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How to Combine Gorgeous Design and High-Converting Sales with Cathy Olson

Emily Williams

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You’re going along… you’re creating offers… you’re building a presence… you’re getting out there…

… but people aren’t buying…

So you start asking yourself, “What am I doing wrong?” 

Then you find Cathy Olson and Funnel Gorgeous and you realize that your message, your design, and your products aren’t aligned… you tweak a few things and everything clicks into place. 

“I wasted a lot of time doubting myself… I had to learn how to sell and how to become a business owner. I had to totally change my mind and tell myself a new story in order to become the real person that I was, which was both. I’m both an amazing business owner and an artist. I can be both.”

-Cathy Olson

Cathy is the co-founder of Funnel Gorgeous and the huge suite of courses, funnel templates, and an amazing vault of free resources. She has had an amazing career in design and marketing and is one of the few people who understands the connection between beautiful designs and how to make them convert into sales. 

She is truly inspiring. Having come from a long line of artists who actually made money, she struggled to find her own place in the world. She’s always known she was a creative, but she wanted to do creativity on her terms.

Once she taught herself how to code, a whole new world of design opened up. Listen in as she shares the impetus behind Funnel Gorgeous and why working through her own fears and insecurities has been the key to their success. 

Cathy learned early on that she needed to re-write the stories she kept telling herself. Once she did and once she started leaning into her fears, she found HUGE success.

Are you ready to break through your own stories? What lies are you telling yourself? How are they holding you back?

Better question… how can you re-write them and start out on your journey of success? We all have gifts to share with the world, but we first have to recognize them!  

In this Episode: 

[01:32] Welcome Cathy Olson to the show!

[01:59] Learn more about Cathy’s entrepreneurial journey and her past. 

[05:23] What prompted her to start the stationary arm of her business when she was first getting started? 

[06:39] How did Cathy initially find clients? 

[08:55] Did it take long for her to step out of her corporate role? 

[10:11] Cathy shares the evolution of her business over the last decade. 

[13:02] Why she started creating courses. 

[16:44] There is a fine balance between design and sales. 

[18:06] What products did Cathy create first? 

[19:35] When was the Funnel Gorgeous Course first launched? 

[23:04] How should people wrap their heads around messaging + conversion? 

[26:47] Speaking to your ideal customer is the key to conversion. Learn why!

[27:41] What is Cathy’s role in her company now? 

[29:51] Is it hard to outsource the design piece of the business? 

[32:57] What has been the biggest struggle as the company grows? 

[34:36] How do they communicate with their clients and the market? 

[36:18] Does Cathy’s business run off her desires? 

[38:20] What is a pressure launch? 

[40:35] Cathy shares all of the courses that are currently available within her company.

[46:06] Is Cathy naturally high-vibe and positive? 

[50:21] Why it’s important to re-evaluate the stories you tell yourself. 

[51:24] What is Cathy most excited about this year? 

[52:36] How can you create a life better than your dreams? 

[54:17] Connect with Cathy. 

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“I wasted a lot of time doubting myself… I had to learn how to sell and how to become a business owner. I had to totally change my mind and tell myself a new story in order to become the real person that I was, which was both. I’m both an amazing business owner and an artist. I can be both.” – Cathy Olson

“Those fears are gonna come up and that doesn’t mean that we stop. It doesn’t mean that we’re not headed in the right direction. It’s just an indication that we’re doing something new or something big or that we might not know everything or just that we’re human.” – Emily Williams

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