scalable business model looks like.

module 9



Learn how to target your ideal client with an irresistible offer.
Create your opt-in and landing page to start building your list.
Learn about Facebook ads and other paid marketing strategy.
Get your marketing systems in place to speak to your ideal client regularly.

module 10



Create new beliefs about sales that don’t leave you feeling icky
Learn what mindset shifts are needed to hit those monthly money goals
Become the woman who attracts high-level clients (consistently)
Master the art of sales conversations and the mindset needed
Learn how to have a greater impact on the world and spread your message

module 11



Learn how to set goals like a pro.
Understand how to create financial projections and revenue plans.
Step into the mindset of a true business owner with a plan in place.
Learn about hiring -- who to hire and when.

module 12



Learn what it takes to join the world's most successful people.
Understand what tweaks to make in your day to amplify energy and efficiency.
Learn how to avoid burnout and continue to be able to thrive in your biz.


created another 6-figure biz

“I was already in the thick of building a business and so finances were extremely tight... I didn't know how I'd afford it, but there was a voice inside me saying 'there is something more for you'. I now know what that whisper meant and my life has changed beyond recognition."

lauren armes

5-figure months

"I have consistently hit 5 figures in sales every month and had my own 5 figure group program launch. Alongside the financial success, I am happier and more confident than I have been in years."

ruth kudzi

Facebook ads training

We've brought in a special Facebook ads expert to support you in understanding how to set up and run your own ads. We know that you may not be ready to outsource this, so we're going to show you how!

Coaches' hub

Are you a coach or consultant? We've put together a special "hub" for you that includes example discovery and coaching calls, materials to support you in becoming a stronger coach, an example contract and more!

guest trainings With top experts

We've spent tons of time and money building our network, and we're thrilled to bring industry experts to you in the 6-Figure Club. We have special trainings from a Facebook LIVE expert, publicity expert, and more ready for immediate download when you join the program.


We're so committed to your success that we're giving you extra bonuses. All you have to do is take action now. Our fast-action bonuses are designed to reward you when you sign up today. You'll get extra content that you can dive into immediately to fast-track your success.

Photoshoot guide

Wondering how to plan and execute your dream photoshoot? We're giving you the breakdown of what to do pre, during and post-shoot so you can go from camera-shy to in the spotlight with ease. It's time to have photos that connect with your audience and stand apart from the crowd.

revenue tracker

It's time to step into your role as a legit business owner. That means actually knowing where your money is going and planning for what's to come. Get access to our revenue tracker and how-to guide to simplify this process. Once you get the hang of this, your confidence will soar!

reading list + screensavers

This reading list is GOLD! Books have been a huge part of my mindset transformation. I’m giving you my list of the books that have been vital to my success, and I recommend reading them daily. It’s like a daily vitamin to support you in developing your new, powerful mindset.

made more in one month in her biz than ever before

“I felt like I had no direction and started this program feeling unworthy of success, fear of failing and just paralyzed by own negative thought habits.  I was that person full of excuses and reasons why I couldn't be incredible at what I do. After working with Emily, I know what I want to do, who I want to serve and know that there is so much for me, for my family and my future.  I have made more in one month of coaching than in my full-time and online business combined and that is incredible."

Theresa Nguyen

helped her launch her dream biz in record time

“I was looking for a program to help me turn my dream of creating a business coaching program for real estate agents, into a reality. I felt confident in my knowledge of the real estate industry and my ability to coach agents, but I needed help putting structure behind the idea and taking it from concept to reality. In the third month of the program I started working with my first client, and by the 5th month I was working with 13 clients. This program helped me to launch my dream business in record time and start living out my true calling every day.”

amy hartmann

want to know what's in store for you?

here are the Results to expect with

Your results are endless with the support of the Start-Up Accelerator -- the incredible game-changing information you're going to learn that combines business strategy, mindset and high performance...

you've launched (or refined) your standout website.

your audience has 2x, 5x + is more active and engaged.

 your sales have increased.

you feel like a real entrepreneur and you have a plan.

you feel less fear, insecutirty, doubt and worry.

you've learned to Set and reach clear financial goals.

your have a marketing strategy in place (funnels etc.)

you have a program, product or course to sell.

