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As we get older, the reality of life sets in. We realize we can no longer mess around. We are forced to take control of our lives and possibly give up some of the far-fetched dreams we have had since childhood.

We get a bit cynical, and we are told to use our heads and be ‘smart’ about life. Most of us have also all been hurt in relationships a time or two. Personally, I have never experienced more pain than that of a breakup. (For that, I also consider myself lucky.)

Now that I’m blissfully married, I find myself thinking about my single days, and although those years were excruciating at times, I’m so grateful that I never gave up on love. 

Time and time again, I allowed myself to be vulnerable in new relationships even though the chance of being hurt was quite likely and happened more often than not. If I had merely used my brain, I would have stopped this pattern and thrown in the towel. My heart would have said, “No, no, no, don’t go there. If it doesn’t work out with this one, I’m going to be in pieces again.” If I had merely used my head, I would have guarded my heart with all my might; but looking back, my head wasn’t really part of the process.

To this day in other areas of my life, I’ve learned to trust my feelings and follow my heart. I’ve learned that putting myself out there and fully going with my gut is admirable and has taken me much further in every aspect of my life than “using my head” ever will.

We are all meant for great love – it’s out there for the taking. Hold onto the hope and go for it! It’s the “hope” that makes all the difference; that’s the heart doing the talking.

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