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(Please note, this video was filmed at the beginning of 2016. Since then, Jennifer’s business has grown immensely. See results below.)


I remember working my 9-5 job and finally awakening to the fact that this was not the life that fulfilled my heart. I was earning about $80k+ in my mid-twenties as a mortgage broker and had every reason to stay within that comfort zone, but I realized talking about interest rates for the rest of my life would only lead to massive regret, if I didn’t make every effort to at least give my dreams a chance. I moved forward despite what felt like paralyzing fear. I wanted to find out if creating the life of my dreams was possible.I wanted to know at the end of my days, I gave this life all of me. I wanted to let the song in my heart out into the world before I ran out of time.


I went into my childhood dream job of destination wedding photography first. I had never known such passion in my life. A few years later, an even deeper rooted purpose began to emerge from my soul. I realized that I wasn’t meant to stay here living my own dream – I was meant to facilitate the dreams of other women, guiding them to discover their own purpose through the step-by-step process of creating, launching and exponentially growing their own dream business.

In the beginning when I first realized I was going to step into the role of Coach, I felt lost, confused, and overwhelmed. I had self-doubt, and low confidence in my abilities in what I had to offer.

One of the greatest fears I had to overcome was something I actually didn’t realize had such a grip on me – the fear of what everyone else would think.


One thing that I am so grateful to have realized from the very beginning, was that the shortest distance between me and my dreams, is finding someone who is already living them, and learning directly from them.

When the student was ready, the teacher appeared. Her name was Emily Williams. I resonated with her so powerfully that I knew the size of the investment would not deter me. Yes, I had some money story issues creeping up, but in the deepest part of my soul, I knew this was right – that she was meant to guide me through the process of shining my light, my voice, my brand and my purpose on the grand and global scale I desire it to be.

I found the money by getting creative! I used two credit cards and a personal credit line.


Since starting IHC and working with Emily 1×1, I was able to generate 6 figures in sales in my first 6 months of my business, and create over $216k in sales in my first 11 months so far.

I am consistently sold out of my 1×1 program, and I was able to run my first live online group program with double the anticipated amount of clients, as well as launch my first ever self study program to start generating passive income.


I was only able to do this through Emily’s invaluable guidance. I became more visible on social media, more consistent with my list building and connecting, utilizing Facebook ads, and creating an enticing offer for my first 10 clients in order to build upon not only my exposure and experience, but also my confidence, and clarity around my desired clients and how to reach them.

What worked best for me was:

  • Hiring my own high level one-on-one coach (Emily) as well as being in her Live Group Program for added support from a community of likeminded global impactors!
  • Creating an effective sales funnel with the support of Emily and also a Facebook ads coach, running constant Facebook ads to my sales funnel, offering incentive to clients who book right away, and really always being in service to my client first and foremost and putting their needs and dreams ahead of my financial goals.


If coaching feels right in your heart, at a deeper level than the fears and worries, then it is meant for you. The best way to save yourself from struggle and frustration and heartache (and possibly even giving up!), is to find that person who is living your dream, that you totally connect with, and move heaven and earth to work with them.

Note: Jennifer is a part of the I Heart Coaching group program as well as a one on one client.


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