Imagine this...

Imagine the freedom you'll feel with more money in the bank! You'll be able to move your company forward too and live based on your desires.

Imagine leads and sales coming in while you sleep! That's what's possible when you get your online marketing up, running and dialed in.

Imagine this... 

Imagine connecting with clients from all around the world on a daily basis. They'll know like and trust you faster = quicker sales!

Imagine this... 

Imagine how it will feel to see your work out in the world and to be making money on behalf of your dreams, not someone else's!

Imagine this...  

Imagine seeing your brand visible for all to see. people land on your site and immediately resonate with your message and what you offer.

Imagine this...  

Imagine having a clear financial plan and feeling confident about where you're going in your business. Imagine creating a positive relationship with money!

Imagine this...

Imagine no longer throwing spaghetti against the wall hoping something sticks.

Imagine this...  

Imagine having all of your energy available to you so you can make your dreams happen quicker.

Yup, this is all possible for you!

keep reading...

heck yes! I want IN>

Imagine this...

We're in the business of building your business.

I'll have what they're having >

That’s our goal. We’ll do everything it takes to help you get there. This program is the turn-key you’ve been looking for in order to create the life and business you’ve always wanted. I’ve taken everything that’s worked for me in my 7-figure business and made it a one-stop shop for your business needs. I’ve enlisted guest experts, coaches and amped up the resources to give you everything you need to start and grow your service-based business.

We want you to graduate and say...

you don't even recognize your own life = the goal

doesn't even recognize her own life

“I joined Emily’s program with a hobby-status business that was only providing me with inconsistent bonus cash. After choosing to work with Emily, everything shifted. I earned $5k my second month working with her, and $13k my third! I don’t even recognize my own life.”

Sarah King

5-figure months have become her new normal

“I had coaching clients before I even launched my business, and a month after our graduation I'd matched my senior lawyer's take home salary. I’ve made life long friends and fast forwarding to less than a year from finishing, 5-figure months have become my new normal plus I’ve started to travel the world and have just bought my dream car.”

lulu minns

I'm Emily Williams, a 7-figure success coach and author.

There’s no reason to settle for a life that doesn’t look like anything you’ve imagined for yourself. There’s no need to keep waiting to be happy.

This program is designed to support you in getting the success you desire in your business, but also in getting the life that you want. My story and the clients you see on this page are living proof that anything is possible...


hello, lovely!

as seen in:

I'm James, a leading high performance coach.

I believe that our stories – our struggles of yesterday – don’t have to limit our ability to be whoever we desire to be tomorrow.

I believe that we all get to allow more abundance, joy, energy and success into our lives by simply choosing to do so. We all have the ability to succeed far beyond standard norms over the longer term in all aspects of our lives. I am a Certified High Performance Coach and through this program I will be sharing with you some of the major concepts that are proven to be the keys to unlocking your ability to perform at the highest level in your life and that every moment is another chance to turn it all around.

What if I don't have a blog or a big following yet? What if I don't even have a newsletter list?

This is a completely online course so everything will be stored on our Member’s Site. Once you register, you’ll get a unique log-in with that information. If you pay in full for the program, all modules will be released immediately. If you pay via the payment plan, you'll receive a few modules at a time. You can upgrade at any time.

How will I get the training materials?

You don’t need a massive following right now or a blog to start this program. I started with 15 friends and family on my list. You'll learn how to build your list in this program.

Yes, there’s no reason for you to go through the 54 “no’s” that I went through! This is all of the information you need at the beginning to build that foundation and momentum towards your dreams.


I just started my business, can I take this program?

I don't know who I want to work with, will this program help?


Not a Facebook group or live community. This is a self-study course. However, since it was once live, there are recorded coaching calls that will support you in getting major results. By listening to the questions, you'll feel fully supported and apply the info to your own business.

Yes, we will support you in getting clear about your ideal client in Module 4 of the program. Whether you're just starting or going to the next level, we also recommend you conduct market research.

