I’m Emily Williams, and I’m just a girl from Ohio with really big dreams…

Emily Williams is a success coach, entrepreneur,
and author with a seven-figure business who,
at one point, couldn’t get a job at Starbucks.


She knows what it is to live with fear, insecurity, and a fair amount of jealousy—not to mention be up to your ears in debt. After a series of low-paying jobs that left her feeling bored and stuck, she decided she had to follow her heart.

So she started to dream big—about moving to London (where she knew no one), writing a book (which she wasn’t sure anyone would read), and launching her own coaching business (without knowing if she could earn a dime). And people told her what she wanted wasn’t “realistic.”

“Good,” she said. “I hate the word realistic.”

In 2010, she moved to London. She started writing. And in 2014, she launched her business. She made $442 the first month—and hit six figures in six months. Inside of 18 months, she hit seven figures—a meteoric rise that would be impressive for anyone, let alone a small-town girl from Ohio. (Read the full story here.)

 It wasn’t realistic, it wasn’t luck, and it isn’t a secret. She made critical shifts in the way she viewed money and made decisions (including a sizeable investment in her business), and took action to get past her fears. And then she started teaching other women how to do the same thing.

Today, she coaches women all over the world, helping them break with their false backstories and flawed money mindsets that hold their goals hostage and keep them from moving forward with their dreams.

Emily has been featured in Business Insider, the Huffington Post, Collective Hub, among others.



After college, I thought I had it all mapped out, but as I was driving from Ohio to Chicago to start a Master’s in Counseling program at Northwestern University, it hit me: this wasn’t my path. Although I didn’t know what my path was, I followed my heart back to Ohio and officially entered into a quarter-life crisis. The months that followed weren’t pretty, but I stayed focused on that knowing that there was something I was meant to do – something I was meant to accomplish in my life. Something big. It was then that I heard the call of something scary: I needed to move to London.

And just a few months later, I moved from Ohio to England with four ginormous suitcases, a little bit of money and nowhere to live. I was all alone and taking a giant leap into the life I’d always imagined for myself. I was scared but did it anyway, knowing I needed to trust in myself… 

I spent a few years living in a flat the size of a closet, working as a nanny, matchmaker and Virtual Assistant. I was in a holding pattern, just waiting for my life to catch up to my dreams. That Spring, as luck would have it, a friend introduced me to the industry that would become my true calling: coaching. It only took a moment for me to realize that I had finally found my path. It was not long after that, the I Heart My Life brand was born.


Today, I’m still that girl from Ohio,
but a lot has changed.