How to Add More Peace and Ease Into Your Life


August 7, 2021

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How often do we all get caught up in the daily grind of running our businesses or striving in our careers and forget the importance of peace? You and I both know the answer: way too often. 

We’re so quick to want the concrete and actionable steps to lead us toward the results we’re after, right? 

But what if part of the answer lies within? What if we could open those doors we often think are locked by just being more insightful, intentional, and playful? 

This all came to light for me after a recent chat with Jason Goldberg. Jason is a life coach and business mentor full of life and energy, and although he gives caffeine all the credit, the truth is, it’s so much more than that. His story and outlook on life totally elevated my understanding of the power of maintaining a spirit of play in all you do (yes, including work).

I suggest listening to our entire conversation here because there are seriously so many golden nuggets in there. Jason offers everything from his framework for showing up confidently on sales calls to the steps to creating a successful coaching program that lights you up. (And so much more). 

In the meantime… 

I know how easy it is to get caught up or weighed down by the stressors, pressures, and complications in life and business. They might be inevitable, but if you can approach them following some of Jason’s advice, you’ll be amazed at how much more peace and ease you’ll experience (and enjoy). 

Take note of some of my top takeaways.

💛  Work in a way that lights you up. So many coaches feel pressure to coach in a certain way. Even people who aren’t coaches face similar pressures. The bottom line is you need to give yourself permission to magnify your gifts and passions in a way that both allows you to impact others and feel good about it. 

You don’t have to coach one-on-one if you’d rather speak on a stage or run group programs. You have that choice. Choose the path that will continue to light you up and inspire you, allowing you to continue passing your gift along to those who need it most. You can (and should) integrate your passions with the work you do. 

💛  Don’t get caught up in the ego. When you’re too caught up in the pressures of a particular image or marker of  “success,” remind yourself of the importance of service. In coaching, you‘re selling the value that you can bring your audience. That can be a lot of pressure. I can also cause your ego to spin out of control and take every element of the business very personally, including rejection. 

You have to let go of the people-pleasing. As soon as you shift your focus toward being liked, you lose the focus of genuinely serving those who need it. Instead of solely focusing on getting more clients or making more money, shift your focus to better serving your ideal client. Show up ready to give from your heart because when you stay rooted in service, the rest will follow. 

Lastly, I wanted to outline Jason’s process for adding more peace and ease into his every day. This is something you can do whenever you’re feeling stressed, overwhelmed, or simply off track:

  1. Identify your trigger. Life is too beautiful and multidimensional to be ignored. Therefore, the one thing that you should put your entire focus on is your experience of peace and ease. When you find yourself caught up in a stressful or overwhelming situation, stop to identify what it is that you’re putting at the forefront of your universe.
  2. Ask the question. Then, ask yourself what it would look like to bring 5% more peace and ease into your experience in that very moment. Imagine what it would feel like to have that 5%. 
  3. Get present. Maybe that means taking a few deep breaths. Perhaps it’s reading an inspirational book, going for a walk, working out, or practicing meditation. Whatever it is, use that activity to bring yourself back to the present moment, asking if you’re giving the situation or stressor more power than it really has.
  4. Refocus. Once you slow down and become more present, natural elements of play and joy will start to reappear. You’ll naturally begin to feel the pressures and stressors lift. You’ll feel lighter and more at ease. Then, you’ll be able to shift your focus back to what matters most to you

The bottom line? 

No matter what you do, where life takes you, or how successful you become, don’t fall into the trap of being too serious. 😉 

Life is too short of a journey not to have fun along the way.  

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