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How to Stop Hiding and Go for Your Dreams


January 12, 2021

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Let’s face it, change isn’t just hard– it can be downright scary. In fact, that’s why we sometimes avoid it altogether. We are so quick to fear what we have yet to experience. We are so quick to pull from past experiences or assume the worst. I mean, when was the last time you let fear talk you out of making a change, taking a risk, or saying yes to an opportunity because you didn’t know what would come of it? 

“You can get positive results, but you have to get past that terror barrier and that point of feeling so scared of the change and focus on the positive results that you’re going to experience instead.” -Emily Williams

The crazy thing is we are so quick to hide from any change including the things that we know can help us get the results we desire in life and business. Why? It all stems from that fear. The fear of the unknown. The fear of failure. The fear of judgment. The fear of success (trust me, it’s a thing). 

What if I told you transformation is waiting on the other side of that fear? (Because it is). That’s why it’s important to understand what to do when these fears come up for you so you can stop hiding from the possibilities that exist for you. So you can experience the results you are after. So you can experience the abundance that the world has in store for you. 

So, I invite you to follow along as I reveal where the fear of change stems from and both the mindset shifts you can make and actions you can take to overcome it. I discuss the ways I’ve witnessed so many of my clients hiding from change (and how showing up to get support can be a huge help). I even talk about the ways I’ve had to work through my own fears and stop hiding in my own life and career. What I’ve learned from working through these fears is that it’s not that you can’t do the thing. It’s that it’s hard to imagine the incredible growth and benefits that could come from doing the thing simply because you’ve never experienced it before. 

I know it’s scary to put yourself and your business out there. What if you fail? I encourage you to flip the script and start asking yourself, what if you don’t? What if you land three new clients? What if your sales increase? What if your dreams become a reality? The bottom line is that no one benefits from you hiding. No one wins when you play it small. You deserve the transformation you desire. Your clients deserve the value you have to offer. 

So if you’re tired of feeling that guilt or shame that comes from knowing you should be making a change but continue to be overwhelmed by the fear of all that could go wrong, I invite you to take action. And you can start today by hitting play on this episode so you can learn how you can stop hiding and start saying yes to your dreams. 

In this episode… 

[04:12] Why our mind stops us from change. 

[06:21] Why you need to stop hiding (and get support). 

[07:24] Getting to the root of WHY you are hiding (hint: fear).

[09:04] Shifting your mind to focus on the positive results. 

[11:29] Hear why you need to stop hiding from opportunities (and what to do instead).

[13:01] Why you need to continuously evaluate your actions (or lack thereof) 

[13:59] The importance of taking action. 

[15:04] The past does not indicate what is possible for you. 

[17:02] Stop letting assumptions get in the way of your desires. 

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“You can get positive results, but you have to get past that terror barrier and that point of feeling so scared of the change and focus on the positive results that you’re going to experience instead.” Emily Williams

“The past is no indication of what’s possible for you. So we have to remember that we are capable, we are strong. We no longer want to operate out of fear, right? Otherwise, we are destined to stay stuck forever.” -Emily Williams 

“We have all these assumptions going on in our mind and that does not get us anywhere. So stay true to what it is that you actually want. Listen to those people who are further along and take the action, because they’re able to guide you. When you go into hiding, no one benefits.” -Emily Williams

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