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How to Use Gratitude to Transform Your Life

November 24, 2020

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‘Tis the season to be grateful, right? But, honestly, gratitude deserves a special place in your heart and mind every. single. day.  It’s all about a shift in your mindset. I mean, how many times have you gotten out of bed with dread on your heart and on your mind? It’s time to start retraining your brain to focus on the positive (it really does work) and I’m totally here for it. 

“I think so often we, as driven women, believe that being grateful and being driven are mutually exclusive. But what I found was that it was so imperative for me to be grateful so that I could go to the next level and my drive would actually be met with results.” -Emily Williams

I continue to be blown away by the power of adopting a more grateful mindset. Gratitude has changed my life in so many ways (including leading me to create I Heart My Life) and it can do the same for you. I know– we’re all busy. But all it takes is a mere few minutes of each day to create meaningful shifts in your life (and business).

Truthfully, it took hitting a low point in my life (hello, quarter-life crisis) for me to reconnect with the idea of gratitude and really look into making it part of my day-to-day life. I was at a point where I was ready and willing to try anything to feel good again. To have clarity. To find my purpose. 

And so began my journey of intentionally practicing gratitude each and every day.  

And here’s what I quickly realized: Gratitude follows the Law of Attraction. The more we acknowledge the positive influences in our life, the more goodness and positivity we will attract. No joke, I landed my dream job and my dream guy after shifting into a more grateful mindset. 

But being grateful means you have to settle, right? Wrong. I found that my gratitude helped propel me in the direction of my desires. Here’s how it works: Once you start paying attention to the good things you have in front of you, the more awareness you’ll have for the possibilities before you. 

And this isn’t just some overly idealistic thought, either. Listen as I share the research supporting the positive impact practicing gratitude has on our minds (including changing and retraining our brains) and bodies, as well as those around us. Friends, gratitude has the power to change the world and now is the perfect time to create your own gratitude practice. Like I said, it only takes a few minutes a day… Ready to learn how? Press play!

In this Episode: 

[02:12] My roots with gratitude.

[04:28] Learn the power of the little things. 

[05:34] Drive and gratitude can co-exist. 

[06:02] We get what we focus on. 

[08:57] A sneak peek into my daily gratitude practice. 

[09:40] Show me the studies: Research behind the benefits of gratitude. 

[12:40] Exercises to help you practice gratitude.

[16:02] Gratitude can change the world (literally). 

[18:13] Practicing gratitude will literally transform your life.


“I think so often we, as driven women, believe that being grateful and being driven are mutually exclusive. But what I found was that it was so imperative for me to be grateful so that I could go to the next level and my drive would actually be met with results.” -Emily Williams 

“We get what we focus on. And so when you’re focused on all the things that aren’t going, right, or all the things that you want, that you don’t currently have, that’s what your eyes are going to see.” -Emily Williams 

“If we think about the energy that we’re giving off, it’s like a magnet. It’s either going to attract people and attract the things that you want, or it’s going to repel it.” -Emily Williams

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