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Emily Williams

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Hi Lovely,

When I was going through my quarter-life crisis a few years ago, a big revelation that shifted everything for me was when I realized the power of my thoughts. When my very first coach told me that I had the power to control and change my thoughts – that I could shift my attitude and perspective and not allow my current reality to dictate my future reality – everything started to change…

Recently at the Titan Summit in Zurich, I heard from a woman, Lisa Bentley, who captured this concept perfectly when she shared about her own experiences.

Lisa is a triathlete who competed in 33 Ironman triathlons and won 11 of them – defying the odds, considering she’d been diagnosed with Cystic Fibrosis before she even competed in her first triathlon.

One of the major things that Lisa said she recognized throughout her experience – and something that really stood out to me – is that attitude is more important than fact.

For example, even though Lisa knew that some of the people she was up against in these triathlons were – based on the facts – better sprinters, swimmers, etc., she didn’t put stock in those facts but instead focused on believing that anything was possible for her. She didn’t limit herself based on what the facts were telling her.

Lisa always reminded herself to believe and think the best of herself and her capabilities, to be her own biggest fan, and to work to be the very best version of herself. She shared that a true champion finds success despite adversity, and that so much of our success relies upon retraining our brains to truly believe that anything is possible.

Having this kind of attitude supported Lisa in achieving something greater than what facts would lead someone to believe was even possible – winning 11 triathlons despite being up against fierce competition and a genetic disease where people aren’t supposed to be able to be athletic let alone become a professional athlete…!

To me, her story is such a powerful illustration of how our thoughts and attitudes truly do create our realities. I know from my own experience the power that retraining our minds can have on our lives – in fact, shifting my own mindset and attitude about what was possible for me is what laid the foundation for creating a business and life that I love – and finally finding my purpose.

A quote that Robin Sharma shared at the summit that I thought was so profound was this: “We were born into genius but we were hypnotized into mediocrity.”

Meaning that we’re all born big dreamers, with a limitless concept of what’s possible for our lives, but along the way society and people tell us that we’re dreaming too big or that we need to “face the facts”.

However, in reality, those “facts” don’t have to limit us. We are all capable of so much more than many of us give ourselves credit for.

And that’s true for you too, lovely.

Your attitude and thoughts truly do have the power to shape your reality and your future in ways that exceed expectations and prove the “facts” wrong.

So lovely, in what ways are you letting “facts” stand in the way of you believing in something bigger for yourself? What mental shifts do you need to make in order to start moving in the direction of your dreams – in the direction of the life and business you know in your heart is meant for you?

Lisa said it best when she said to be your own biggest fan – to believe in yourself and your capabilities. Trust that you have what it takes to make big things happen in your life, no matter your current reality or what the facts are telling you.

Cultivate an attitude within yourself that believes that anything is possible, and that the possibilities for your future truly have no limit.

Your dreams are within reach, lovely!

Lots of love,

Emily xx

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