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My Simple Method for Making Decisions


April 6, 2021

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What if I told you that indecision just might be the culprit behind why you’re feeling stuck or unfulfilled in your life or business? 

It’s true. 

“Fear, doubt, and worry win when you don’t take action.” -Emily Williams 

Now, what might really surprise you is that your indecision likely stems from a lack of trust in yourself. Think about that for a moment. How many times have you been stuck between yes and no until the opportunity passed you by and it was too late? How many times have you worried about maybe making the wrong decision that you neglect to make any decision at all?

In this episode, I let you in on a little secret: There’s no such thing as a wrong decision. I know it might sound crazy, but I invite you to listen as I explain why making a decision and taking action is far better than staying in decision-making limbo. It’s far better than staying stuck or playing it small. 

The truth is, the mere act of making a decision shows yourself that you trust what you’re doing. That you believe in yourself and your desires. Otherwise, you spend too much time worrying about what may or may not happen instead of taking control and taking action. In doing that, you surrender your power over to the emotions of fear, doubt, and overwhelm. As these emotions grow, your desires are forced to take the backseat, and you’re kept from fulfilling your purpose. Yes, indecision can actually prevent you from doing the thing you are meant to do. Maybe you wish to run a business, write a book, or speak on stages across the globe. Whatever it is, you have to trust in the decisions you make to get you there. 

Luckily, there are ways to build trust in yourself and take your power back. Listen as I share the simple (yet effective) method I use to move past my fears, make decisions, and take action based on my true desires. Follow along as I break down the method into three simple steps, providing the exact questions you can ask yourself along the way to help begin removing the fear and get closer to what it is you truly want. This episode is full of advice to help you stay in the driver’s seat of your life.

Not only do I share personal stories of decision making and how following my heart has led to incredible things in my life (like this business), but I provide ways you can begin practicing this in your life ASAP. I really wanted to focus on using hypothetical examples that were highly relatable to help you identify the fears that may be coming up for you as you are faced with big decisions in your life and business.

I believe you are capable of great things. I want you to go after your big dreams with determination and confidence. So, I encourage you to not only press play on this episode but also to take action. And if you know that making decisions isn’t one of your strong suits, don’t stop at listening to this episode. Start implementing my decision-making methodology in small ways in your life today

In this episode… 

[02:29] Why you need to hone in on your decision-making skills as a business owner. 

[06:25] Indecision is a result of lacking trust in yourself.

[09:00] Our truth is really in our desires. 

[10:28] The simple decision-making method starts with identifying your fear. 

[14:19] Overcoming the fear of not being good enough. 

[16:09] The final step? Taking action. 

[17:42] Tips for practicing trusting yourself, making decisions, and taking actions in your life. 


“We have to first get really good at making decisions for ourselves before we can help others to be able to get to that yes or no [on a sales call].” -Emily Williams 

“Successful people make decisions quickly as soon as all the facts are available and change them very slowly, if ever. Unsuccessful people make decisions very slowly and change them often and quickly.” -Napoleon Hill 

“Our truth is really in our desires. Unless we clear out all the doubt, the fear, the worries, the confusion, we’re not going to get to the root of what we actually want. Our desire is the compass towards our purpose.” -Emily Williams 

“Fear, doubt, and worry win when you don’t take action.” -Emily Williams 

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