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I’ve touched on this subject before, but I think it’s important to go deeper today because it really is the starting point to becoming a happier, healthier and more successful (whatever that means to you) person.

It has been said that we have between 12,000 and 70,000 thoughts per day. The number doesn’t actually matter, but it’s important to recognize just how often your brain is churning out info.

Now if I had to bet, I’d guess that some of these thoughts consist of you saying mean things to you…

Be honest, how often do you find yourself being unkind to you and saying things that you’d never dare say to your best friend? Of course we all have bad days, but is there one specific phrase you tend to tell yourself or think about day after day?

Most of our self-talk has to do with being “not enough” (not good enough, pretty enough, smart enough, skinny enough, witty enough or prepared enough).

Well, I say ENOUGH!

You agree that verbal abuse in a relationship isn’t’ healthy, right? And you’d tell your best friend to stay away from someone who always said mean things to her, right? Well, how is that different to you being mean to YOU in your relationship with yourself? Take a moment to think about that…

Happiness is very much dependent on self-love so by showing more kindness, support, admiration and patience to yourself, you’ll find that your overall happiness level will increase. You have the power to create a happier life for yourself! How awesome is that?!

So this week, pay attention to the things you say to yourself. Are you’re often in a toxic frame of mind saying things that you’d never say to your closest friend? If so, say “enough” and pay yourself the juiciest compliment instead! You are worthy of all of the compliments in the world, remember that!

And as always, I’d love to hear from you! Did this resonate with you?

If you really want to master this, please sign up for your free clarity session by clicking here! 

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