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The Physiology of Growth with James Williams


June 4, 2020

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You are the key to your own growth. How does that statement make you feel? What thoughts come up? Your immediate thoughts and feelings surrounding this statement do not have to be your reality. James Williams is a High Performance Coach and is dedicated to the study of growth mindset. 

“I think that’s growth mindset is never feeling like there’s an end.”

-James Williams

As you move towards the next level of your business and look at scaling, you will likely experience feelings of fear and excitement. Those two particular emotions are very closely related however and one will push you forward while the other will pull you back. 

James dives into the neural pathways that are formed in our brains as we create habits of thought and expression. He then shares how you can reprogram your brain to view the world with less fear and more excitement. 

We have so little time on this Earth, but if you want to take back more of it, then you need to start practicing the ability to stay present in the moment. The past has already occurred and you should learn from it, and the future isn’t here yet. Your future is fluid. What matters is the present moment and how you feel right now. 

This conversation was deeply insightful and I can honestly say that practicing gratitude and making it a point to be in the here and now has changed my life. Don’t let fear hold you back from your goals, dreams, and desires. Stay present and focus on the wins you experience each day!   

In this Episode: 

[00:21] Learn what actually happens inside your body as you move to the next level of business. 

[02:10] James shares a bit about his background and his role in I Heart My Life. 

[05:00] Why James has focused on the inner workings of the body with regard to performance.

[07:23] What is happening in the moment where you know that you’re pulled to do something but the fear is there? 

[11:45] Learn what happens when you focus on the benefits. 

[13:00] How do you keep moving forward when challenges pop up? 

[17:21] Use subjective insertion to flip the switch on negative neural pathways. 

[21:33] Why you need to be willing to grow and change. 

[25:53] Does gratitude really impact our brains and our performance? 

[31:50] Connect with James.

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“The feeling of fear is very very similar to the feeling of excitement. It’s that little, down in your solar plexus in the top of your stomach you get that kind of feeling… but depending on how you perceive that, it could be for or it could be excitement.” – James Williams

“When you feel and see exactly what is going to happen. When you commit to stepping into that normal, to stepping into, with courage, a journey that is scary. When you go into that with a very clear feeling of what the benefits are going to be, there is your motivation.” – James Williams

“I think that’s growth mindset is never feeling like there’s an end.” – James Williams

“What’s the point of us doing all of this unless we’re actually enjoying the moment?” – Emily Williams

“I hope everyone recognizes what they’re capable of and that they can understand that change is possible for them regardless of their natural tendencies… growth is possible for all of us.” – Emily Williams

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I started I Heart My Life from my kitchen table in a tiny London apartment in 2013.

After going through a 5-year quarter-life crisis, I discovered the world of personal development and the power of a gratitude journal and finally got clear on my true purpose in life: to help women fall in love with themselves and their lives. I Heart My Life has gone through many transformations over the years, but its mission has always remained the same: we exist to teach you how to create a life that you love.