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Energy Work and Living in Alignment with Kelly Marcyniuk


August 30, 2022

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Are you someone who’s envisioned their big picture goal as living in alignment? And if you haven’t found your life’s passion or purpose yet, does it feel like you’re resorting to your career as a validation crutch? You pick job after job out of an imaginary hat, wishing that whatever opportunity came your way would be the answer to your desires. If any of this resonates, you know deep down there’s more for you than a checklist of successes.

“If you are always sitting back and waiting and hoping and not doing the things that really scare you, not following your desire and letting yourself be held back by lack. There’s no energy. And if we want to manifest and attract the success we desire in our business, we have to be putting that energy forward.” — Kelly Marcyniuk

When we dream of who we want to be and how we want to live, we’re subconsciously channeling our inner power for inspiration. But when we’re faced with a real challenge or discomfort that asks us to step into our next level self, we shy back into our fear. It’s because alignment requires the energetic work many of us don’t believe we can accomplish… which makes it all that more crucial to your total transformation.

Kelly Marcyniuk was one of the determined ones, even when doubt and scarcity stood in her way. She had enough dabbling of jobs and hoped to discover the passion she craved in a career. So when she miraculously found network marketing, she thought the job bouncing was over! But even after a few years, she still wasn’t living unapologetically according to her desires. So in search of something bigger (and better), Kelly found her calling where she least expected: a Facebook group.

After unknowingly booking a discovery call with a coach, Kelly finally found the opportunities that piqued her wants. She turned her love of freedom into a business & lifestyle coaching business in just one year— and has learned so much along the way! Even after five years of being her own boss, Kelly has grown to understand energy work is the key to living in alignment, and more importantly something everyone should experience!

The OG Freedom Babe, Kelly Marcyniuk, is this week’s IHML Show guest! In this episode, Kelly vividly takes us through her success story, explains how energy work molds her coaching practices, and thinking outside the entrepreneurial box. She is also going to break down the challenges that kept her from embodying alignment— and what we can do to make sure that doesn’t happen to us. 

Kelly’s graceful bubbliness is truly contagious, it’s no wonder her coaching has changed the lives of many! Her desire to show other women how to design their life and create true freedom never fails to inspire me. Let Kelly be the affirmation you need that you need to pursue your vision and bring it to life, even when others don’t see its potential to thrive.

In This Episode:

  • [0:24] Kelly warmly starts this IHML Show with her success story!
  • [3:48] A deep dive into the energy work Kelly implements with herself and her clients.
  • [8:01] This shift made all the difference in Kelly’s business alongside other transformations that worked in her favor!
  • [10:39] Kelly shares why it’s important to think outside the box of action to achieve true alignment in business.
  • [11:56] These are the biggest things Kelly moved through this year that evoked discomfort and felt challenging— and our host Emily shares as well!
  • [14:36] Kelly divulges what she wished she knew at the start of her business that she knows now…
  • [16:55] How do you discover self-love and validation without tying it to business? Kelly shares her daily practices for doing so!
  • [18:30] Kelly breaks down her 2022 goals.
  • [19:45] With the creation of her podcast, Kelly readdresses some of her recurring fears and doubts.
  • [22:01] Kelly provides her unique experience and advice on how you can create a life beyond your wildest dreams!


“I always felt like I was trying to choose my career from a hat. And there was nothing I really wanted to do. It was more of a life that I saw myself living and no job aligned with that vision.” — Kelly Marcyniuk

“Once I started that [coaching] business, I felt at home almost, I felt so much more aligned with my purpose and with the big vision I had. And I also just saw it as a huge opportunity to help other people who were seeing or who were stuck in that same holding pattern of knowing they were meant for big things, but feeling like no job or no network marketing business would get them there. So now that’s what I help my clients with, whether they’re starting from scratch or building their business to the point that can give them that freedom that they’ve always wanted.” — Kelly Marcyniuk

“And I was like, ‘I feel like I can’t do anymore’. Like, this is as much work that I can do, but I also felt guilty if I was taking a break or if I was gonna close my laptop for the night. And there was a little voice in my head that said, ‘what would you do if the money and the clients were already here?’ And that’s when I was like, ‘well, I would go have fun for a couple days’. I would go see my friends, would go just live my life. So that’s what I did. I actually went away for like a night or two and when I got back, there were two clients that signed and paid in full that week. It was like all my miracles happened, all of my desires and needs were met. And from that moment forward, I really do that more and more, and that’s what I teach my clients as well. Obviously, you have to do the work.” — Kelly Marcyniuk

“Obviously you have to show up, obviously you have to take action. And there’s such an energetic piece of it too, of being that version of you who already has what she wants. If you already had the clients, if you already had the money, you wouldn’t be worrying and freaking out and wondering where it is and checking your inbox and hitting refresh, or refreshing your DMS every couple minutes. You would also be living your life and not making your business absolutely everything and not validating yourself just from your business too. So there’s a big embodiment piece of that. I just help my clients really get clear on what that vision is, and who the version of them is that’s already there. And then we work on them matching that energy internally and then also taking actions as that version of themselves. And that honestly, when things just flow in ways that you could never predict and also with so much ease as well. There’s no force with that.” — Kelly Marcyniuk

“And when I can go and look back on some of my best years or my best months or whatever,  I’m letting that desire lead me. And a part of that is embracing the discomfort that comes with that.” — Kelly Marcyniuk

“The more you can get used to embracing that discomfort that comes with those [desires] and not letting it define your reality or your future, and knowing that that discomfort is actually a good sign because when you embrace that, you’re becoming that version of you who’s at that next level, right?” — Kelly Marcyniuk

“If you are always sitting back and waiting and hoping and not doing the things that really scare you, not following your desire and letting yourself be held back by lack. There’s no energy. And if we want to manifest and attract the success we desire in our business, we have to be putting that energy forward.” — Kelly Marcyniuk

“I had to stop validating myself based on my business results. Because as you could imagine, when you’re stuck in fear, my business hasn’t grown to the extent it has in a lot of the previous years this year and that felt embarrassing to me. And that made me feel like I wasn’t good enough. Then I also realized, ‘okay, well now I’m only validating myself and who I am as a person based on what’s happening in my business’.” — Kelly Marcyniuk

“Don’t validate yourself based on your results or the months you’re having or the years you’re having or whatever. Because there’s gonna be ups and downs, always!” — Kelly Marcyniuk

“I recreated the more long term vision and that’s actually brought me a lot more inspiration and motivation. It’s created a lot more momentum and it makes me feel excited and purposeful again in my business and with what I’m doing.” — Kelly Marcyniuk

“My business isn’t the only thing or the main thing that is important to me.” — Kelly Marcyniuk

“If you’re sharing your message, if you’re putting yourself out there and it feels like no one cares or no one’s listening, people do care and people do listen. They just don’t always tell you that.” — Kelly Marcyniuk

“If you have this vision, if you have this crazy idea that no one understands, go for it anyway because you’re the only person that’s gonna get in the way of that.” — Kelly Marcyniuk

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