I’m Emily Williams, and I’m just a girl from Ohio with really big dreams…

Emily Williams is a success coach, entrepreneur,
and author with a seven-figure business who,
at one point, couldn’t get a job at Starbucks.


She knows what it is to live with fear, insecurity, and a fair amount of jealousy—not to mention be up to your ears in debt. After a series of low-paying jobs that left her feeling bored and stuck, she decided she had to follow her heart.

So she started to dream big—about moving to London (where she knew no one), writing a book (which she wasn’t sure anyone would read), and launching her own coaching business (without knowing if she could earn a dime). And people told her what she wanted wasn’t “realistic.”

“Good,” she said. “I hate the word realistic.”

In 2010, she moved to London. She started writing. And in 2014, she launched her business. She made $442 the first month—and hit six figures in six months. Inside of 18 months, she hit seven figures—a meteoric rise that would be impressive for anyone, let alone a small-town girl from Ohio. (Read the full story here.)

 It wasn’t realistic, it wasn’t luck, and it isn’t a secret. She made critical shifts in the way she viewed money and made decisions (including a sizeable investment in her business), and took action to get past her fears. And then she started teaching other women how to do the same thing.

Today, she coaches women all over the world, helping them break with their false backstories and flawed money mindsets that hold their goals hostage and keep them from moving forward with their dreams.

Emily has been featured in Business Insider, the Huffington Post, Collective Hub, among others.



After college, I thought I had it all mapped out, but as I was driving from Ohio to Chicago to start a Master’s in Counseling program at Northwestern University, it hit me: this wasn’t my path. Although I didn’t know what my path was, I followed my heart back to Ohio and officially entered into a quarter-life crisis. The months that followed weren’t pretty, but I stayed focused on that knowing that there was something I was meant to do – something I was meant to accomplish in my life. Something big. It was then that I heard the call of something scary: I needed to move to London.

And just a few months later, I moved from Ohio to England with four ginormous suitcases, a little bit of money and nowhere to live. I was all alone and taking a giant leap into the life I’d always imagined for myself. I was scared but did it anyway, knowing I needed to trust in myself… 

I spent a few years living in a flat the size of a closet, working as a nanny, matchmaker and Virtual Assistant. I was in a holding pattern, just waiting for my life to catch up to my dreams. That Spring, as luck would have it, a friend introduced me to the industry that would become my true calling: coaching. It only took a moment for me to realize that I had finally found my path. It was not long after that, the I Heart My Life brand was born.


Today, I’m still that girl from Ohio,
but a lot has changed.



Download my free how-to guide and learn how to finally move past your fear and find real success in business. Whether you need a little push or serious inspiration, these seven business tips will help you hit your mega money goals. 

I’ve seen firsthand what is really possible in a short amount of time, and I’m here to help you become more successful in your own life and business. Maybe that means having the time to travel, guilt-free shopping, or moving into your dream house. It could mean hiring an assistant, having a beautiful website, or finally paying off those credit card bills. However you personally determine your success, I believe that living an extraordinary life while running a highly profitable business is possible for you.

Think it sounds too good to be true? Explore my personal business and life transformation timeline below and see just how far I have come. Believing in myself and trusting my true calling were my first steps to success. I didn’t know I would turn a quarter-life crisis into a 7-figure business, but when you do what you love and embrace your calling, success begins to find you. I know you can be my next success story. You just have to get started!


It only takes one step in the direction of your dreams. I know because I have done it! Just take a look and see…

Life Changing Moment

The moment my whole life changed course. Driving to Chicago with my mom, decided to turn the car around and go back to Ohio instead of getting my Master’s in Psychology at Northwestern.

JULY 2008

Quarter-life Crisis

Decided to go to London for three months for an internship. Fell in love with the city. Had to move back in December because I ran out of money. Entered another quarter-life crisis.

SEPT 2009

Worked at Starbucks

Had no clue what I wanted to do with my life. Knew I was meant for something big and was sick of waiting. Decided to work at Starbucks until I figured it out.

