Are You Blocking Money? (And Your Solution To The Financial Struggle!)


February 2, 2015

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Happy Monday!

Last night I had an incredible call with the women in my group program. During our live Q&A, one of them mentioned a fear around getting money and then spending it in an irresponsible way.

She’s worried that when she makes more money, it’s going to cause her (someone who’s a saver) to go out of control with her spending.

I’ve heard that belief quite a few times from clients and maybe you share in that fear too.

Here are a few other common negative money beliefs…

  1. I’m bad with money.
  2. I can’t save.
  3. I never have enough.
  4. I can’t make enough.
  5. I feel guilty and ashamed for my debt.
  6. Making money means that I’m taking it from someone.
  7. In order to make money you have to work really hard because success is hard to achieve.
  8. I’m bad at paying off debt.
  9. Saving money is a struggle.
  10. You have to always evaluate every purchase.
  11. You can always get it cheaper.
  12. Money doesn’t grow on trees.
  13. Living within your means is the best way to live.
  14. Wealthy people are evil.
  15. God doesn’t want us to have money.
  16. Only skinny people can be rich.
  17. You shouldn’t make a lot of money by helping people.
  18. You can never have enough money for what you want.
  19. Life is too expensive.
  20. You should just be grateful for what you have and not be greedy.

Do any of those resonate with you?

If so, you may be blocking money from coming into your life.

You see, our money stories and beliefs are set by the time we are 8-years-old and when we carry the into adulthood, they don’t normally serve us.

For example, if you’re living in fear of making money, then why in the world would it come to you?

That may sound a bit too spiritual or intangible (it did to me a few months ago), but, that’s really how this stuff works.

Your thoughts and your words create your reality.

Last year, when I started working on my own money story and creating healthier beliefs around money, everything changed in terms of my bank account.

I realized that for years, I had been focused on my debt and had been living in fear around going more in debt. All of that fear-based thinking did absolutely nothing for me (except keep me stuck in that place).

Once I did the work on my own belief system around money, I went from that $442/month, to $2k, to $6k, to $20k, to $32k and then $80k for January in terms of sales.

And I know that’s because of the mindset shifts I made (in addition to new business system and structures) and letting go of limiting beliefs.

So is it time to change your own money story and finally get the financial freedom you’re longing for?

In my 90 Days to $6k Months Group Program, you’ll transform your own money story and create the life and business you’ve always wanted.

And it gets better…

If you register by midnight tonight, you’ll get seriously amazing bonuses like complete access to 7-figure business owner Gina DeVee’s Sales Superstar (a program that helped me achieve a 90% sales conversion rate) and two bonus orientation calls with me even before the program begins!

This is your chance to end the financial struggle and live a life that lights you up!

Please don’t hesitate because this is a one-time offer, and the program will fill up!

P.S. Did you miss my incredible call this weekend on creating your own $6k months? Listen to the replay here!

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