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How to Heal Your Body (The Beauty and Wonder Behind Surrender) with Skip Kelly


October 18, 2022

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Wondering how to heal your body? Skip Kelly is not your average podcast host. He’s cultivated a multi-faceted movement that prioritizes mindfulness, mindset, and most importantly belief…and how to heal your body. After a grueling back injury at the age of 18, he gathered as much knowledge as possible to heal himself. In the midst of this journey, he discovered a magical practice: the art of surrender. By facing his pain and conflicting emotions head-on, he realized that attuning to his instincts bridged the gap between his beliefs and actions. Before he knew it, he was teaching the masses!

“The surrender, the allowing and enjoying is you allowing yourself to enjoy it rather than fighting all this resistance, right? So even if it sounds like a smart decision, I think following your intuition, following your part is always gonna lead you down a better path to surprises and the unknown of things you could have never imagined coming true.” — Skip Kelly

Feelings, both positive and negative, are embodiments of our intuition. So when we ignore the pain of a bad back injury or can’t admit that our marriage is failing, we aren’t following our knowing. And in turn, limiting our beliefs that we can experience vibrant, larger-than-life opportunities. So when Skip Kelly was offered a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to build his own brand in public speaking, he knew he wasn’t ready. He knew there was so much more inside him just waiting to be released so that he can return to this opportunity (or one similar) with the wisdom, grace, and fulfillment he knew was integral to his message.

It’s time to lean into your intuition and listen to the secrets it whispers back to you. And if you’re ready to learn how to do so (and how to heal your body), then this IHML Show episode is perfect for you! In this episode, I have Skip Kelly on as an amazing guest to talk about his work, what is fulfillment, how to heal your body through surrender and the beauty behind our struggles. Skip is showing up with nothing but true vulnerability, wisdom, and insight that’ll inspire you like never before!

Believe me, I know how scary it is to face the fears fueling your feelings. But if there’s anything Skip and I want you to remember from our time together, it’s this: the unknown is full of profound surprises, and the possibility that you might find what you’re looking for.

In This Episode:

  • [1:17] Skip shows us around the pivotal twists and turns that brought him into his work.
  • [5:38] What is fulfillment? Skip breaks it down, and how it inspires his podcast!
  • [9:52] How a grueling back injury implored Skip to heal himself— from the inside out.
  • [13:00] Skip shares how he brought his knowledge of healing to the masses!
  • [16:58] Listen to Skip harp on the importance of belief and mindset in his work… and whether or not people don’t want to heal subconsciously.
  • [18:48] Skip circles us back to the very essence of his work and how his podcast, program, and practices emulate his impact.
  • [25:57] The art of surrender, as described by Skip and Emily.
  • [29:38] This is how Skip moves through fear and insecurity within his big visions!
  • [34:02] Skip frames *this* particular mindset eloquently and effectively.
  • [35:47] And of course, we ask Skip: what’s the secret to a life better than your dreams?


“Eventually he [Eric Bostick] offered to build my own brand so that I could sell my own speaking stuff and be on the road with him. And I actually said no to that. I don’t know where that wisdom came from at the time, but I just knew that I needed to get more life experiences so that I could speak from a place of wisdom and knowledge.” — Skip Kelly

“Fulfillment is a deeper feeling of happiness. If happiness is being really joyful in a moment and everyone can define it differently. And I know there’s lots of awesome definitions out there of it, but for me, it’s being happy in a moment, creating happy memories and that doesn’t necessarily have to be good stuff. It could also be challenging things, things that you learn from, right? So, fulfillment comes from experiencing the depth of life in a way where you have the perspective that it was positive towards your growth, right? The hardest things in life can be fulfilling. And the most amazing things in life can be fulfilling.” — Skip Kelly

“It’s almost like if you learn the English language and then fell in love with cursive and not print, and then you just kind of went down that rabbit hole far enough to like where cursive was invented. That’s kind of what I did with this physical exercise thing.” — Skip Kelly

“Sometimes it feels good to struggle and sometimes it feels good to have anger or grief. It’s like sometimes you get those breakthrough moments where you’re totally transcendent and you’re like, ‘wow, I feel like I could do anything’, but I kind of like this little pain that I’m dealing with.”  — Skip Kelly

“There can’t be strong without weak and there can’t be fun without boring.” — Skip Kelly

“We know there’s something profound that we should do, but there’s also fear because we know how much our life could change.” — Skip Kelly

“The thing we always taught was that your body is perfect. And as soon as you take that perspective and you start from that seed and you work outwards, if your body is perfect, is any injury bad? No. If your body is perfect, are any symptoms bad? No. As soon as you start looking at it from that perspective, that the symptom must be a good thing, that the injury must be a good thing. It changes the way that you deal with it. And that’s why this stuff works so quickly because we started using the body’s own system to heal itself, rather than us saying, the body is making a mistake.” — Skip Kelly

“We always want more of all of these things, podcasts, coaches, right? Of art, of music, of movies, of content. It’s always gonna affect someone profoundly. And that’s a beautiful gift to give the world. So I started a podcast production company and started a course curation company to help people really create courses at a high level.” — Skip Kelly

“I have tons of doubt, fear, and insecurity—just like anyone would. There was a point in time where I really strived to have as little doubt, fear, and insecurity as possible. That is no longer the case. The difference is in surrendering to the doubt, fear, and insecurity.” — Skip Kelly

“The surrender, the allowing and enjoying is you allowing yourself to enjoy it rather than fighting all this resistance, right? So even if it sounds like a smart decision, I think following your intuition, following your part is always gonna lead you down a better path to surprises and the unknown of things you could have never imagined coming true.” — Skip Kelly

“It’s [intuition] always there, no matter what is going on, even a life or death situation. If you can just get really present, there’s a feeling in you that’s always guiding you to the most perfect, most beautiful outcome possible.” — Skip Kelly

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