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What Worked in 2020: Installment One with Rose Lounsbury


November 26, 2020

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2020 has been quite the year, but I think it’s important to note that there has been some good amid all of this chaos. Yes, this year has been brought upon unprecedented changes and challenges in so many ways. On the other hand, it’s been full of opportunities to get realigned with our purpose and intuition. To shift our mindset to be more grateful for the little things that bring us joy. To open the door for new opportunities in our lives and businesses. 

“You think, well, I don’t need any other additional help, but actually it’s amazing. Like when you humble yourself enough to realize like, like we can all receive help and it’s a beautiful thing that it makes a big difference in our lives.” -Rose Lounsbury

I am so excited to share this conversation with one of my incredible IHML Mastermind students, Rose Lounsbury, because her transformation over the last year is just so inspiring. Rose is living proof that even in the craziest of years (hello, 2020!) you have the power to change your life. You can still scale your business (or completely change it, like Rose did). You can create more time and space for what makes you happy. You can learn to take better care of yourself mental and physically. 

While Rose is a simplicity coach specializing in helping people living happier lives with less stuff, she entered 2020 ready for more. More fulfillment. More happiness. More success in her business. She leveraged this year to learn and grow as she finally stopped saying yes to what no longer served her and started saying yes to her intuition. We talk about everything from transitioning into an online business, engaging more with her audience (and family!), practicing more gratitude, making better decisions for her health, and doing more of what makes her happy. 

So, tune in to this episode to learn just what Rose did this year to lead to both personal and professional success (she literally shares a list!). The best part? Rose is completely transparent here. Listen as she gets real about the challenge of learning to trust yourself. Hear her thoughts on everything from how simplifying the expectations you have for yourself can totally change your day to why asking for help is not a weakness. I’m telling you, by listening to this conversation, you will walk away with more than an inspiring story. You’ll also have a list of key takeaways you can apply to your own transformation starting today

Are you feeling inspired by Rose’s success story yet? Same. Everytime I hear her story, I’m blown away. Truthfully, I’m honored to be a part of it through our Mastermind. The IHML Mastermind helped transform Rose’s life by giving her the tools and support she needed to step into her power and continue living her best life. If you’re curious to see if we can do that for you too, head over to our website to see how IHML Mastermind could help transform your life too.

In this episode… 

[04:11] Welcome Rose! 

[06:05] Hear Roes share what worked for her in 2020. 

[06:14] Growing her audience with sales and marketing. 

[07:28] Being bold with networking pays off.

[12:20] How Rose transitioned from in-person to online business.

[15:12] Following your intuition despite the fear. 

[17:24] Why Rose started doing Webinars. 

[19:05] What worked with her membership program? 

[20:45] The importance of following up. 

[22:40] Listen to how mindset (including gratitude) transformed Rose’s year.

[28:24] Hear how Rose changed her health (with the help of yoga). 

[30:01] Why she eliminated alcohol from her life. 

[32:17] Why saying “no” can lead to more happiness. 

[35:42] What has brought Rose more joy in 2020? 

[37:10] Hear how therapy has made a big difference for Rose. 

[39:25] Learning to trust yourself. 

[41:34] Hear about Rose’s experience in the IHML Mastermind. 

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“I’m going to use this, I’m going to build something. That’s going to go beyond this and I’m not going back. Like COVID provides me that really great excuse to stop doing the business this way. But it’s, it’s also when I’m going to build the better thing and then I’m going forward in that way.” -Rose Lounsbury

”And so it was just this moment where I was like, when you let go of the thing that you need to let go of, the next thing is right there. And it just like gave me that faith that yes, it’s okay to let go because the universe is going to provide me with that next thing.” -Rose Lounsbury 

“You think, well, I don’t need any other additional help, but actually it’s amazing. Like when you humble yourself enough to realize like, like we can all receive help and it’s a beautiful thing that it makes a big difference in our lives. “ -Rose Lounsbury 

“Learning to trust myself, it sounds easy, but man, is that the most challenging thing that you can ever attempt to do.” -Rose Lounsbury 

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