Jan 2010

Reapplied to Northwestern

Reapplied for a Psychology Master’s. Accepted Northwestern’s offer again. Also applied for a MA in Non-Fiction Writing last minute at a school in London. (Didn’t tell my parents.)

June 2010

Four Suitcases and a Dream

Moved to London with four suitcases and a dream. Lived in a hostel for a few weeks until I found a flat the size of a closet. Became a nanny. Lived off student loans.

Aug 2010

Started online Dating

Started online dating. Began writing a book about it.

Oct 2010

Met my lovely husband

Met my to be husband James Williams on an awful dating website.

Aug 2011

Said "I Love You"

Told James I loved him for the first time on top of the Eiffel Tower. He said it back.

Oct 2011

Will you marry me?

Learned my visa would expire and I’d have to go back to the US. A month later, James proposed.

Feb 2012

The Big Day

Got married at the Ritz London and in Ohio. Two weddings! 

Dec 2012

Relationship Coaching

Landed a job as a matchmaker. Thought I might want to be a Relationship Coach. Worked with Matthew Hussey from Get the Guy.

Jan 2013

Discovered Coaching

My best friend sent me Marie Forleo’s website. Discovered coaching. The second moment my whole life changed course.

Photo credit: Eric Michael Pearson
April 2013

I Heart My Life

Came up with the idea of I Heart My Life. Signed up for Marie Forleo’s B-School. Had to pay the $2000 program price in installments because I didn’t have the money.

Sept 2013

Got Online

Launched a holding page for my website. There was a spelling mistake. Cried on my way to Ohio about it because I couldn’t change it.

Dec 2013

First Website

Launched my first website on Adobe Muse. James took the pics. Started sending out newsletters for 15 friends and family on my list. I was so nervous!

Mar 2014

Second Website

Had my first photoshoot and redid my website on Squarespace in 36 hours. Hot pink accidentally became my signature color.

May 2014

First Client

Went to California with my family – they paid. Got my first client and made $442 that month. Was $30k in credit card debt, not including student loans.

Jul 2014

Got Help

Went part-time in my 9-5 job. Joined Gina DeVee’s Academy Certification program. Put it on James’s credit card because I didn’t have the money.

Sept 2014

Quit 9-5 job

Told my coach I was ready to quit my 9-5 job. Resigned the next day. Had my first $6k month.

Oct 2014

First 5-figure month!

Sold 10 one on one coaching packages. First five-figure month. Got this card in the mail from my best friend.

Nov 2014

First Group Program

$32k month milestone. Launched my first group program and enrolled 25 clients.

Dec 2014

Moving on up!

James and I moved into a new – much bigger flat. No more working from the kitchen table! I signed up for a six-figure coaching program with Gina Devee. 

Jan 2015

Started to Jet Set

Hit six-figures in six months! Traveled to Sydney and Bali for conferences. Had 27 one on one clients at one time. Didn’t sleep much. (Haha!)

Feb 2015

second group program

Launched my second group program and enrolled 33 clients. Hosted an event with Kate Spade.

Mar 2015

James becomes a coach

Made $120k that month. James resigned from his design job of 12 years to join me in the business. 

Apr 2015

Business and Pleasure

James and I went to Venice to celebrate him following his dreams of becoming a coach. Loved every minute. Hosted my first event at The Ritz London.

May 2015

Working together

Traveled to Paris and had my first photoshoot with James.

May 2015

Third Group Program

Launched my third group program. Enrolled 63 clients!

Jun 2015

Divine destiny

Hit $500k in my business in the first year. Travelled to California for my group program graduation. Got the top “Divine Destiny” award.

Jul 2015

Video Series

Created my first video series. Still the hardest thing I’ve ever done. 

Sept 2015

I Heart Coaching

Launched the first round of I Heart Coaching. Made over $250k from the launch.

Oct 2015

I Heart Money

Launched I Heart Money – my second self-study course.

