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Last week I went to a 7am spinning class, and it was one of those rare occasions when the instructor was late.

I personally went through a range of emotions and thoughts when I found that out about the delay…

Maybe I should leave and go for a run instead…

Maybe I should check my email…

Maybe I should stand outside instead of sitting on this uncomfortable bike for an additional 10 minutes…

Maybe I should just sit here and pedal and be mad…

I wish I was still in bed…

However, my willpower was strong that morning, so I didn’t take action on any of those urges.

What did I decide to do instead?

(Remember, you are not your mind. You get to decide to take different action despite the thoughts that come up for you.)

I grabbed some free-weights and got an arm workout in while I waited.

I also was inspired to write this message to you during that period of waiting, lovely.

(TIP: Keep your phone nearby during your workouts as I get some of my best ideas in those moments!)

I realized that one of the keys to success is exactly what happened in those moments when I was lifting those 3 lbs. weights up and down.

…and it has to do with time.

If you’re anything like my clients and me, time always seems to be an obstacle.

We don’t have enough of it, we aren’t accomplishing our dreams fast enough — there’s a constant war going on.

But one of the most important things I’ve learned from the past few years is something my dad actually modeled for me while I was growing up — I just didn’t realize it until now…

Before I get into that, here’s what you need to know about my mom for this flashback to make sense…

I grew up with a mom who lived life on her own schedule. In other words, 90% of the time, she was late.

Late to church.

Late to pick me up at school.

Late to parties.

You name it.

(It wasn’t because she didn’t care — it was normally because she was taking care of so many other people first!)
And I remember more than one occasion where this frustrated my (normally punctual and entrepreneurial) dad.

But I also remember something else that’s far more important and what I really want to share with you today…

I remember the amount of work my dad got done as he was waiting for my mom.

My dad basically built his business while he was waiting.

(That’s an exaggeration, but hear me out…)

Whether it was 2 minutes, 15 minutes or even an hour delay, he got stuff done.

He read, answered emails, came up with new ideas, took a phone call — did something productive, while he was waiting.

And I really admire that, lovely, and can see how that is one of the pivotal elements to success now that I’m running my own company.

Now I’m not saying that we always have to be doing something — after all, moments of silence and stillness are valuable too, but how much more productive would you be if you actually took advantage of every moment?

In between appointments…

While you’re waiting for dinner to cook in the oven…

Sitting outside of the dressing room while your partner tries on clothes at the store…

Getting your hair done…

(You would not believe the amount of emails I’ve written, launches I’ve planned, and funnels I’ve mapped out while getting my hair colored over the past three years!)

You have so much more time than you know, lovely. You just have to be aware of every spare moment. Recognize the opportunity to move forward and seize it.


Know that this is the way you can join the world’s most successful in not only productivity, but influence, energy, clarity, courage and necessity.

Can’t wait for you to get the details!

Have a lovely week, full of tons of time and speak to you soon, lovely!

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