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How to Manifest 6-Figures in 90 Days with Nadia Brown

July 9, 2020

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How does one go from being supported by their parents and living an incomplete life to being financially independent and living a full life… in less than 6 months? For Nadia Brown the answer is manifestation. After creating several failed businesses Nadia was a bit adrift and not sure what she wanted… until her entire life changed because of one decision.

“My mantras were a lot of self-acceptance. I accept myself exactly where I am. What I think and feel is beautiful. I accept the light and the dark side of myself. My darkness is beautiful. My darkness is my teacher. My light is my teacher.”

-Nadia Brown

Nadia was living in the UK and stuck in a not-so-healthy relationship when she decided to take some time and go to California. When she got to California she won a ticket to the I Heart My Life Live event and everything in her life has changed since then. 

She was one of the few people who followed the coaching and took action toward her dreams and her story is incredible. After the event she decided to stay in California and moved in with her father. She later took a job as a nanny to a wonderful family who blessed her even further. 

Through manifestation and true acceptance of her whole self, Nadia has now signed a six-figure contract along with a couple of five-figure contracts. Her whole life has changed and it’s because she took action and made the decision to change her life. 

Listen in as she shares her amazing story and how EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) and finding a true understanding of her inner self has changed her life.

In this Episode: 

[03:03] Listen as Nadia shares a bit about her background and how she found I Heart My Life.

[05:21] Where did Nadia’s entrepreneurial spirit come from? 

[06:23] What happened after her first five years in entrepreneurship? 

[08:28] Hear her experience with the I Heart My Life Live event in January of 2020.

[10:46] Why a hotel room was the catalyst for change in Nadia’s life. 

[13:43] Was there any fear that came up for Nadia in spending the money to get the room? 

[16:10] You have to focus on your new reality and give up the old reality that holds you back. 

[18:02] After breaking up with her then boyfriend, she decided to stay in California. 

[21:36] Being in a receiving mode is extremely important to changing your reality. 

[23:02] Was her video diary one of the ways she was able to accept herself and her dreams? 

[25:21] What was she thinking when she started seeing major contracts roll in?

[27:13] If you’re focused on a goal but experiencing negative emotions, what do you do with those emotions? 

[29:38] During this time she took a job as a nanny and the family gave her a huge gift. 

[33:06] Is EFT and the work she is doing now a new plan or something she wanted all along? 

[34:09] Learn more about where Nadia is now and what’s on the horizon for her. 

[35:34] What is the difference between Nadia today and Nadia from five years ago? 

[37:52] Nadia shares what she’s most excited about now. 

[39:28] What is one way that you can create a life that is better than your dreams? 

[41:49] Connect with Nadia.


“Something very deeply shifted in me and I just in that moment gave up the struggle. That was the first mindset shift I made. I gave up the struggle.” – Nadia Brown

“My mantras were a lot of self-acceptance. I accept myself exactly where I am. What I think and feel is beautiful. I accept the light and the dark side of myself. My darkness is beautiful. My darkness is my teacher. My light is my teacher.” – Nadia Brown

“Being in resistance is an energy drain and it’s a waste of energy. The sooner you move into acceptance the sooner you can neutralize it and use your energy to create more fuel towards your desire.” – Emily Williams

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