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The Power Of Doing The Inner Work with Christine Hassler


May 24, 2022

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We all go through life crises; the painstaking relationship troubles, emotionally flip-flopping over our career, and just simply trying our best to be an adult. But so often we mistake our coping with these trying times as true healing (or a quick fix). Rather, we should take these moments as opportunities to identify the common denominator: ourselves.

“I truly believe that when we get out of our own way and when we let go of attachments and expectations of what we think we’re supposed to do and who we think we’re supposed to be, life just has a way of leading us to our divine assignment.” — Christine Hassler

That very conflict is what prompted Master Coach Christine Hassler to write her first best-seller and spark an abundant career! A catastrophic series of events in her mid-twenties prompted Christine to rediscover what she was most passionate about. After quitting her successful Hollywood job, she learned she was born to teach others how to unlock their highest potential!

What Christine has learned, as I am sure many of you have too, is that real healing surely doesn’t come easily. In order to uncover the fundamental values that make our success meaningful, you have to look in the mirror. By combining life coaching with principles of spiritual psychology, Christine encourages us to use the power of intuition and compassion to break through (and even break free)! If you’re looking for that motivational boost, Christine has got them all for you!

This episode isn’t just for those in the throes of a quarter or even midlife crisis. In fact, it’s for everyone craving true fulfillment through love, business, and life itself! I myself read Christine’s first book back when I lacked clarity; needless to say, her guidance and enthusiasm encouraged me to become my best self at the internal level.

In This Episode:

  • [0:39] Christine shares the crises serving as inspiration for her first book.
  • [1:33] Listen as we journey back to when Christine (unexpectedly) decided she was meant to be a Coach!
  • [4:14] The switch you can flip to reclaim your journey and begin to heal.
  • [6:44] What really drives our goals? Tune in to find out.
  • [8:17] The present day passions that Christine finds in her work.
  • [10:34] How Christine used her desire for love to create her programs (and fall in love with herself, too!)
  • [16:26] Christine shares her loving reminders when she catches herself settling.
  • [20:34] The curveballs the Universe threw at Christine that brought her new love!
  • [25:05] How to uncover the everpresent power of your intuition.
  • [27:05] Here’s what you need to know about running a business— the feminine way!
  • [32:51] Christine reveals her advice to create a life better than your dreams!


“I truly believe that when we get out of our own way and when we let go of attachments and expectations of what we think we’re supposed to do and who we think we’re supposed to be, life just has a way of leading us to our divine assignment.” — Christine Hassler

“So I can either be a victim and decide life isn’t fair. Life doesn’t work for me. Life works for everybody else except me. Or I can say, well, if I’m a common denominator in this, what else can I create? And that was the turning point that made me just completely start to consume personal development and spirituality and not, not just kind of the so terror spirituality, but the really practical, okay.” — Christine Hassler 

“I blend coaching and psychology because I found as a coach, you can only help people with their present and future so much if you don’t help them clean up their past. And so I really wanted therapeutic tools to help people clean up their past as well.” — Christine Hassler

“Often our goals are kind of subconsciously driven by our insecurities. So we think we really, really want something in the external world, be it a relationship or a career or lose those 20 pounds or whatever it may be. But what we’re really looking for is a sense of belonging. What we’re really looking for is validation. What we’re really looking for is feeling like we’re enough or we’re not too much” — Christine Hassler

“You know, I, like everybody, has an inner child. That’s crying for help that we need to connect with. And we’ve seen in our work that when people really heal and connect with their inner child, their life really changes for the better.” — Christine Hassler

“We wanna love ourselves, but we’ve got to look, like take a really honest look at our patterns and our programming so that we can attract from where we wanna go, the kind of relationship we wanna have versus where we’ve been.” — Christine Hassler

“And so I’ve learned that either I initiate change or the Universe throws me a curve ball and gives me change that I didn’t necessarily order up.” — Christine Hassler

“People think that, you know, you need to meditate on a mountain to really get in touch with your intuition. And that could be one way, but intuition is always there. It’s just under a pile of stuff. It’s just under a pile of all the programming and all the kind of wounding and all the compensatory strategies that we have.” — Christine Hassler

“If you think of femininity, if you think of the female body and basic anatomy, we are the receivers bottom line and that is one of our superpowers. Now we receive and then we create life. And in business, we’ve got that backwards.” — Christine Hassler

“When we’re overdoing and we’re over pursuing we’re out of balance, and there’s no opportunity for things to come to us.” — Christine Hassler

“The more we can be somatically in tune with ourselves, the more we can really pay attention to how we’re feeling, what we’re noticing, how we’re acting, the more we can have that observe [ourselves], the more we can go in and make the little tweaks internally so that we keep aligning.” — Christine Hassler

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