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How to decide on a Niche in Your New Coaching Business: Real Coaching Session with Amy Bett


February 25, 2021

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The world of online coaching is booming right now, but I’m finding a lot of new coaches making one of two mistakes. Either they’re not niching their offer and therefore not targeting a specific audience or they’re niching too much to the point where they are actually limiting future growth. Even worse? Some aspiring coaches get so hung up on the buzzword itself that they never move into the actual business creation. 

Let’s avoid that, shall we?

“Let’s start focusing on the belief of ‘clients come to me effortlessly,’ ‘I’m charging whatever amount it is that you want to say, and clients will pay that,‘ ‘I get paid premium for my coaching packages.’ Whatever the mantras are that will help them mind you that those $50k months are available for you.” -Emily Williams 

There’s no doubt that figuring out your niche is a great way to get clear on your offers, target your ideal audience, and make it more obvious how you can serve them. The downside? It’s a buzzword that can send people in a panic or leave them scratching their heads wondering how specific is too specific or, on the other hand, at which point does broad dilute a sense of expertise? 

If you can relate to this challenge, keep reading (or better yet, go ahead and hit play on this episode). I recently recorded a live coaching session with one of our I Heart Coaching members, Amy Bett. Amy is a new coach who is already hitting $5k months in just 5 months with our program. As a woman with big ambitions and the desire to help other female business owners in their businesses, she is now looking at how to get to the next level. During our session, she brought up some great points that are relatable to new coaches in any realm of the industry. Specifically, Amy was looking for advice regarding if she should get more specific with her niche and if so, how to do so while also bringing in more revenue.

Follow along as I coach Amy through honing in on her niche by clearly identifying what she is selling and who she is selling it to. We dive into the pain points and desires of her current (and ideal) clients as well as her goals for them. From there, we chat about how to create the right program that addresses their needs and her desires. The truth is, the more specific you can get with your offers and your clients, the more you can establish your expertise. This is imperative to hitting those revenue goals you’ve been dreaming of. For Amy, I walk her through how she can be on her way to surpassing her current $5k months (and reach $50k months in no time).

We also discuss other common pain points for new coaches, from determining your price point with confidence to increasing your revenue with ease. And you know how much I love money mindset, so you can be sure that we touch upon a few tips for keeping your money mindset on the right track as your business grows too.  So, if you’re just starting out in the coaching world and looking for guidance in terms of identifying your niche, determining your price point, and increasing your revenue, you don’t want to miss this one. 

In this episode… 

[03:07] Welcome, Amy! Hear how I Heart Coaching has helped Amy create her coaching business. 

[06:41] Why you need to establish goals for your clients. 

[08:36] Determining your ideal client and ideal program can help determine your niche. 

[11:30] Your niche can naturally evolve (and that’s okay). 

[13:10] Upleveling your offers to continue to meet your client’s needs.

[16:14] The importance of having a unique methodology.  

[19:01] Steps to ensure you are nurturing your money mindset.

[21:30] How to approach raising your rates and 10x your revenue in one month. 

[27:23] Laying the groundwork for achieving $50k months. 


“So one of the things that I see sets coaches like you apart is having some sort of unique methodology, even if it’s like, you know, a three-part a three-step process or something. So I would think, and you don’t have to develop it today, but think about the current clients and kind of what is the process you’re taking them through.” -Emily Williams 

“We want to get clear on who you’re speaking to and what it is that you’re selling.” -Emily Williams 

“I feel as though the underlying fear could have been me actually charging people for the services to help them. So maybe it wasn’t getting the clients is the hard part. It’s getting the paying clients, which is the hard part. But I haven’t found that to be the case, especially now because I’m so clear and focused.” -Amy Bett 

“Let’s start focusing on the belief of ‘clients come to me effortlessly,’ ‘I’m charging whatever amount it is that you want to say, and clients will pay that,‘ ‘I get paid premium for my coaching packages.’ Whatever the mantras are that will help them mind you that those $50k months are available for you.” -Emily Williams 

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