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VIP Coaching Days

An accelerated coaching experience for the woman who wants a clear plan and the support to get the results she's craving in life and business. Group and 1:1 days available in luxury locations.


Did I get this right? Let me guess...

Let me check, did I get this right?!





So...Want to work with us in a luxury location and experience the results that come with your very own luxury VIP day? Or work with us in an intimate group of incredible women? Both options are available to you!

Regardless of which option you choose, the VIP day is completely tailored to where you're at in your business and of course where you want to go.

Spots are limited for our group day so make sure to apply today!

August 26, 2021
Santa Barbara, California

Our Next Group VIP Day

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Just imagine...

It reminds you what's possible and helps you transform your mind in terms of what's possible for you. You remove your doubts and fears and shift into belief.

Imagine walking into a beautiful room that immediately uplevels you, your life and your business just by stepping into it...

Imagine spending a day working with mentors who have reviewed your entire business (and life) through their unique business diagnostic process...

And then they show you where you're leaving money on the table, the steps to take to get to the next level, how to think in order to get the results you want, what team members to hire and when...

You no longer feel alone.

Imagine meeting other like-minded women in person and allowing their energy and belief in you to transfer to you and inspire you to go to the next level.

You have a new support system and the mentorship you've been craving to move forward with confidence.

Imagine leaving the day with a clear plan as to how to leverage what you already have in place and how to get to the next level.

You leave the day clearer than you've been in years and ready to take on your plan and take immediate action.

Access to Our Business Diagnostic:

Pre-VIP Day Coaching Session:

6 Hours of Coaching on the VIP Day:

What's Included

This is about so much more than just the day...

Luxurious Working Lunch: 

Post VIP Coaching Session: 

Marketing and exposure:

You'll register for the VIP Day, and at least three weeks beforehand, you'll receive our complete IHML Business Diagnostic which will give both of us a clear picture of your life and business now as well as your future vision. This will shine light on the areas for growth such as gaps in marketing, team, strategy, metrics, energy, mindset etc. as well as teach you how to build on what you currently have in place.

You'll participate in our pre-VIP Day call with the other attendees. This is where we'll map out the day together. We'll customize this day to fit your needs and goals.

You'll participate in our coaching day, and we'll give you step by step guidance as to how to create the growth you're craving using our unique frameworks and methodology (that have helped us personally generate multi-millions in sales).

You'll join us for lunch on your VIP Day where we can take a break and talk all things personal or continue, you can pick our brain, or we can keep working on your goals.

You'll get continued support after the VIP Day with our post-day coaching session where we'll provide you with further accountability and support to reach your goals.

Access to photos from the event for marketing purposes. Featured in IHML marketing materials (at least one email) which will support you in exposure to our community and of course more impact.

This is a rare chance to personally work with James and Emily Williams in person. All the focus will be on you and your business to achieve the most accelerated results.

Want a day dedicated to you? Book at 1:1 VIP Day!



Rose Lounsbury, Speaker/coach

it was the thing I never knew I needed

i discovered what to focus on the next 90 days

Ladawn Townsend, consultant

anne mchale, wine expert

VIP Day Success Stories

Your results are just a step away.

i walked away with a whole new vision 

everything is possible, my dreams are attainable

dannielle lecointe, coach

I've got total clairty

beth hocking, coach

it's been everything i imagined and more

Florence Andrews, actress and coach

Sandra Smith, copywriter and coach

the best investment i've made in so long

The shift is immediate

Dr. Liesa Harte, COACH

Dawn Kennedy, Financial Coach

Solidified my launch plan

Was an amazing reset 

Paula Tarrant, Life Coach

I now know my own personal value and worth

Kristen Kunk, Health Coach

It's no longer a matter of if, but when

Natalie Fox, Photographer and membership owner

6 hours later you'll be speaking with boldness

joanne muturi, business coach

My intentions were more than met

zeina marrush, Self-love coach

Group VIP Day

Extensive pre-work and business review

VIP Day planning call with Emily and James

6 hours of coaching at a luxurious location

Lunch and beverages on the VIP Day

investment of $5,000

1:1 VIP Day

Extensive pre-work and business review


6 hours of coaching at a luxurious location

Lunch and beverages on the VIP Day

Go all in!

investment of $20,000

One follow-up call

One follow-up group call

Access to photos from the event for marketing purposes

Access to photos from the event for marketing purposes

Featured in IHML marketing materials (at least one email)

Featured in IHML marketing materials (at least one email)

one month of support via email and voxer

Emily Williams


Money,mindset,business strategy

I'm the Founder and CEO of I Heart My Life. I started my business with nothing but an idea and turned it into a 7-figure company within the first 18 months. I love working with our Mastermind students on their big picture vision. The bigger the dream, the better! My unique specialties are helping you think like a successful business owner, teaching you how to move past your money blocks so you can increase your wealth, and being that No B.S. Success Coach who will give you an overall dose of real truth (with love) when you're unable to see what's standing in the way of your success. 

James Williams


high performance

In 2016, a year to the day I left my old career, I certified as a High Performance Coach through the Institute of High Performance. 

My passion is working with my clients on creating outer world impact through inner world mastery. My passion for mastering physical, mental and emotional performance in pursuit of my own life goals is only matched by my dedication to supporting my clients’ belief that anything is possible and available for them. By working with my clients through systematic processes to learn how to master what I call the ‘business of you’. This idea is to support my clients in recognising that their level of performance from within will impact everything and everyone in their life.

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We get it - devoting a whole day to your happiness and success is a commitment. Have questions?

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