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One Success-Killing Phase That I’m Never Saying Again


February 5, 2019

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I admit it; for the past four years, I’ve been saying something I’m not proud of. I’ve been preaching something that I don’t believe in. Six little words that I wish I could take back.

Looking back, I know why I started saying it. In fact, it was one of those phrases that other coaches said to me when I was first starting out. It was a good thing at the time — it let me know that I could achieve anything I desired when I was a newbie in the online space with tons of dreams and nothing to show for them (yet).

But the truth is, I’m no longer that girl, and now, every time I say this phrase out loud now, it makes me cringe. A little voice screams back “THAT’S SO NOT TRUE”. I see it in my husband’s face when he tells me he’s proud of me. When our company hits a new milestone. When a client emails in with another success story.

That voice is right; it’s so not true.

A few weeks ago, I had my own “a-ha” moment about this statement. Not only did I realize I no longer agreed with it, I knew I had to come clean and share this with you on the IHML Show.

This phrase pertains to your success and you really achieving everything that you desire in your life. So if you’re interested in learning more, make sure to listen to this special episode.

During this episode, we’re going to cover…

    • Why I’m no longer using one phrase in particular in my marketing (and why I recommend you stop too).
    • How your unique gifts and qualities are key to your success and how to channel them into your work starting today.
    • Why all you desire stems (in some form or another) from self-love.
    • An introduction to the Law of Polarity — what it means and why it’s paramount that you remember it in everything you do (especially if it feels like things aren’t happening…yet).
    • A common thread I see across the board when it comes to the world’s most successful people (and also within myself) and how to generate it in your own life and business.

One of my favorite quotes from this episode is this:

“Most people stop right before it’s about to happen. Most people don’t set themselves apart from the crowd, and so I really want to invite you to be the difference maker, be that person that stands out and remember you are special and there’s some very special characteristics that make you you and make you capable of the success that you desire.” – Emily Williams


In this episode of the IHML Show, we reference Tonic Site Shop. The truth is, Tonic + IHML is a match made in heaven. Here’s the love story…

A few weeks ago, our super custom site was having issues, so I asked Jen at Tonic Site Shop to help. I knew about the ShowIt platform and was going to have her team rebuild our current site on that.

(We’re all about simplicity this year, and wanted a site that our team could easily update and manage versus something only a developer could handle.)

But when the designer was due to get started, I couldn’t let her move forward. The truth was that our site was no longer a reflection of our company.

So I knew we had to change course — and quickly. So I decided to dive into the ShowIt platform myself for the very first time and see what I could do.

I didn’t want to take the next few months going back and forth with a designer or copywriter…

Plus, I wanted to know how ShowIt actually worked because I’m always looking for new software and tips to share with people like you.

As you can probably imagine since I built a whole site in a week, it was seriously user friendly. Paired with the fact that I bought a gorgeous template through Tonic, it was a match made in heaven. Then we had an incredible designer come in and help me refine, tweak and perfect the vision.

And one of the reasons I’m sharing this with you today is that Tonic has been OH SO GENEROUS and is giving all I Heart My Life clients 15% off of template purchases.

All you have to do is type in “IHEARTMYLIFE” when you go to check out on their site and choose your design.

What I love about them is that they’re a template company for people who don’t think they want a template. HA!

(That’s exactly what I said to Jen — I wanted something unique and wanted to hire her to do it, she assured me, their templates can be easily customized to fit your brand. Plus they’re hosted on WordPress so you get all the SEO benefits.)

I knew I had to share this with you today…

  1. Because I’m excited
  2. Because you need to experience ShowIt + Tonic

Can’t wait to see your creation come to life. The truth is, there’s no longer an excuse for bad design.

Let’s get your brand out in the world TODAY.

(Seriously, there are no excuses. We built this in 7 days while running a company.)


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