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How Alana & Jared Mitchell Went From a Small Spa Room to a $30 Million Business


January 24, 2023

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Do you think working together and starting a business as a couple is a good idea? Or is it a surefire way toward failure?

Of course, both sides of the spectrum exist!

“Respect each other and understand [each other’s] work styles.” – Alana Mitchell

Many couples work together and become the crazy successful power couples we all can only dream to be…

But other couples join forces professionally, and their partnership just doesn’t work. And of course, that ends up affecting their personal life.

Well, a couple that’s really winning at this whole “Let’s live together and work together and be a super successful” thing are today’s guests on the I Heart My Life Show podcast.

They are Alana and Jared Mitchell, and together, they own a thriving skincare business.

Together, they also have two children and an 18-year+ marriage.

And today, they’re here to tell us about how they started their business and grew it from a small spa room to $30 million dollars in sales!

They’ll also be talking about what it’s like to work and live together, why they chose the skin care industry, how their business grew over the years, and more.

What really struck me during our conversation was the true partnership they have.

It’s obvious how much they admire and respect one another as a couple. Yes, their business is thriving, but so is their marriage, and in many instances, that combination is super rare.

Are you ready?

Let’s dive in!

In This Episode:

  • [00:00] Introduction
  • [00:54] Alana and Jared introduce themselves and their businesses
  • [09:06] Alana and Jared explain the mains steps they took to go from selling one product to selling 400 products
  • [20:56] Jared shares what their definition of success and wealth is
  • [26:13] If you had a do-over, what would you do differently? Alana and Jared answer!
  • [32:31] Alana and Jared share how you can know if your business has staying power
  • [39:12] Alana and Jared’s top tips for people who are running a brand and parenting


“I had to really figure out, at a time where it wasn’t popular and no one knew it, how to advertise on Google and Yahoo.” – Jared Mitchell

“We have boundaries that we subscribe to. We don’t talk about work at home unless we have a designated time. You know, it’s just not like work, work, work, work, work. Once we’re home, [it’s all about] family.” – Alana Mitchell

“Respect each other and understand [each other’s] work styles.” – Alana Mitchell

“I always try to remind myself to speak to [Jared] just like you would any co-worker with respect and kindness.” – Alana Mitchell 

“Something we did a long time ago that I thought was really helpful is we redefined how we define success and wealth. And once we started doing that, we realized that we’re incredibly rich.” – Jared Mitchell 

“Even back in the 20s, women would save up and do what they could and to get their mascara. So yeah, the beauty industry does well, even in a recession.” – Alana Mitchell

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