It's time to make your travel dreams a reality.

Learn about the top hotels, restaurants and things to do around one of the best cities in the world! (Written by an American who lived in London for ten years.) 

What's Included

Full 5-page guide curated by Emily herself! Includes...

  • Restaurant recommendations
  • Hotel suggestions
  • Favorite activities

seriously, this is pretty special


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Hello there.
I'm Emily Williams.

I moved to London on a whim, spend hours searching for the best luxury hotels and am a serial entrepreneur. Oh, and I'm always up for a glass of champagne. So happy to meet you.

I'm just a girl from Ohio with really big dreams, but the truth is, I always knew I was meant for more. I know firsthand what it means to feel that you're not living the life that you want, and yet not know how to make it happen. To wonder with each passing day, when your life is finally going to "get good". I've been there. Since transforming my own life, I've gone on to help thousands of women just like you so you can finally achieve your true potential and ultimately, create a life that's better than your dreams. If I can do it, you can too. (Check out Emily's personal site to partner with her or book her to speak.)

my favorite part of my job? having women say they don't even recognize their own life.