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Emily Williams

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We're a media, education and lifestyle company that supports you in elevating every area of your life. I started IHML in 2014 out of my own desire to love myself and my life. Welcome. We're glad you're here.
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I left the legal profession a year before finding Emily and I Heart Coaching. Initially, I’d started a business partnership in the dating industry. Alongside this, I’d also begun a successful network marketing business. But both I and the businesses started to stagnate. I had a feeling I still wasn’t doing what I wanted to be and my fire was still out. I had lots of ideas floating around about how I could help women in the legal profession but no idea how to make them into a tangible, structured business.

Leaving the legal profession was a tough decision, I’d been very successful in my career as a Criminal Defence Litigator, being both Head of Department and interviewed for Directorship before I walked away from my career. But the success had come with huge personal sacrifice. I knew life had something bigger and better to offer to me, I just had no idea what it was.

I had been in the legal profession from the age of 21, so finding my identity outside of it and the ‘role’ I’d been playing was a huge challenge. Nobody else truly understood the path I was taking, and due to my achievements in the profession most thought I was wasting my qualifications, status and talent as a lawyer as well as my income. But I persevered, trusting my gut and intuition in that everything would lead me to the right place – even though I had no idea where that was.


When I found Emily and I Heart Coaching, something huge was still missing for me. Despite this, whilst extremely interested I thought I couldn’t possibly start a third business in less than two years! But I kept thinking about it and Emily’s story made me realise I was still compromising. I wanted my own business which I was passionate about, something which could change and evolve with me. I didn’t want a business with someone else or a ready-made business. I realised the I Heart Coaching programme ticked all my boxes and the structure of the modules would help me build my big but fragmented vision. I loved Emily’s style – strong but feminine and not at all corporate – which was what I was trying to escape from. I had looked into coaching before but felt the traditional coaching schools had an air of formality that I was trying to get away from, and they also seemed a little outdated.

Over the course of two weeks, I came to the conclusion that doing the programme made complete sense and everything had been leading up to this point. As Emily says, when  ‘the student is ready, the teacher appears’ and I was more than ready to begin.

The money mindset really intrigued me and an was an incredible part of the course. Considering I’m not someone who felt I didn’t ‘deserve success’, I still knew something was holding me back in being a business owner. I discovered and challenged money blocks I never knew I had. I’ve also realised how scared I’d been to do something completely on my own outside of a traditional and professional career. So I tackled my limiting beliefs of what was possible for me in that I could achieve success without sacrifice. I’ve learnt to  be  more vulnerable in not always pretending everything is fine when it’s not, to embrace and celebrate the ups and take ownership of the downs, and learnt to flip the switch when I need to.


I was really nervous about starting something else – I doubted myself and whether I could trust the decisions I was making. I worried what other people may think as I was starting yet another business. My income had decreased as I wasn’t ‘feeling’ the other business so I had to find the money for investing, too. But I decided to take the leap and use my zero percent credit card, becauseI realised the worst thing to happen would be not moving forward and to regret not being part of the programme. Doing nothing would still be making a decision. By this time, the only reason I wasn’t going to invest was due to money so I knew I would massively benefit from the money mindset work. I had been living in a state of ‘lack’ since leaving my career and was already considering not doing what I felt I needed to do because of finances. I decided it was now or never, life was too short and I would invest in my dreams, as staying where I was was no longer an option.

I asked myself  two questions :

1 – Can I afford not to?
2 – Do I have time to wait for the life and business I want?

The answer was ‘no’ to both.




– I signed up 3 clients in my first two weeks of launching and without any official marketing in place. This far exceeded the results of starting my other two businesses.

– I have designed my first 9 week programme, with three further programmes and a 21-day self-study course currently in development.

– I have booked a business trip to Morocco to research for a retreat trip for Women in the Legal Profession, enabling them to have real space for thought and tuning back into their true desires.

– I am a guest speaker on two podcasts for Women in Law living a happier and more fulfilled life.

– I have met an amazing group of women from around the world who inspire me every day and who I am collaborating with on business projects.

– I’m making a huge difference in my clients’ lives.

Money and Entrepreneurial Mindset

I have a built a really strong, feminine, entrepreneurial money mindset. I trust and know things will be more than ok and the money I need will come to me. I have a monthly money mindset routine which I use to build and nurture my mindset every single day. I’ve developed a huge vision for my business and have built a strong, authentic brand as a platform to build it upon.


The best of all is I am finally fulfilled, and the more authentic me has come to the forefront in all aspects of my life. Everyone around me has noticed my energy, excitement and the journey I’ve been on which has brought me totally back to life after law, saying I seem more like the real me than I was before. I have shed the legal identity I was carrying around with me and my parents have also finally agreed that I was doing the right thing all along! 


From the start I embraced and trusted the structure of I Heart Coaching – I didn’t try to skip ahead or challenge the advice being given.

I signed up to get all the free bonuses and was excited about the money mindset course. Straight away I created a habit of having a module to work on every week which really helped to focus my mind. I mapped out my ideas as I went along and trusted in my journey. Importantly, I wanted to enjoy it too so I didn’t rush ahead. Whenever I got distracted with thoughts and ideas and the things I thought I should be doing, I always went back to the modules and concentrated on that first. I trusted that what I wanted to know would come next and at the right time, which it always did.

It has been an incredible experience and one I am so happy to have invested in. It is one of the best decisions I have ever made, and I will miss having my weekly module but will concentrate on creating them for my clients!



1. Vision

The key to building a business is having a vision to move towards, a vision which truly inspires and excites you. I Heart Coaching enabled me to unscramble my ideas and put structure in place. It’s the key to getting anything BIG started.

2. Voice

Finding your authentic voice and message for your business is fundamental, and having a great group of other equally-focused and driven women is an amazing sounding board to bounce ideas off and get feedback from. Getting a mastermind buddy in the group to collaborate with is highly recommended.

3. Visibility

A huge part of my attraction to the programme was the marketing modules. Having had two businesses previously, I knew that marketing is absolutely essential for success. Finding your audience and getting visibility is really important, as there is little point in having a service which your ideal client is not aware of.

Thank you, I Heart Coaching, as this is just the beginning. I decided to invest in myself, my dreams and to be the woman who made life after law the best experience.

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