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Hi Lovely,

This past weekend, James and I ended up taking a 7-mile walk along the Thames. It was a gorgeous sunny day, and we just kept walking!

Around mile three, we heard helicopter after helicopter further down the path. As we neared that area, one passed right by us and turned to the right in between an apartment building and a hotel. We were curious and went to check it out.

We discovered that it was the London Heliport (associated with NetJets), and it provides transport in Europe as well as rides to and from the London airports. Who knew?!

In the moment, James and I started talking about all of the helicopter rides we’re going to take in the near future. How travel will be so much easier. No more sitting in traffic. Getting to experience a gorgeous view. The works.

But believe me, lovely, these conversations didn’t used to be the norm. And that’s what I want to share with you today…

When I first started my business, I was a part of a group program that had events around the world. One of them was in Australia.

I remember when I started that program, I told my coach I didn’t think I’d be able to make it.

I said, “I mean, Australia is really far and pricey, and I’m just starting out…”

She reminded me that I had six months to make it happen and to not give up before even attempting to purchase my ticket.

She was right, and I ended up going to Australia for two weeks.

In fact, between the beginning of the program and when my trip occurred, I actually signed up for additional, more intimate support and was invited to a mastermind in Bali as well.

It was there that my eyes were opened even wider…

I remember during one of the sessions with my coach, I was stressed about everything I had on my plate as a new business owner, worried about the 13 hour trip back to London and generally pretty exhausted.

(I didn’t know how to travel and run a business at the time — believe me, that’s a learned skill.)

She, very matter-of-factly suggested I upgrade my ticket to business class.

I was quick to respond, “Oh, no. I couldn’t do that.’

“Who do you think business class is for, lovely?” she asked.

“Men in suits.”

That was my immediate response, and I was stunned by my own words.

Here I was — a business owner traveling around the world — and I wasn’t putting myself in the category of someone who could fly in business class.

That moment, I committed to at least looking into the cost of changing my ticket. And later that night, I upgraded and haven’t gone back since.

You see, lovely, there are a few points to me sharing this story.

We have so many self-imposed limits on what we can and can’t do. What’s meant for us and what’s not.

Most of the time, we don’t even do the research before deciding we can’t do something or it’s not possible.

That leads us to limit ourselves before even trying.

Which means we block ourselves and opportunities.

I want you to change that script, lovely. When you get the urge to do something, go somewhere or step out of the box, explore it. You’ll be amazed at what happens…

Let me give you another example of that…

Last fall, James and I went to St. Tropez for a retreat with our relationship coach. St. Tropez is a few hours from Nice Airport so we looked into transfers to and from. At one point, I got the idea to check out helicopters. After doing some research, we discovered that you can take a helicopter from Nice Airport to St Tropez for the same price as a private taxi. Who knew?!

Previous to my Australia experience and mindset transformation, I wouldn’t have even looked, lovely.

Maybe that’s where you’re at.

And this weekend after our more recent helicopter experience, I turned to James and said, “I’m so grateful I live with a no-limits mindset. If someone is out there doing it, I know it’s possible for me too.”

And that’s what I want for you too, lovely.

Whether it’s a helicopter, business class, dark chocolate from the mini bar (that’s a whole other story!), starting your own business, hiring help or moving to your dream country, I want that for you.

At least do the research before your rule it out. At least ask the questions. At least get the quote. At least try it once.

Because the thing is, you have no idea what you’re missing and when you block yourself, you block possibility and opportunity. And let’s face it, you aren’t really the true you in those moments. Your desires are dropped in for a reason — they’re meant for you and possible.

And remember, if someone is out there doing it, you can too!

To a life without limits,

Lots of love,

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