How To Manifest Your Umbrella…


June 11, 2015

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Today, I felt inspired to share a special story with you…

A few weeks ago when my husband and I had our photoshoot in Paris, we kept an eye on the weather and saw that there was a 30% chance of rain.

As we got closer to the day and the forecast seemed to get a bit worse, James reminded me that we needed to get an umbrella for the shoot.

I thought about it for a second, but then told him not to worry about it because it would appear if we needed it. And that I knew it would be black to go with our outfits.

In that moment, he looked at me like I had about six heads, but agreed to go with it knowing my past experience with umbrellas…

You see, last year in London, my photographer was handed a perfect red umbrella for that photoshoot.

It wasn’t planned, nothing was arranged, but we were given what we needed in that moment. 

And no matter how much I’ve stressed about photoshoots or the weather in the past, everything has always worked out amazingly. 

I knew the same thing would happen in Paris.

And it did.

That afternoon, we walked from our Paris apartment into the gardens of the Palais-Royal and right in front of us on the ground was black umbrella. No one was around, and we hadn’t actually planned to shoot in that part of the garden, but there it was.


James and I just started laughing (and I think he apologized for not believing me) and since then have called that our magic umbrella.

Now obviously I’m not just talking about you just manifesting umbrellas in your life; but for me, they are now a reminder that anything is possible. 

This week I hosted the incredible women from my 90 Days to $6k Months Group Program at The Ritz London.

After a few hours of laser coaching, one of the ladies admitted that the whole time, she was trying to crack my secret and had figured it out: I believe and operate from the place that anything is possible. 

It’s true, and I believe it one million percent and know that that mindset has been key to my success over the past 11 months.

You don’t create nearly $400k in sales in your first year of business by being a Debbie Downer, right? 

So today, I want to remind you that if you’re someone who’s looking for that next client, that big break, or your own metaphorical umbrella, believe it’s right around the corner, that anything is possible, and that life will rise up to meet you. 

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