What’s It Going To Cost You? (Not What You Think!)


August 1, 2017

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A few years ago prior to starting my business I had the realization that I was just waiting for my life to get good. It occurred to me that I had been waiting around for years for the “right” time to go after my dreams, waiting for things to come together perfectly, waiting to have enough money, motivation, knowledge, confidence, etc. to finally go for it…

Sure, I had moved to London on a whim and was trying to figure things out there, but even being in a big, incredible place like London I came to see that I was still waiting – I wasn’t really living.

That realization was like a massive lightbulb flashing in my mind and illuminating my path forward, because in that moment I finally realized that I had to stop waiting. I realized that waiting doesn’t make things happen. Waiting is passive, and what I needed instead was to take massive action on behalf of myself and the life I desired.

Maybe that’s where you’re at today, lovely? If you feel like you’ve been waiting forever for things to get good, maybe it’s time to stop waiting and take action.

After all, when I finally made that shift, that’s when my life and business took off in bigger ways than I’d even dreamed possible. And I was able to start using my gifts and talents to impact the world and do things I thought I’d have to reserve for ten years down the road…(i.e. take an amazing vacation to Italy with my husband last week!).

For me, taking action meant hiring my very first coach to help guide me out of my quarter-life crisis and into a place of being an empowered female entrepreneur. Did I feel resistance to taking that step? You bet I did. But I knew I couldn’t stay stuck waiting any longer, because staying stuck was costing me big time…

Much like my client, Camilla. Every year for about a decade, Camilla had been going away on what she called her “goal-planning weekends” to focus on setting goals for herself. But she came to realize that her goals were falling by the wayside and that she wasn’t making progress toward her dreams.

She knew she couldn’t keep waiting around for her goals to just happen (after all, she’d been doing the same goal-planning weekend for 10 years yet still felt stuck). She’d been in the IHML community for a while and heard about I Heart Coaching, but was really struggling with the decision to join. She thought, “I can’t spend that much money on my dreams – it’s too expensive – I could never do that!”.

But then in a moment of clarity she thought, “what is it costing me NOT to do this?”

And that, lovely, is the question I want to encourage you to consider today. What is it costing you not to take action toward your dreams? What’s it going to cost you to stay in the same place you’ve been for years, waiting for the right time or the perfect situation to come along?

I know the answer to that question from experience – it’s costing a lot. It could be costing you your happiness, fulfillment, financial stability, your family’s future, your confidence…

It could be costing you trips around the world to amazing places like Italy (or wherever your heart desires to go) or the freedom to live life on your terms…

But I want you to know that that doesn’t have to be your reality any longer. There is no perfect time or perfect circumstance and you can’t start out knowing everything you need to know, so why not just start where you’re at?

I love this quote by Robin Sharma that says:

“Every master was once a beginner. Every pro was once an amateur.”

It’s the perfect reminder that no one starts out being incredible at something or having everything “together” right from the start. It’s just that the people who go on to become masters and pros don’t keep waiting, they take action and make their dreams their reality.

And you know what, lovely? You have what it takes to do that too! You simply have to begin by taking action on behalf of your dreams, and you can start right now. There’s no need to wait any longer.

You’ve got this!

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