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My decision to create my brand, ‘Dr. Tilean’, in addition to developing the confidence and belief that I knew it was possible for me stemmed from when I lived and worked in Barbados. I’m from the UK, grew up in a household where money was a struggle and had a deep desire to work as a psychologist from a very young age because I love helping people. I was the first person in my family to go university, I worked in several healthcare related low paying roles so I could gain experience and then one day I went on a holiday to Barbados and then decided I’d move there following a holiday romance.

Whilst I was there I could not find any psychology related jobs and so I did a complete u-turn on my dream of becoming a psychologist. I ended up working for a corporate organisation run by an extremely successful young entrepreneur. I was earning a good salary, producing high level successful business-to-business events that made a lot of money and my role involved plenty of jet setting, staying in five-star luxurious resorts and mingling with high level executives. I loved the lifestyle, the ability to travel at will, the opportunity to meet highly successful people and realise they are ‘normal’ and not super human.

After nearly three years, I had an ah ha moment – if someone else can build a successful international business that makes money to live a life they love, why can’t I? I decided I can! I packed my bags, sold my stuff, handed in my notice and moved back to the UK (in December!) on my pursuit of a dream life and business. My friends and family thought I was nuts for giving up a dream job and life in the Caribbean.

When I arrived back to the UK, I had no idea how to start and quickly became overwhelmed with how I’d make my dreams a reality. I started by going back into academia and became a Chartered Psychologist, because that was what I had always dreamed of from the age of 13 years old. I then entered the whole 9-5 daily grind, but it wasn’t long before life situations meant I entered the freelance world. It was then I decided to accomplish what I really set out to do and started building my personal brand ‘Dr. Tilean’ in my spare time.

I am so proud that I had the guts to create my brand ‘Dr. Tilean’ that excited me to the core. With a business mission to empower individuals on their journey of self-transformation as they move closer to living a life they love and loving the life they live, I was adamant that ‘Dr. Tilean’ must be a lasting success.



Before starting I Heart Coaching I was working as a freelance chartered psychologist. Whilst this provided me with flexibility and the joy of creating positive impact on people’s lives, it wasn’t what I had imagined when I thought of working for myself and creating a dream life and business. Sometimes, I was working over 50 hours a week. I was often drained, tired and feeling like I was not fully utilising my skills. It was far removed from the life I desired!

I decided to invest in a one-on-one coach and spent my spare time developing my personal brand ‘Dr. Tilean’, that would provide me with the dream life and business I had imagined. I created my brand that consisted of combining all my passions and loves into one. A brand that is uniquely me, where I can be myself 100% of the time and make positive impact on individuals lives. It was a brand that I imagined would provide me with the ability to be financially free, to travel, stay in nice places and enjoy pretty things.

When ‘Dr. Tilean’ was just one month old, I was petrified and unsure about how to make my business grow, and make the worldwide impact and success that I desperately desired. Then Emily Williams sent an email to my inbox about a teleclass ‘Fearful to Fierce’. I listened and by the end of that call I knew within my heart that Emily Williams would show me how to make my business grow, and make the worldwide impact and success that I desperately desired.

It didn’t matter that I had already created my brand ‘Dr. Tilean’. I saw that Emily had created a strong brand and had managed to grow it rapidly, enabling her to live a life even better than her dreams and I wanted that too. I wanted Emily to show me how. I felt called to work with Emily and I followed my intuition. The very next day I signed up to I Heart Coaching!

Despite my prior belief that I Heart Coaching would be pretty straight forward since I had already created my brand, built my website and created my services, it was a roller coaster of a journey and one that I am grateful I was on! I went through every single module and I approached the programme with a beginner’s mind. I never, ever assumed I knew anything because I believed I was on this journey with Emily for a reason. I even watched training videos on things that I had already set up, and every single step of the way I learnt something new! I was super active in the group and enjoyed the community of coaches I was surrounded by as I brought ‘Dr. Tilean’ to the next level.  



I Heart Coaching has helped lift my brand to an even bigger level! Since being a part of the programme, so much has happened including relaunching my website so it clearly displays my vibe and my mission. I’ve had a photo shoot and video shoot in Barbados where I used to live because it was such a massive part in my journey including where I had that massive ah-ha moment that I can make my dreams come. My website now demonstrates my energy, laughter and vibe that I’ve always been complimented on, so that my clients can get the true essence of me before we even work together. As well, I’ve run a group course ‘DISCOVER the mindset’ that had 21 participants and I’ve also been coaching awesome women one-on-one, empowering them to build their own unique online personal brand as well.


I’ve always believed in investing in your dreams and following your heart, so when I decided to join I Heart Coaching even though I only had the money for the first instalment, I trusted the universe had my back. I believed wholeheartedly that if this is what I am supposed to be doing in this one life I have; God will not let me fail. I trusted that the rest of the money I required would follow and it did. The very next month after signing up for I Heart Coaching and working on my money mindset with Emily’s I Heart Money course, it led to me making the most money I’ve ever made in one month!



Here’s three tips I’d like to share with you:

– Follow your heart (not your head) and believe in your dreams.

– Never ever believe you are less worthy than anyone else.

– Talk to yourself like you would your own best friend and remind yourself you are worthy of the best!


Don’t waste another minute, day, month or year before you go after the life and business you truly desire!

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