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Why Your Business Plan is More Important Than Ever

June 9, 2020

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Planning creates freedom. I know that this sounds completely insane, but I’ve found over the years that this phrase is completely true. When you have a plan you have a basis to work with and then can pivot from there. 

“You want to have as much planned out as possible and you also want to be setting yourself up for success. That means being in reality around what you’re capable of and what your company is capable of from the get go.”

-Emily Williams

That being said, your business plan is one of the most important aspects of your business, especially in trying times. You need to know your numbers, understand how you reached them, and plan on how to keep them going. That is where your business plan comes in. 

If you don’t know how you got to your first $2k month, $5k month, $10k month, how can you replicate it? This is why you need to know your numbers. 

Once you know where your sales are coming from and what programs people are investing in, you can start looking at the content you need to create to sell more. Your content should always flow around whatever it is that you’re selling. So your emails, social posts, podcast episodes, whatever your content strategy is, should all end with the same message… buy this one thing. 

After you’ve looked at your numbers and determined what kind of content strategy you want to use, it’s time to look at your team. Can you and/or your team make that strategy happen? Do you want to hire more people to get it done? Do you need to pare down to make it doable? 

These are the things to consider, because while your strategy may sound great, if you can’t implement it, if it takes more hours in a day than is humanly possible to commit, then you’re not setting yourself up for success. 

You need to have a realistic plan that not only looks good on paper, but also feels good with your time, your schedule, and your needs. 

If this sounds daunting, then join us for the 2-day I Heart Growth Workshop. We will be going over every step of creating a business plan so that when we’re done, you will have a solid picture of your business for quarters three and four of 2020. 

Are you ready to find the freedom that planning provides?

In this Episode: 

[00:52] You need a business plan now more than ever before. 

[03:43] Why your business plan is more important than at any point in the past. 

[05:46] When you know what is working, you can anticipate what will work going forward. 

[07:24] How to go about crafting your plan around your business expenses. 

[10:06] Your content should flow into what you’re looking to sell and consider repurposing across platforms. 

[11:20] Once you’ve built your plan, take a look and see if your team can execute the plan. 

[14:49] Then once you have the plan developed and you have the support to make it happen, check in with yourself and see how you feel about it. If you feel good, act.

[17:14] Your business plan is not meant to be a one woman show or process. Involve your team. 

[19:21] Planning does truly equal freedom. Take action right now on something from this episode.

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“So when we’re thinking about our quarter three goals… we think about the different launches that we have. We know what we’re doing in July… August… September, and everything that we share from social media to email to the I Heart My Life Show, everything will revolve around selling whatever it is that we’re selling that month. It all builds to the sale.” Emily Williams

“You want to have as much planned out as possible and you also want to be setting yourself up for success. That means being in reality around what you’re capable of and what your company is capable of from the get go.” Emily Williams

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