I didn’t start with any help. I did everything myself for the first six months and literally the only outside help I hired was a Facebook ads expert for one hour in November 2014 and one hour with a copywriter to help me with a sales page. Now, I was great at my branding and loved writing and felt like I could do everything well, so that was my decision. You have to know your strengths and weaknesses. However, I worked a lot, and would recommend outsourcing sooner than I did, but it is possible. I’d suggest having money for Facebook ads around the second half of the program. Again, you start with what you have. It doesn’t have to be a fortune!

What additional investments will I need to make in order to implement what I learn?

It’s hard to compare, but I’ll do my best! The content of this program was developed from my own journey from nothing to my creating a business that made over $500k in sales in my first year and over $970k in 2015 alone. Specifically, this is the path I took from getting my first client to making six-figures within six months. I found that the mindset work was essential to my success so that is a core component of the unique CASH Method. We've also included templates, checklists and example emails and funnels to make this as easy as possible for you.


The mindset work was essential to my own success and I know it’s going to transform yours as well. If you think about it, your future clients are going to want to know that they are working with someone who has it together. The mindset work will set you up for success and set you apart from the crowd.

why is there so much mindset work?

Yes, you can. If you're new to business, we recommend you go in order of the modules, but you can go at your own pace. Once you complete one module, the next one will open up for you. Please note that if you choose to pay in installments, a few modules at a time will open up for you.

Can i go at my own pace?

hitting 5-figure months and working with dream clients

“Because Emily showed me what was possible, I went from feeling overwhelmed and confused, to feeling confident and excited working with clients I adore, and hitting 5-figure months.”

Alexandra Covucci

SIGNED 10 new clients, had biggest month ever!

“I signed 10 new clients, had the biggest month of all in my business – $8.5k – and now I have the mindset, systems and confidence to continue to grow this into the future.”



After working with thousands of women around the world (and starting from ground zero myself), I know how loud the voice in your head can be when you’re moving forward with your dreams. Believe me though, there’s no excuse in the book not to give yourself the experience of this course. So if you’re thinking any of the thoughts below, please keep your dreams in mind instead.

don't let fear get in the way of your future

I don’t have the time to take another program.

So many people think there's "never enough" when it comes to time. We're going to help you change that way of thinking in this program. You can complete it from anywhere, and take as long as you need. It's completely do-able for even the busiest mom, entrepreneur or career-woman. (We've had moms with five kids work with us! There's no excuse...!)

I haven't started my business.

This program will help you from the ground up. We've had hundreds of clients who are new to the online space move forward with our courses and get incredible results. We all start somewhere (and that's at the beginning!). We've got you covered with all of our module material plus the coaching calls where you'll be fully supported.

you may be thinking...

As you can see, there's no reason not to move forward today. I believe that when the student is ready, the teacher appears. (And in case it's not clear, I'm the teacher and you're the student.) You are worthy of the life and business you want. Let's get it!


Most people aren't born entrepreneurs. However, that doesn't mean we're not meant to move forward with the dream! We all have learning to do, and the sooner you start, the quicker you'll get there. Rest-assured that we focus on mindset, growing in confidence and helping you become an entrepreneur in every sense of the word in this program.

picked up a 10-figure client!

“Working with Emily has allowed me to commit to dropping 3 soul-sucking clients and instead focus on my dream clients. By breaking through my limiting thoughts and being truly honest to my desires I've picked up a 10-figure client (they turnover $5.6bn to be exact) who I LOVE working with, have worked with women across the UK and US and continue to reach out to and advise 1,000s of women on growing their business online each month."

brooke cleave

fully booked with dream clients

“"Although I had clients when I signed up, my income was sporadic and I lacked clarity in the programs I wanted to offer. My One on One program is now fully booked and I’m earning consistent 10 to 15K months. I’m launching a group program in a few weeks that totally lights me up and with all the systems and structures I’ve learned – this launch feels exciting and pretty easy. The love, connection and support I feel in this community is amazing and for this alone, I’m beyond grateful!"

wendy gless

Everything they've achieved is possible for you too!


The Office. (US Version)


Our British Blue, Lola.

And now, the truly important stuff...

dream holiday

Snowy Vail, Colorado. 

take my money

Louis Vuitton.

Favorite number


Guilty pleasure

Blueberry pancakes. (Preferably from The Plaza Hotel.)

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