Future Visualization and Why It’s Important


February 16, 2022

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If you’re truly ready to create a life better than your dreams, then it’s time to talk about the concept of visualization. What is visualization? It’s when you paint a picture in your mind of what you want your life to LOOK like, but also, focus on the other senses too to make it as vivid as possible. It’s when you really feel into the experience, and imagine that it was actually playing out — it’s about attaching emotions to your desired outcome that compel you to take the necessary action to go get it. When we truly desire to create, do or become something, visualization is the difference between being curious and becoming committed.

Let me give you an example. It’s one thing to say, “I want to take a vacation to Ireland”, but it’s another entirely to sit and imagine the wind on your skin as you look out over rolling green hills, or encountering a flock of livestock stumbling across the road as you trek to a castle by the sea, or feeling the grooves of the castle walls and imagining all the history they’ve borne witness to. It’s another thing to see your lover laughing as they struggle to understand the AirBnB host’s directions to a pub, the way the fresh bread smells at the local market that sits on the cobblestoned corner just across the alley from you. When we actually explore the experience with our mind, we’re much more likely to pull up the calendar and book the flight, right?! 

Visualization is the action-taker’s best-kept secret. It can be the difference between making the moves necessary to ensure your deepest desires manifest… and not. How? Because the more clearly you are to see your goal and what achieving it would look like, the more obvious it becomes what the consequence would be if you WEREN’T to double down on the work or take your pursuit seriously. Visualization helps you connect your goal to meaning and purpose. It helps you tap into the reason WHY you should go all in on making things HAPPEN.

So, let’s take a crack at it, shall we? 

An Exercise…

Picture in your mind one goal you want to accomplish this year. Once you have it, I want you to set a timer for 10 minutes and turn on music that will help you focus (if you need a playlist, here’s one of my favorites). You’re going to close your eyes and imagine, in full detail, what it would look like and feel like to reach that goal. What emotions is it rousing for you? Is it giving you physical sensations too, like shivers or chills? What will achieving this goal mean for you and for the future that you desire? Who will be impacted because you’ve reached this milestone? Where are you? Who will be there with you? How will you celebrate your success?

Woman meditating.

How did it go? Was it easy to picture or a little difficult? Sometimes we stop ourselves from really seeing ourselves fully arriving at making the goal happen because we’re stuck in our limits. Our mind likes to tell us that we’re drawing a blank or that we don’t know any of those things because we haven’t experienced them yet. When that happens, imagine one of your most beloved friends accomplishing the very same thing that you want to. Imagine how it would feel for them. You may be surprised at the way that you can see it for them, but how it was difficult to see it for you. This is because in others, we see so much unbridled potential! We don’t hear their stories, or let them hold us back! So, if you feel locked up around this or think that you were holding back, try it again and visualize your dearest friend (or someone that you admire and respect) receiving what you truly want to be given. Sometimes we have to borrow the belief, before we can truly make it our own. 

But remember, all the visualization in the world will not ever take the place of taking action! Sitting on the couch and only imagining a house you want to buy still isn’t enough. You need to put yourself out there in the world; find a realtor, discuss your non-negotiables, start driving in the areas that you see yourself living in (or book a flight to check out the area you desire to move to). Get serious about putting yourself actively in the environments that you are calling forward internally. Speak it out loud and claim it in your conversations as well, you never know who you are connected to!

I’ve included a few resources below (including some guided meditations) that will be incredible companions to you as you visualize the way forward into the life that’s meant for you. A life where you really and truly heart your life. We’re cheering you on — tag us on Instagram (@iheartmylife) and let us know what you’re visualizing for yourself in 2022 and beyond. We cannot wait to see it come to life!

Additional Resources 


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Written by our contributor Evelyn Fuson.
Evelyn is a Mindset and Life Coach.

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