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We're a media, education and lifestyle company that supports you in elevating every area of your life. I started IHML in 2014 out of my own desire to love myself and my life. Welcome. We're glad you're here.
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Before starting my journey with I Heart Coaching I was experiencing a bit of a mid-thirties crisis!

I’d been an extremely successful entrepreneur in my twenties, but I’d also suffered some pretty traumatic failures, both in my work and personal life. These bumps in the road, especially the heartbreak, had led to an increasing build up of fear and emotional pain. Gradually I was losing more and more confidence and I just didn’t know who I was or what I wanted anymore. By 35, I was extremely confused, lost and lonely despite having lots of friends and a loving family. I became fearful of choices I needed to make, so much so that many times I chose to do nothing. I was stuck in paralysis and crying almost every day. I was writing a book at the time, but I’d stopped believing in my own greatness and literally nothing was coming to me. It didn’t help that I had allowed myself to stay stuck in a relationship that was only serving to bring me down in every way.

The more I became paralyzed in fear, the less I began to know or like myself. I was looking to outside sources for fulfillment, hoping that material things, places or people could fill this empty void inside my heart. I was smiling on the outside as I always did, but the truth was I was suffering massive depression and didn’t even want to get out of bed anymore. I was punishing myself for the mistakes I’d made over the last few years, blaming myself for not maintaining my success, or for my failing relationship where my partner and I were nothing but toxic towards each other. The rejection just left me feeling bitter and worthless, so I stayed around to try and fix something that wasn’t worth fixing. I’d become a complete victim to my own darkness, feeling sorry for myself and punishing myself. The more I focussed on the negative, the more negative I attracted. I wasn’t the real me; I was a dark, lonely and angry stranger.



However, there was hope – because along came my angel disguised as a coach, Emily Williams! Thankfully, incredible light can come from your deepest and darkest moments, and it was when going through Facebook that my first ray of light appeared. Aside from the despair going on inside me, I always knew I was made for something big, just like Emily whose advert I came across on Facebook. I’d been a highly confident and successful person in my life before, and I knew I had an amazing unique ability to connect with people on a deep level.

My authentic self is positive, intelligent, lively, ambitious and a real go-getter. I just needed to find her again.

When I came across Emily’s advert for I Heart Coaching, I just knew I’d found someone who truly understood where I was at. I completely resonated with her story.

Although I was older than Emily, I understood her knowing for wanting more. Despite all I’d achieved in my life, I knew I was born to  do more. I wanted to make a difference, to add value and contribution to others and to be a success in more ways than just financial abundance. I had a unique gift of connection, and I knew deep inside that the darkness I’d suffered was a part of my bigger picture to help. It was ok that I’d suffered depression; it wasn’t crime, it was an illness – but I could fight it. I could relate to others who were perhaps going through loss, grief, confusion and who were unsure of how to discover their true passion and purpose. When finding Emily, something clicked inside me. I had a duty to help others find their light. I suddenly had a very clear why.


By enrolling in I Heart Coaching and having the support and guidance of not only Emily, but her husband James and all of the I Heart Coaching sisters, I began to experience huge shifts in my life. This started because I committed to all the incredible mindset work at the beginning of the IHC program. Within 3 months, I went from being fearful to celebrating my biggest and brightest self. I got out of the relationship that wasn’t serving me, I got myself around more and more people who shared the same values as me, I read every book that Emily recommended, I began to follow other inspirational personal growth thought leaders, and I literally became consumed in everything mindset. The real me had an insane “ah ha” moment just after the new year, when I finally managed to stop caring about others’ opinions of me. I realized that those who I admired and those I wanted to be around supported me in going for my dreams. I stopped living in fear of being judged, rejected or ashamed of my past. I began to focus on my why and looking forward, and moved bravely towards the direction of who I knew I was born to be.

Investing in I Heart Coaching felt like a massive financial commitment at the time – I actually felt it was expensive and was unsure whether to enroll. The money I spent now feels like a small drop in the ocean because the returens for me have been bigger than my wildest imagination, and that’s in just 6 months.

For me, this return on my investment isn’t just financial. I now…

– Am off anti-depressants
– Got out of a toxic relationship
– Up-leveled my peer group, and now only allow people into my space who encourage and support me, as I do them
– Am aware of my language and how to make it serve me, not bring me down
– Believe that anything is possible, and am making it happen FAST
– Follow my dreams and consciously manifest with purpose and clarity
– Continue to learn and follow inspirational leaders in personal development



In terms of goals achieved in the last 6 months since IHC, I now…

– Am a shareholder in the company I was working for part time
– Am travelling the world to all my dream locations as part of my job
– Get to coach in success, wellness and empowerment, as well as working my other job
– Have helped my client get from 106 Kilos to 95 in 3 weeks (Yes, this is real, we have just been masterminding together in a detox camp in Thailand)
– Have sourced investment for my Sanctuary of Light and been looking for land in Thailand (this was meant to be in year 5 of my plan, hello 6 months!)
– Am going to Paris and New York to Mastermind and network with Emily for my Coaching business, Light Sanctuary
– Have found a production partner to edit my online YouTube Channel to start September 2016
– Have not even launched my website because I’m too busy, but already smashing it in my company and  getting results for my coaching clients. So imagine what will happen when I do go live online!

I’m not afraid anymore to say I’m proud of me! Because I’ve set my intentions, I’ve got clarity on what it is I want and I’ve taken massive action.


I now split my time between being a high level coach and working an international business role in corporate finance (proud to say I now am a share holder).

I am currently writing this from Thailand where I flew A380 Business Class, and I have negotiated all my business travel of 4 hours and over to always be this standard of travel. I own a beautiful place in London, and I’m now set to move to Asia to focus on my corporate role and my role as a coach in September.  I don’t say any of this to brag, I say it because I am extremely proud of how I’ve turned my life around.


You can too, as I say to my own clients, just do you! Being the biggest, brightest version of who you truly are is the best gift you can give yourself and others.

What I’ve seen in my clients over here in Thailand is simply outstanding. 11 kilo weight loss, 3 weeks clean of drug and alcohol and a whole new lease on life and desire to inspire others to combat addiction. This is all part of a beautiful movement, as I’ve been inspired by Emily and now others are inspired by me and my clients. What a way to save the world! We can do this!

Thanks Emily and James for helping me on my journey towards my Light.

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