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The Secret to Resilience, Self-Love, and Keeping Commitments to Yourself with James Williams


February 14, 2023

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In this week’s episode of the I Heart My Life Show, I am off in baby world (yayyy!) so I leave you in the hands of one of my favorite people in the world (if not my favorite), my brilliant, loving husband, the amazing James Williams!

“Life is full of obstacles, right? There will be plenty of obstacles as you work towards your goals, so don’t be one of them.” – James Williams

James is a certified high-performance coach, and today he’s jumping in to discuss everything you need to know about resilience, self-love, and how to keep commitments to yourself!

You see, many of us forget to foster the most important relationship there is, the one we have with ourselves.

We can’t neglect that relationship and expect to be happy or fulfilled in our lives. 

Just like everything that matters, we need to put in the work and make the efforts needed to foster and grow that bond we have with our inner selves to generate more self-love.

“Easier said than done,” you might think.

And the truth is, you might actually be right…

Which is why James will be sharing his tips with you today so you can learn to build that relationship and nurture it through self-love and resilience.

Are you ready?

Let’s dive in!

In This Episode:

  • [00:00] Introduction
  • [01:02] We should always strive to be better, and here’s how we can achieve that
  • [04:27] The one person who matters most is…
  • [05:33] It’s time to reflect back on your past mentors who have changed your life
  • [11:32] Why self-belief matters!
  • [17:11] Sharing practical tips you can use to learn to believe in yourself more
  • [25:40] There’s no such thing as a “too small” step forward, so keep moving forward!


“Life is full of obstacles, right? There will be plenty of obstacles as you work towards your goals, so don’t be one of them.” – James Williams

“We want to always try and improve upon what we’ve been doing. And one way to do that is to really look back and figure out what worked before and what we can improve now.”  – James Williams

“As we go forward in our life, there’s one voice that we are going to be hearing every day. There’s one person that we’re going to spend more time with than anyone else. There’s one person and only one person that actually has control over what we do next, why we do it, and whether we stick to it or not. And that one person is us.” – James Williams 

“The way that we mentor ourselves has a huge huge impact on the direction of our life.” – James Williams 

“If I think about the mentors that inspired me, the teachers, the old bosses that I had, even some of the friends that I had, one thing that they didn’t do was make me feel obliged to succeed.” – James Williams 

“If you look at all human history, if your only motivation is fear of what might happen if you don’t act, the moment that you see an opportunity to escape, you will.” – James Williams 

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