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The Power of Play in Life and Business with Jason Goldberg


May 27, 2021

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Do you ever just get caught up in the daily grind of running a business or chasing your dreams? Or maybe you get so wrapped up in the pressure of having it all figured out that you lose sight of your why? If either of those resonates with you, this is an episode you don’t want to miss. (It became a fast favorite of mine).

“Unfortunately, there’s a big misconception in the personal growth world, especially if you’re a coach, that you have it all figured out – whatever the hell that even means – and that you are somehow immune from the human experience of suffering or stress. I think that that’s a disservice because it sets up unrealistic expectations for the people that follow us.” -Jason Goldberg

Follow along as I chat with Jason Goldberg. Jason is a life coach and business mentor I first connected with at an event I hosted in Texas last month. When I tell you that I was immediately drawn to his positive energy and welcoming spirit, I’m not lying. (You’ll know what I’m talking about mere minutes into the episode). I was blown away by his story going from an anxious and depressed child to an incredibly inspiring (and truly happy) life coach. His secret? Maintaining a spirit of play in his life and business. 

So, you can count on this episode being full of joy, play, and fun, in addition to great advice that can truly change the way you live your life or run your business. Listen as we talk about everything from Jason’s childhood struggles with food, anxiety, and depression to how humor and empathy helped him change his life for the better. Jason also shares his journey going from a successful, albeit unfulfilled, career in the corporate world to entering the world of personal growth and coaching. He even names the very books that changed his perception of personal development. 

I ask Jason to detail his journey of personal transformation. He does that and so much more. Through sharing his experience, he offers valuable advice to anyone feeling a little lost on their journey as he explains the transformative power of insight. He also reveals the mindset shift that allowed him to fully step into his calling as a coach, explaining the importance of being service-oriented. 

As if that’s not incredible enough, Jason goes on to share his brilliant “3 B” model for showing up confident on sales calls and his best advice for creating a successful coaching program. I was blown away by what he shared, and I know you can greatly benefit from all he has to offer. I’m also obsessed with his advice for keeping the spirit of play alive and well in both your life and business (and I’m confident you will be too). 

This episode explores failures as much as it does successes, connecting the dots between the two in such a beautiful way. By the end of this episode, I hope you can start to shift the way you look at trauma and failure, using them as tools to build you up rather than tear you down. (It’ll make more sense after you listen, I promise). 

This episode is jam-packed with motivational insight and actionable advice. So, do yourself a favor, grab a pen and a notebook, and get cozy. Trust me. You’re going to want to take notes as you listen to this incredible episode. 

In this episode… 

[03:46] Welcome, Jason! Learn how humor and empathy saved him from childhood struggles. 

[08:42] Personal development doesn’t mean having it all figured out. 

[10:50] Jason’s journey from corporate to life coach. (His introduction to personal growth).

[17:32] The transformative power of insight.

[20:26] The mindset shift Jason made when transitioning from corporate to coaching. 

[23:54] Jason’s incredible “3 B” model for showing up confidently on sales calls. 

[28:47] Jason walks you through creating a successful program that lights you up.  

[34:31] Overcoming challenges when building a business or platform. 

[36:29] How to maintain the spirit of play in your business (and everything you do). 

[38:24] The lessons we can learn in failure. 

[42:21] Jason’s advice for living a life better than your dreams. 


“Unfortunately, there’s a big misconception in the personal growth world, especially if you’re a coach, that you have it all figured out – whatever the hell that even means – and that you are somehow immune from the human experience of suffering or stress. I think that that’s a disservice because it sets up unrealistic expectations for the people that follow us.” -Jason Goldberg

“Needy is an energy that people sense. And they don’t want to be around that, especially with a  coach, because when they’re hiring you as a coach, a lot of times they’re borrowing your belief and your optimism. If you are showing up in a needy place, that’s not leadership. Our clients want to be led. -Jason Goldberg

“If we’re looking to inspire people or display belief about what they’re capable of, now is the time to do it. Now is the time to take action and for them to move forward to make that transformation because we’re not guaranteed a certain amount of time.” -Emily Williams 

“The more I can kind of slow down and get into that present moment, the more the natural play and joy start shining through again.” -Jason Goldberg

“Get clear on what you’re known for activating and the impact you have on people, what you leave behind when you leave an interaction with somebody, figure out what that is for yourself and then go all-in on that. Really find ways to amplify and magnify that in the service of others in any chance you get, and it will build your life and your business to a place where you will feel tremendous.” -Jason Goldberg

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