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How to Use Human Design to Create More Success with Katie Irvine


January 7, 2021

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Are you looking to create more success, joy, energy, and momentum in your life and business? Maybe you’re looking for more clarity around what you should be doing in life and how to open that door for success. You, my friend, are not alone. 

I’ve seen so many people get caught up in going down a path they feel obligated to go down because of some life experience they’ve had or what they saw someone else do. In reality, we should be paying more attention to what feels right and aligned than what we think we are supposed to be doing. We only live one life, so we deserve to do the thing that lights us up and makes us feel connected to our purpose. 

“When you’re not being honest or authentic or true to yourself and constantly trying to replicate what other people are doing, at least in my experience, it doesn’t work. It doesn’t feel good. It’s not fun.” – Katie Irvine

That’s why I’m so excited to have Katie Irvine on the IHML Show. Katie is an amazingly insightful woman and Human Design expert (she used to be one of our VAs!) who has so much to offer in terms of helping people utilize their Human Design to better their lives (and businesses). Katie’s passion for Human Design comes from a place of personal experience. She witnessed first hand how alignment with her energy and design can transform your life. After learning about Human Design for the first time (at an IHML retreat) she was obsessed and knew she wanted to help others use Human Design to find more peace and happiness in their own lives (we recently invited her to do this with our Mastermind students). Fast forward a few years and that’s exactly what she is doing in her own business today (and she absolutely loves it). 

Listen as we dive into all the things from Katie’s own experiences with Human Design (and ultimately starting her business) to how you too can benefit in your life and business by better understanding your own design. For those of you new to the whole Human Design thing, don’t worry. Katie explains exactly what it is (including a breakdown of the five main design types) and how it can help you not only better understand yourself, but how you best interact with everything happening around you as well. I’m telling you, once you understand your design type, you can better tap into your energy and literally change your life– just like Katie did. 

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So, if you are ready to stop doing what doesn’t feel right and start learning how to better align with your energy and the world around you, this episode is for you. So, why wait? If you don’t know it already, I recommend you find out about your Human Design today (Katie recommends using myBodyGraph.com) because it will help you pave the path toward success and happiness in every aspect of your life. 

P.S. If you like what you hear in this episode (I know you will), be sure to check out Katie’s special promo code for IHML Show listeners. Use promo code ‘iheartmylife’ to get 33% off Katie’s incredible Energy Types Classes so you can begin learning more about your specific design and how it can help you live your best life today.

In this episode… 

[02:27] Welcome Katie and hear her journey with Human Design. 

[05:04] Hear Katie explain her struggle finding her own path. 

[09:19] What drew Katie to Human Design? 

[12:00] Listen as Katie explains how Human Design helped her step into her true self. 

[15:01] What exactly is Human Design? 

[17:35] Katie explains how to use your chart to better utilize your energy and find success. 

[21:03] How Katie started her own business with Human Design (including all the struggles!).

[28:00] The importance of showing up in a way that feels right. 

[28:50] Hear about what Katie offers through her business. 

[30:41] Keeping your eyes open to your HD can pave your success and support your growth. 

[34:07] Get connected with Katie (IHML listeners can get a discount on her courses!)

[35:55] “how to create a life that’s better than your dreams?” Hear Katie’s response! 


“I think Human Design was something that really helped me to better know myself and to better see my value. And it was just something that clicked in a lot of the pieces to understand better how I can help people and how I’m different from others or have something different to offer.” -Katie Irvine 

“When you’re not being honest or authentic or true to yourself and constantly trying to replicate what other people are doing, at least in my experience, it doesn’t work. It doesn’t feel good. It’s not fun.” -Katie Irvine

“If astrology and a personality test had a baby… that’s kind of human design.” -Katie Irvine

“I mean, we get this one life. Like for those of us who are punishing ourselves, trying to build this thing, you have to ask yourself, is that really the way you want to be spending your time and the way you want to be showing up?” -Emily Williams 

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