The Key to Your Success (Hint: It’s Not Hard Work.)


February 16, 2015

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Happy Monday!

Today, I’m writing to you from gorgeous Sydney, Australia! I’ve checked into my five-star hotel across from The Sydney Opera House for the next two weeks and literally cannot wait for what’s to come.

So far everything has been wonderful, and I’ve had an amazing day full of pampering and gorgeous food. Being in this city is something I never expected for 2015, and I’m so grateful to experience it!

Over the next week, I’m going to be spending three coaching days with my own clients, a day with my coach Gina DeVee, evenings at cocktail parties, and then I’ll be having a photoshoot with my incredible photographer. Then next week the conference starts!

To be able to do this work in this way is literally a dream come true, so today, I want to talk to you about how in the world I even got here. Yes, it has taken a lot of hard work and dedication etc., but I know I wouldn’t be here if it hadn’t been for the work I did on my mind. Let me explain…

As you’ve probably heard me say, success is between the temples. This means that your thoughts and words create your success. Yes, that’s how important your thoughts and words are!

Now, of course, systems, structures, market research, training, knowledge and all of that good stuff do help, but the foundation of a successful mindset is really what’s needed to take you to the top.

When I first started my business, my mindset was in the gutter. I was focused on my debt, lack of money coming in, not being able to get clients, and the struggle. So guess what I got more of? Debt, lack of money coming in, and not being able to get clients. See how that works?

My mindset was so weak that when I first started working with my coach last year, I told her flat out that I didn’t think I’d be able to make it to Sydney. She, being the straight-shooter that she is, urged me not to rule it out so quickly or plan so far in advance but to be open to the possibility and make it non-negotiable.

You see, your mindset work is essential to you getting the life and business that you want. If you believe it’s possible and really feel the emotion of your dreams coming true, it will happen! I know that sounds far too easy, but trust me, I’m living proof.

For months, I read the books recommended to me, repeated positive phrases about my business and money in my mind, and really flipped the switch when I went into any sort of negativity, lack or doubt because I knew that that junk didn’t serve me or my goals.

What about you? Have you done that work? If not, I’d imagine you’re living in a place of negativity, stress, fear, doubt or lack. Not fun. And even if you have done this work, it’s so important that you keep doing it. Especially as you up-level in your business. When I arrived in Sydney yesterday, I realized once again just how important this work is, especially the money mindset aspect.

To be honest, yesterday was quite a test. Checking into a hotel for 14 days isn’t the cheapest thing in the world and for some reason, I didn’t consider that five-star also equals five-star prices when it comes to the food. When I arrived, I reverted to bargain-Emily mode – asking the taxi driver how much it was to get to the hotel, feeling nervous when the Receptionist told me how much the hotel bill was going to be, thinking about ordering the cheapest item on the menu last night for dinner, considering canceling my spa appointments today, had a flash of not getting any clients this month – you get the point.

However, since I’ve done the work on myself and my mindset, I was able to snap out of that really quickly – I’m talking in 1-minute or so. The reality is that I do have the funds for all of those things, but for so long, I was living in the place of lack and living the life of a poor student instead of a Queen and successful female entrepreneur so that old programming creeps up from time to time. That’s why it’s so important to be able to not go there.

So what about you? Do you often go into panic mode and stay there for hours? How do you view money, your abilities or the success you desire? Whatever your answer is, that’s creating the life you currently have now and in the future.

Clearly, I’m really passionate about this work, and I’d love to see you develop the mindset of a successful female entrepreneur. One of my life missions is to support you in going from where you are now to where you actually want to be in your life and business.

It’s possible to change your reality today, lovely. It doesn’t have to take years – just look at me! I want to show you how to make it happen.

For that reason, you’re invited to a special Sydney-inspired mindset teleclass that I’m doing later on this week. This is going to be a really special call, so you’re going to want to tune in. I’ll be sending out more details soon so keep an eye out!

Looking forward to chatting with you!

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