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How to Rewire Your Brain For Success in Life and in Business with Dr. Philippe Douyon


November 22, 2022

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Our brains are what make us human and differentiate us from other primates, and today’s episode is all about how you rewire your brain for more success.

“In order for you to stop a habit that’s not healthy for you, you have to be motivated to do it.” – Dr. Philippe Douyon

They’re big, they’re heavy, and they are as complex as the universe itself. They are also constantly changing and evolving.

So it’s safe to say that learning as much as we can about the human brain is never a bad idea.

After all, our neurological makeup controls much of who we are and what we do… or so some would say.

But in today’s episode, I’ve invited a specialist of the brain, the brilliant Dr. Philippe Douyon, who does not believe in this inevitability.

Dr. Douyon is a Board Certified Neurologist who helps high-performance individuals and business leaders crack the code to hacking the most powerful tool at our disposal… you’ve guessed it, the human brain! 

In this episode, he and I will be discussing the many interesting facets of the human brain, what neuroplasticity is, how the brain changes and evolves over time, how to rewire our brains for better performance (and a better life), and more.

Dr. Douyon will also be busting the prevalent myth that we’re victims to our neurological makeup (which is something I’m super excited for).

Are you ready to have your mind blown (pun intended)?

Tune in now!

In This Episode:

  • [00:00] Introduction
  • [00:39] Dr. Douyon introduces himself
  • [03:08] Here’s what “neuroplasticity” means
  • [08:45] Dr. Douyon tells us how we can use our brains to create the life of our dreams
  • [15:49] Here’s how you can increase your dopamine levels
  • [24:11] How to keep a positive frame of mind when science is not on your side
  • [26:48] Wondering what you can do to rewire your brain? Here are a few practical tips for you!
  • [32:10] Dr. Douyon’s thoughts on education
  • [34:46] “Am I actually rewiring my brain?”
  • [38:27] Learn more about Dr. Douyon’s book


“Neuroplasticity is really about how the brain changes, how it adapts, how it learns, [and] how it heals from an injury. And it really speaks to the fact that our brains are constantly making new neurons and new connections.” – Dr. Philippe Douyon

“There are decisions that we can make every single day that influence how our brains change. And that’s incredibly powerful. The reality is that if our brains are constantly changing, that means that we’re capable of changing as individuals, as communities, and as a society.” – Dr. Philippe Douyon

“Just like we have to be mindful about what we feed our bodies, we also have to be mindful about what we’re taking into our brain.” – Dr. Philippe Douyon

“One of the biggest myths when it comes to Alzheimer’s disease is that it’s not a lifestyle issue. The reality is, it’s very much a lifestyle issue. If people are eating poorly, if they have poor sleeping habits, if they don’t exercise, they’re more likely to develop Alzheimer’s disease.” – Dr. Philippe Douyon

“For business owners, for entrepreneurs, for professionals, it’s so important that we are constantly learning [because] that learning process allows our brains to make new neurons and new connections.”  – Dr. Philippe Douyon

“In order for you to stop a habit that’s not healthy for you, you have to be motivated to do it.” – Dr. Philippe Douyon

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