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How to Create a Life You Love: Behind the Scenes of Three Real Life Journeys

August 27, 2020

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Creating a life you love is not impossible. That is what we at I Heart My Life help women do all day every day. But it takes time, hard work, and support. Three of our amazing community members recently sat down with me to chat about how the community has changed their lives and businesses and knew that we had to share this with you.

LaDawn Townsend, Emily Summersett, and Charreah Jackson have all been in the I Heart My Life community for some time. Each of them had amazing things to say about our community in particular but really listen in to hear what they share about community in general. 

“Just take the leap. If you’re getting ready to or you’ve taken the leap and you’re scared, just keep going. Because I promise, there is a beautiful life just waiting for you.” -Emily Summersett

Listen as they each share more about their stories and why they started their businesses. For each of them, starting and growing a business was not only a dream but almost a matter of necessity. 

For LaDawn it came after an unexpected layoff. For Emily, she needed to find a new and better way to help her husband. For Charreah, she knew that after kicking cancer, she could no longer follow the whims and strictures of others.

But for them all, having the support and access to a community was imperative to their success and growth. 

We had an amazing conversation and LaDawn summed it all up in a very concise and perfect way. We are not born to conform. We are born to stand out, be on our own path, and live our best life. That all starts with having the support needed to forge our own path and then to keep going down it when things get tough!

In this Episode: 

[02:07] Welcome our guest panel from the From Hot Mess to Mega Success Live training series.

[02:42] LaDawn Townsend shares a bit about her background and how we started working together.

[03:23] Emily Summersett introduces herself and shares her background in RTT. 

[04:17] Learn more about Charreah Jackson and learn more about her background. 

[05:52] How did LaDawn become The Accelerator? 

[07:16] Hear more about the “Be the Chanel” story.

[09:35] Learn more about Charreah and what she does in her business. 

[11:33] Charreah has found that she’s become a better friend and family member through finding and receiving support. 

[13:05] Emily shares a bit more about RTT and how it has helped her clients and family.

[16:56] LaDawn digs deep into what being in a community really means to her.

[20:03] Emily relates what she has learned by being a part of our community. 

[21:08] For Charreah, all of her top experiences have come from being in different communities. 

[24:57] How have their lives changed because they decided to take the leap and pursue their dreams? 

[32:15] Learn each lady’s top tip for success. 

[37:28] Take a note from these amazing women and sign up for the community!

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“Just take the leap. If you’re getting ready to or you’ve taken the leap and you’re scared, just keep going. Because I promise, there is a beautiful life just waiting for you.” – Emily Summersett

“I’m in such an immense state of gratitude because I’m not where I was and I’m not fully where I’m going, but I’m in such a better position.” – LaDawn Townsend

“My success secret is that I actually call and text people and I send mail. I send handwritten cards. That right there has allowed me to build the relationships that have grown my career.” Charreah Jackson

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