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We're a media, education and lifestyle company that supports you in elevating every area of your life. I started IHML in 2014 out of my own desire to love myself and my life. Welcome. We're glad you're here.
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Before I joined I Heart Coaching I was working as the Sales and Marketing Manager at a Data Analytics and Business Intelligence Company. I was on contract until August. I was thinking about my next move and knew I wanted to have my own hours and work with people that excited me. I love to travel and hated having to fit my holidays into my 4 weeks annual leave.

I signed up for IHC on the Friday, celebrated with bubbles and then got access to the members site. Starting late in the program I had a lot to catch up on. I remember thinking ‘wow I wish I could call in sick next week so I can focus on all this’. On the Monday my contract was ended early. On the Tuesday I was a full time entrepreneur! I also had all the time to get the modules done and up to speed with the rest of the group!

The Universe had my back and I knew I was on the right path.


I have loved the process we have all come through. Reflecting back on this life changing time the biggest challenge has been keeping my faith that this is the right path and I will succeed. I now see that when I was starting my businesses my own my belief that the biz would succeed (or lack of) was the reason why I kept playing small. And ending up back at a 9-5.

Having this group around me has been so valuable. Seeing the other ladies having similar struggles and challenges has normalised my feelings and made me feel so secure that this is all the way it is meant to be when starting a business.

You are going to want to cry when that image won’t move on the screen and resize down on your website. You are meant to think “eeek when will I get a Discovery Call booked?”. It is normal to want to hide under your desk rather than push send on your first newsletter. You are meant to evolve through the process.

Everyone around you is having the same feelings. Emily and her team are right there to say  “this is totally normal, I have cried at my website” and then we keep moving forward. Without this I wouldn’t be where I am now.


I knew that I had tried to start my own businesses before, and while they were successful in their own rights, they were not allowing me to have the life of my dreams or even the holiday’s I wanted. I was constantly taking advice from everyone, downloading freebies and spending hours teaching myself from Google. I wasn’t making any progress and always second guessing what I was doing. Having the I Heart Coaching course gave me peace of mind that I would learn everything I needed to, and in the right order. I felt like I would be in safe hands.

Signing up was another story though. Part of my brain was saying ‘this is a no-brainer’ and the other part was saying ‘is it really what you want to do?’.

I was in the process of doing prerequisites for a Master in Health Nutrition and Functional Medicine. I decided that I would never know if I didn’t try and so pleaded with Emily and her team to let me into the course, even though it had already started. I used my first years Masters money to pay for the IHC Course.

My hesitation and lack of listening to myself meant I was late into the program, missed all the awesome orientation weeks, had four modules to catch up on and missed all the initial bonding with the ladies in the group. It ended up costing me more as I missed out on the discounts and freebies, I also missed out on the chance to do the VIP route as it was full. I am still kicking myself now.

I knew that coaching and getting my business to move to greater levels was what I wanted, so I invested the rest of my Masters money into working with Emily one-on-one too. I now have the deluxe VIP experience!


I have launched my one-on-one program and utterly love seeing my clients grow their businesses. I have launched VIP Intensive Days in four locations around the world because I love to travel and meet people in person. I have had 3 months of earnings and delivered a masterclass seminar in my first month of IHC. I am about to launch my Sales Superhero one-on-one program and self study course which I am super excited about! My best day was when I flew from New Zealand to Peru and made $3,800 while in the air! I am also developing my own TV Channel – Money Penny TV, too! 


My biggest advice is to keep taking persistent and visible steps in your business every day. Take the time to get your mindset ready for the journey ahead, know this is your new lifestyle and then get all the tech bits in place. Once you have your systems in place and are ready for clients to book in get yourself seen. You can’t attract clients if you aren’t being visible and converting them into clients. Know your sales pattern and be proud of who you are, what you are doing and who you want to work with.


I have done 18 Ironman races; I know what dedication and hard work is. Doing this course was just as much of a life changer as training for an Ironman. You end up living, breathing and dedicating time to your new love. It will change your life; and for the better. You are not ‘just’ building a business, Emily helps you to build yourself, become the powerful woman that has been in you all this time and sets you free to be awesome.

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