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A Breakdown of My No B.S. Coaching Techniques

September 15, 2020

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If you feel called to be a coach, then know that you can make it happen. Coaching is the second-fastest growing industry in the world and it’s truly no wonder as more and more people are looking internally for change and abundance. Today I’m sharing the techniques I use when coaching my clients to help you gain more confidence when working with your own. 

“Directness is so needed in the world. So many people are covering up their emotions, their real feelings and they’re not actually speaking the truth. So remember you get to make a difference.” -Emily Williams

Before I do any work with my clients, I visualize their successful and thriving business. I visualize having a successful call. I step fully into a place of belief in my client, their business, and the purpose of our call. I want to make sure that I approach every call in the best frame of mind to help my clients see results.

I’m not responsible for the results they achieve because I’m not the one doing the work, but I am dedicated to doing my part in helping them realize their own desires. 

So you first have to be brave and be willing to ask your clients to get raw and go deep into their blocks. Then remember that you cannot and should not buy into the stories that they’re telling themselves. They are paying you to help them change their internal stories, so do them the favor of helping them realize that they’re excuses are not moving them forward. 

You are not your client’s friend. They are not paying you to be their cheerleader. They are paying you to help them get results in their lives and businesses, so remember that while you can like your clients and enjoy spending time with your clients, you are still not their best friend. 

Listen in to hear the last three techniques I use with all of my clients. Stop beating around the bush with your clients. They don’t want you to tell them what they want to hear. They want you to push them and hold them accountable. 

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In this Episode: 

[02:10] The number one thing I always have to remember when approaching calls with clients.

[06:04] Don’t buy into their story. What does that mean?

[07:00] You are not your client’s friend.

[09:33] Why you need to speak the truth with love.

[10:50] Your intuition is there for a reason. 

[13:54] Honesty isn’t the best policy, it’s the most important policy. 

[14:33] A quick recap of the techniques I use. 

[15:05] One of the best things I’ve learned through years of coaching. 

[15:45] Why working with mentors was the best thing I ever did. 

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“Know that it is safe for you to speak your truth to your clients. It is safe for you to reflect back what you’re seeing. It’s your duty to hold them more accountable and to a higher level than they’re holding for themselves.” – Emily Williams

“Directness is so needed in the world. So many people are covering up their emotions, their real feelings and they’re not actually speaking the truth. So remember you get to make a difference.” – Emily Williams

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