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White-Glove Service, PR and Social Media with Hannah Nieves

April 22, 2021

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There are few things as powerful as a woman with a dream– if she chooses to step into the vision and make that dream a reality. That’s exactly what Hannah Nieves did (and continues to do). Hannah is the owner of a very successful marketing, branding, and PR agency. The most impressive part? Her business has seen massive growth in a mere few years. Hannah is a remarkable example of what is possible when you step into your purpose and stake a claim in your big dream.

“Dig a little bit deeper into your brand and how you want to be portrayed. You can get so caught up with all the beautiful, shiny marketing tactics out there. Funnels, email marketing, and opt-ins are so important but set the framework of your brand first before you start to dabble in all the other things.” -Hannah Nieves

Her story going from climbing the corporate ladder to paving her own path in the online business space is both relatable and inspiring. She has an abundance of knowledge and insight to offer to anyone considering taking the leap into entrepreneurship, looking to build an online business, or increasing their brand’s online presence. I was thrilled to sit down and chat with her about everything from navigating the early days of starting and growing an online business to scaling a luxury brand beyond her wildest dreams.  

For starters, Hannah admits she is no stranger to burnout. I know many passionate and hard-working visionaries can relate. Luckily, Hannah shares why both committing to your vision and setting boundaries are a must when you’re building your business. From establishing a strong foundation to leading with your values, we discuss how to plant the right seeds for a successful business. 

Perhaps one of the most incredible aspects of Hannah’s story is how quickly she was able to rise to success. Listen as she explains how integrity, compassion, and white-glove service have played an imperative role in her fast growth. Together, we unpack the true meaning of a luxury brand and why customer experience should be of the utmost priority. By the end of this episode, you’ll be ready to implement the best practices of a luxury brand into your business.

Now, I know so many female entrepreneurs struggle to keep up with the ever-changing world of social media. That’s why I ask Hannah to share her top tips for strong social media content and strong engagement. Listen as she explains why you shouldn’t post just to post (and what to do instead). We discuss everything from TikTok to Instagram and how to utilize reels to your advantage. We cover how to increase your audience engagement because, as Hannah explains, engagement is key. 

From building your brand to stepping into the world of marketing and PR, this episode covers it all. We even touch upon the mindset shifts that played a significant role in opening the doors of abundance for Hannah and her business. All in all, this episode serves as a reminder of what is possible when you commit to your dreams. Hannah followed her desires, found incredible success, and will only continue to rise. 

The best part? This path to success is possible for you too. So grab a pen and paper and get comfortable. You’re going to want to take notes as you listen to this one. 

In this episode… 

[02:24] Welcome, Hannah! Learn about her journey to entrepreneurship. 

[06:55] Hannah shares her advice for avoiding burnout (the importance of setting boundaries). 

[09:35] Navigating the journey of building the right team. 

[11:49] Hannah’s secret to fast business growth of a luxury brand. 

[14:47] Tips for strong social media content and strong engagement. 

[17:42] Why you shouldn’t post just to post (and what to do instead). 

[18:58] Getting started building your brand and stepping into the world of PR. 

[21:20] Climbing the corporate ladder vs. the world of online entrepreneurship. 

[24:24] How and why Hannah brought white-glove service to her online biz. 

[27:54] Hannah reflects on her success over the past few years (including the money mindset shift that allowed her to step into abundance). 

[33:37] Hannah’s advice for living a life better than your dreams. 


“There really is no shutting off [as an entrepreneur]. You have to decide that you’re going to shut off. Just setting clear boundaries was by far the most helpful piece of this whole journey.’ -Hannah Nieves

“I knew the impact I wanted to have on my audience and with my clients. And I knew the way that I wanted to show up. I just didn’t know what it was, but I always let that guide me throughout the way.” -Hannah Nieves 

“It’s not just the thing that you’re sending the gift, but it’s about the whole experience and making sure that your clients know that you care. People often start businesses with the goal to bring in income, because of course, they want to keep the business going. The client experience is kind of an afterthought.” -Emily Williams 

“I’ve been studying different Instagram story tactics, but the biggest thing is putting out good content. [It’s not] quantity. If you can’t post five days a week, that’s fine. Just make sure your content drives engagement with your audience.” -Hannah Nieves

“Dig a little bit deeper into your brand and how you want to be portrayed. You can get so caught up with all the beautiful, shiny marketing tactics out there. Funnels, email marketing, and opt-ins are so important but set the framework of your brand first before you start to dabble in all the other things.” -Hannah Nieves

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