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At I Heart My Life, our goal is to help you evolve into the person you’ve always dreamed of becoming. Our comprehensive collection of programs is designed with exactly that in mind; to empower you as you set out on your personal growth and professional development journey, to help you take action towards achieving your ambitious goals, to give you the tools and resources you need to succeed every step of the way and feel balanced and harmonized in the process. We cover topics like mindset, money, relationships, business/career and more...

Wherever you’re at right now, we’ve got a course to take you to the next level. 

Personal Development Courses for
Women Who Want to Heart Their Life

I Heart Money Course

A favorite of our students!

A step-by-step course where you’ll learn how to remove money blocks, transform your relationship with money, make more money and uplevel your life in every way imaginable. Learn how to become your most successful self, attract abundance, and create a life better than your dreams. This course is a must for all driven women.

INCLUDES 8 modules

bonus recorded coaching calls

We Heart it For: Anyone Who Wants Wealth


I Heart My Life Course

Our signature course - a must for all!

Whether you're dreaming of starting your own business, getting ahead in your career, or just experiencing more joy, adventure and fulfilment in your life, I Heart My Life will catapult you toward your greatest desires.

12 modules and video trainings

special bonuses worth $882

We heart it for: anyone who wants to transform their mindset and achieve more happiness and success.


Pairs well with the IHML Book!

Hay House and Emily Williams present the

I Heart My Life Book

Whether you're dreaming of starting your own business, getting ahead in your career, or just experiencing more joy, adventure and fulfilment in your life, I Heart My Life will catapult you toward your greatest desires.


I Heart Coaching Online

A to Z program to building your online coaching biz.

Ready to get your online coaching practice going? We'll hold your hand through the process of building your business, making over your mindset and becoming a coach. This program is for new and aspiring coaches who want to make money online. It's also great for consultants, agency owners and other service-based aspiring business owners. Brand new business owners welcome!

24 step by step modules + videos

email templates, guides, scripts

We heart it for: Anyone Who Want to Start or Scale Their Online Coaching Business


I Heart Branding Course

Making it easy for you to brand yourself.

Want to know what makes a stand-out brand? This four part course and bonus photoshoot guide will walk you through creating your brand step-by-step. In the world of templates, Canva and Pinterest, there's no excuse for bad design - even if it means doing it yourself! In this course, we show you how to create a high level brand identity that converts raving fans into paying clients.

four modules and video trainings

a photoshoot guide

We heart it for: Business Owners and Influencers Who Want a Beautiful, Stand-Out Brand


"I went from scared and confused to boldly making multiple five-figure months within the same year. Because of the brand IHML worked with me to build, today I get to live a beautiful life while being at home with my baby. That's true freedom to me. I'm living my dream."

— sofie, business owner

"I feel secure in myself and have fallen more in love with myself.
Being able to ‘not take responsibility’ I’m not responsible for anyone’s emotions except my own. It’s taken huge pressure off who I am and who I want to be. I’m so much happier with in myself!"

— DANNIELLE, Dancer and business owner

"I know that I’ve been a way more present and patient mother since I really delved deep on the mindset elements that came with the program and this whole journey. I’m so much more aware now of when I go into my old narratives and victim mentality stories... and so now feel so much more empowered and less driven by my emotions. Less passive and more powerful in general." 

— Florence, Actress + business owner

"When I first joined IHML, I was in a rut financially & mentally! I had such a fear & lack mentality that I was even contemplating if I could “afford” this course, but I knew it would be Life-CHANGING! As of NOW...I got offered the highest salary I ever been paid."

— Rochelle

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