How gratitude got me out of my quarter-life crisis


November 26, 2020

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2020 has been an interesting year; that’s for sure. I know it’s had its challenges, but at IHML, we have also seen its gifts.

We’ve been focusing on what’s worked this year and although some of the changes and transformation have been somewhat forced upon us, I know that a lot of our clients actually feel grateful for life “doing it for them”.

Ashley, I’m well aware that you may not feel that way and that it may be really challenging to find anything to be grateful for today.

But what if I told you we can change that together today?

That all it takes is a couple of minutes each day to transform your mindset and change your life?

It’s true! That, Ashley, is the power of one simple word: gratitude.

Gratitude deserves a special place in your heart and mind every. single. day. I say this because I have experienced first hand how small intentions of gratitude can lead to big changes in life.

It starts with a shift in your mindset. I mean, how many times have you gotten out of bed with dread in your heart and on your mind, setting the tone for the rest of the day?  (We’ve all been there).

Truthfully, it took hitting a low point in my life (hello, quarter-life crisis) for me to reconnect with the idea of gratitude and really look into making it an intentional daily practice.

I began small, writing down every little thing I was thankful for (I didn’t have a lot of good things going on — or at least I didn’t think I did). Just when I started feeling bad for thinking so small (like, pumpkin spice latte small), I realized I was doing exactly what I was supposed to be doing.

When you practice gratitude, you begin to tune into the smallest of things. You open your eyes to the people, the opportunities, the moments that bring joy into your life.

Here’s why it matters: Gratitude follows the Law of Attraction. The more we acknowledge and pay heed to the positive influences in our life, the more goodness and positivity we will attract.

Here’s the proof. Once I started practicing gratitude, I met James online, I landed my dream job (at the time), and I got clarity around my desires of being a coach.

Now, imagine what gratitude could do for you in your life and business.

Because Ashley, let me remind you that you can still be driven and have big dreams. You can want to level up and make more money.

Success and gratitude aren’t mutually exclusive.

Practicing gratitude actually helped propel me in the direction of my desires. Gratitude opened doors for me by opening my eyes to the possibilities before me, and it can for you too.

So let me ask you. What are you grateful for today? Take a moment and jot down three things that come to mind (nothing is too big or small).

And let’s take this one step further…

I want to invite you to make gratitude a part of your day, every day. I’m going to share with you an exercise from Pam Grout’s Thank and Grow Rich that I find really useful in inspiring gratitude.

It’s called the two-step AA process and it goes like this:

  1. First thing every morning, like literally before anything else, admit that something amazingly awesome is going to happen to you today. This takes no more than a few seconds of your time.
So, yes, literally say to yourself  “something amazingly awesome is going to happen” (simple, right?!). What you’re doing is basically gearing your brain up to be on the lookout for that amazingly awesome thing.  
  1. Then, welcome blessings and miracles into your life. Believe that they exist and will find their way to you. Set the intention of finding all the beauty your world has to offer. And every day, list out three things that you’re grateful for. The only stipulation is they need to be three different things each day.
Before you know it, your mind will have a shift in focus. Instead of looking for problems, you’ll be looking for life’s miracles (no miracle is too big or small).
You’re not done yet. Grout challenges you to hold yourself accountable in a big way to ensure you don’t fall back into your old mindset (it’s so easy to do!).
3. Make your intentions and gratitude list known with a text, a tweet, a Facebook status, or an Instagram story.

Here’s the coolest part. By sharing your gratitude with others, you’re literally changing the world. When we put positivity out into the world, things transform (there are studies to prove it!).

So my encouragement for you today is to start your gratitude practice. Put it out in the world. Tell me about it! Tag me on Instagram or send me a message telling me how this is working out for you in your life. (@i_am_emily_williams and @iheartmylife).

If nothing else, gratitude has taught me this: you have the power to emit the energy that’s going to create a life that you love. Start today.

And to everyone in the United States celebrating Thanksgiving, I’m sending tons of love and gratitude to you and your family.

Thank you for being a part of the I Heart My Life Community and Movement. We’re so grateful for you.


P.S. Want more? Here are a few resources on gratitude…

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