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How to Move Through Money Scarcity and Reach Your Financial Goals: A Real Life Coaching Session with Florence Andrews

Emily Williams

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Let me know if this has ever happened to you. You’re absolutely certain about a new career path and you’ve taken the leap and invested in it. And then the doubt creeps in and you start second guessing everything that you’ve gone through to make it to this point.

“The fear, the worry, and the doubt is literally just one of those ways that the mind tries to keep us stuck and stop us from moving closer to the vision.” -Emily Williams

Has that ever happened to you? 

It has for me. And it started to happen to one of our new I Heart Coaching members, Florence Andrews, but she reached out and shared her concerns and she agreed to a real life coaching session. You see, she is not alone in her fears and she’s willing to help someone else by sharing her story!

Her biggest concern after making the investment in I Heart Coaching stems from the thought of failure. If she fails to make her coaching dreams come true, what would that mean for her family? So we talk through it. I have her go through an exercise digging deep into what it would mean if she fails at this venture. 

Then we discuss how she would feel if she never took the leap. If she played it safe and never went after her dreams. She definitely had a stronger reaction to one over the other and I bet you can guess which. 

Listen in as we discuss her fears, how to overcome them, and actionable steps she can take toward making her dreams come true now. We dive into the numbers and find clarity around what she needs to make it through this period of time and how she can make that happen. 

This is a fantastic episode if you’ve been letting fear hold you back. There are ways to put fear on the backburner once you realize that your fears are your mind’s way of keeping you safe. You don’t need to be safe, you need to be bold! Listen to learn more.

In this Episode: 

[00:19] Welcome to this real coaching session with Florence Andrews. 

[02:27] Learn more about Florence and her business concerns. 

[05:20] Florence shares her worst case scenario and Emily helps her delve deeper into it. 

[07:59] Where does her true fear stem from? 

[10:18] On the flip side, what is the worst case scenario if she never goes for her coaching dreams? 

[13:21] What would help shift her scarcity mindset? 

[14:33] Learn more about Florence’s best case scenario. 

[17:08] How her vision of the future can direct her present actions. 

[19:30] Has she broken down what she needs to earn to live? 

[24:07] Does she have her coaching packages created? 

[26:33] Who does Florence want to work with? 

[30:40] When you have a financial goal you need to ask yourself what the fastest path is to reaching it.


“The fear, the worry, and the doubt is literally just one of those ways that the mind tries to keep us stuck and stop us from moving closer to the vision.” Emily Williams

“You’re not teaching something that you need to learn, you’ve already lived this. You already have the qualification, the resources, the information to provide for other people.” – Emily Williams

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