Behind the Scenes: How One Client Made the Successful Transition From Brick and Mortar to Online Business with Belinda Furneaux-Harris

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It feels rather repetitive but it’s true, when Covid hit we all had to figure out a new plan. For Belinda Furneaux-Harris that meant taking her brick and mortar business and moving it online. To do this, she knew she needed support, so she joined us in our I Heart Coaching program. 

Belinda was already extremely successful in her business, but moving online requires a different set of skills, so she dug in. She has now successfully created two courses that will be launching soon and changed the model of her business from in-person to online. She joined me to chat all about what it took to pivot and why she knows it was the right decision for her business. 

“When you uncover what sits at the heart of your brand, you’re really looking at what sits at the heart of you.” -Belinda Harris

Prior to starting her business, Belinda had a long history of work in the corporate world. She had no entrepreneurial background, but she knew there had to be a better way. She was burnt out, in adrenal fatigue, and exhausted. Essentially she was over corporate. 

She took her knowledge of personal branding and career advancement and began helping others to create personal brands that helped elevate their careers. She is now a branding and marketing coach and still helps the corporate world through consulting and workshops. 

Listen in as she shares why I Heart Coaching was the right choice for her when she decided to move her business online and why she credits the program with her online success. She’s digging deep into the behind the scenes of the program and why it worked better than any other program she’s taken. 

Belinda’s drive for excellence revealed itself at a very early age and it’s that knowing and clarity that has helped her create a life better than her dreams. What would your dream life look like? Are you ready to make it a reality? 

In this Episode: 

[01:58] Welcome Belinda to the I Heart My Life Show!

[02:29] Where did Belinda’s entrepreneurial journey start? 

[03:55] Belinda shares when her love affair with brands began.

[07:29] How leaving corporate opened up her marketing world and expertise. 

[09:50] Between her consultancy work and then starting her business she did take time off. 

[10:27] How did she feel making the decision to leave her work and her country? 

[12:28] Did she have any prior experience in entrepreneurship before starting her business? 

[13:29] What first steps did she take to develop her own brand? 

[17:13] How did she fill her event and get so many Facebook followers? 

[21:47] Your brand and your person are deeply connected. Learn why!

[23:19] How did her realization that deep transformation was key affect her programs? 

[26:27] Why the behind the scenes looks are so important to your students. 

[27:42] What was Belinda looking for when she joined I Heart Coaching? 

[31:31] Belinda explains why she so appreciated all of the mindset work in the program. 

[34:48] The course is dripped out which makes it so much easier to take action each week. 

[36:45] What is Belinda looking forward to in her business? 

[37:22] Connect with Belinda.

[37:39] What is one way that you can build a life better than your dreams? 

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“When you uncover what sits at the heart of your brand, you’re really looking at what sits at the heart of you.” – Belinda Harris

“Get really, really clear about what you want. So when I was 14 years old I made a vow to myself that I was going to live an extraordinary life not an ordinary life, and I got really clear, even at 14, about the woman I wanted to become. And I made it happen.” – Belinda Harris

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