Nov 2015


Made seven-figures in the first 18 months of my business. Celebrated in Vail with friends. Decided to stay two more weeks in Vail because we loved it. #freedom

Dec 2015

Business Insider

Featured in Business Insider. Hosted our first event in Paris with our I Heart Coaching clients. Made $350k from second round of I Heart Coaching.

Apr 2016

Hosted a Mastermind

Hosted a mastermind in New York City with Kimra Luna and Selena Soo. Had my first NYC photoshoot!

May 2016

Dream Home

Found my dream house in London. Decided to go for it. Realized it was across the street from a park I used to cry in when I moved to London because I was lonely and stuck. #grateful

Jun 2016

Website Redesign

Relaunched my website with over five program offerings and a new e-book “Hot Mess to Mega Success!”

Aug 2016

Meet James Williams,
Certified High Performance Coach

My Story

Throughout my early life, due to my own person food intolerances, I became very interested in educating myself on health and fitness as the idea of popping pills wasn’t a solution in my book. As very much a people personal, I was also fascinated by human behaviour and personal development. Little did I know both interests would lead me to where I am today…

After almost 12 years working in animation graphics and creative departments for a major TV network in London, I realized I had become institutionalized in a corporate bubble with a very limited perspective in terms of my options and what path to take. It made no sense to me why I wasn’t content to work in such an exciting environment for such a successful company (anyone else would be grateful, right?), but I knew I wanted more. I was invited back to my old university a few times to talk to the students there about life after university and what their options were. I loved this and it got me thinking about how I could somehow mentor more. I began to ask myself: What was I meant to be doing? What would make me happy?

It was only when I met the most defiantly ambitious woman I had ever come across that my perspective truly changed. That bubble I was in suddenly widened, until eventually it popped and the possibilities for my life and my potential reach became clearer. It was time to jump! Emily showed me what was possible and opened my eyes to coaching – an industry that, as it turns out, was what I had been searching for all along.

In March 2014, I supported Emily in launching I Heart My Life (a now seven-figure coaching business) and then pursued my own path as a High Performance Coach – one of only 300 in the world – trained by the renowned Brendon Burchard. I was officially certified in April 2016.


What is High Performance?

High Performance Coaching is a process created to explore all the ways you can reach heightened and sustained levels of performance and potential in your life. As a Certified Coach, my job is to work with you in this process through five different areas: Clarity, Energy, Courage, Productivity, and Influence. By developing mastery in these five areas, you’ll feel more purposeful and fulfilled. So, as a coach, I typically explore how clear you feel about your overall life and goals; whether or not you have the physical energy and mental stamina to perform your best; how confident and bold you are showing up in the world; what distractions or poor habits cause you fall off course, and what routines can keep you on track; and finally what you can do to better influence, lead and inspire your peers and all those you serve. Through this coaching, you discover new beliefs, habits and tools that help you join the world’s most successful people.


Programs with James

I Heart Coaching

James is an integral part of the I Heart Coaching Program. So not only are you getting the expertise of Emily within the I Heart Coaching, you’re also getting access to another certified coach to support you in other areas of success as mentioned above.

Within the course, he leads a monthly group call on High Performance and will be Emily’s cohost at the live event.

And if you sign up for the VIP track of the program, you’ll get access to him in an exclusive way through one on one bi-monthly office hours calls and an extra day at the live event.


One to One

James also has a High Performance Coaching, one on one program so if you’re ready for more focus, more advanced strategies and for becoming more productive, influential and successful, this is for you.


International Coach Federation

Emily has a degree in Psychology (Honors) and is a Certified Coach through Gina DeVee’s Divine Living Academy Program which is accredited by the International Coach Federation (ICF). Emily was awarded the top honor in the program in July 2015 and given the “Divine Destiny” Award


“Emily Williams is an extraordinary woman, coach and company owner who has achieved a level of personal and professional success faster than any client I’ve worked with. Not only is she sincere and genuine as a person she is loving and talented as a coach. It’s beautiful to see how Emily is such a shining role model to millions of women in her generation.”