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What does wealth mean to you? Is it a fridge fully stocked from Whole Foods, a lucrative savings account, and luxury getaways? Or maybe spending time with those you love? Everybody experiences wealth in various ways, but rarely do we take the time to reflect on if we actually feel wealthy at the subconscious level. Because the reality is very few of us were taught about money mindset, or how to empower ourselves with it!

“If we had to create a list of the top five things that you valued most, where does being financially independent or building generational wealth fall in line with your shopping trips to whole foods or your luxury vehicle. And only you can decide that.” — Walli Miller

I’m sure many of us grew up seldom hearing about the importance of financial literacy. Sure, you were taught about checkbooks and savings and even spending habits. But were you ever instilled with tools to bridge the gap between your behaviors and desires? Chances are, you weren’t. But that doesn’t mean you’re destined to live the rest of your life stuck in your old ways— or a shallow spending budget. 

Like you, Walli Miller grew up believing she was adequate at money management. But after receiving an income report in her mid-twenties, she realized she had nothing to show for all her hard work. And more importantly, realized how little she was really taught about money. After a slew of ‘aha’ moments and losing love for her corporate job, she finally decided it was time to create wealth according to her standards. Not only did she utilize mindset work and self-reflection to redefine what wealth meant to her, but discovered how she can show up everyday honoring her values. How? By building her relationship with money as a tool, and not just a currency.

Walli’s wealth of knowledge is here to teach us there’s ‘no one size fits all’ when it comes to money mindset and wealth. Which is what makes her a truly unique and inspiring coach… and this week’s IHML Show guest! In this episode, Walli and I harp on the hard conversations about money, being intentional with our spending habits, how to define wealth in our own way, and tips to align our money with our values! 

This IHML Show episode is worth a fortune with how much information and insight Walli has to offer. As someone who’s been working on her own money mindset, I truly believe Walli is going to completely change the way you think about wealth. Because no matter what you were told to believe, the luxuries of life that light you up are truly priceless— no matter the cost!

In This Episode:

  • [0:27] This is how Walli’s financial journey all transpired…
  • [2:55] Wall walks us through her adult relationship with money that inspired her work!
  • [8:45] These are the first steps Walli took in light of her major money ‘aha’ moment.
  • [11:19] Walli shares her (unexpected) philosophies and desires as a financial coach.
  • [14:55] How to get clear on your vision and stay aligned with it— according to Walli!
  • [17:32] Want to create a ‘work optional’ experience, or build generational wealth? Give some of Walli’s tips a much-needed try!
  • [23:41] These are the overlooked avenues and mistakes Walli sees in entrepreneurs and her own clients.
  • [27:16] Walli happily shares her wisdom for how to create a life better than your dreams, from a wealth standpoint!


“What we don’t realize is that so much of our money relationship, our money mindset is really formed and shaped when we’re really young when we’re about between the ages of seven and 10. So when we think about what type of environment and what type of examples did our parents have for us, when it came to money and what type of conversations did they have with us surrounding money. And then to think that as we get older and start working and get those jobs and begin making an income, that a lot of the things that we learned may not be the best in having the healthiest relationship with money.” — Walli Miller

“And I remember getting an income report of the last 10 years of my wages and I calculated how much money I had made in my lifetime and realized that I had nothing to show for it.” — Walli Miller

“I had to really understand what my spending triggers were. And sometimes those spending triggers could be associated with negative feelings, right?” — Walli Miller

“If we feel anxious, upset, depressed, sad, angry, frustrated, we might want to make ourselves feel better by using something like shopping. But sometimes it’s also a positive thing that we do, right? If we get a promotion at work, or we finally completed a big project. Now, all of a sudden we are shopping as a form of reward. And neither one of those things are bad. But if you are doing these things sort of unintentionally, if you’re doing these things sort of unconsciously, that’s where that becomes an issue.“ — Walli Miller

“When we talk about money mindset, it’s simply your relationship with money. Your habits, your behaviors, your thoughts around money. And when we understand what that is and what are some of the behaviors that you would like to replace, or some of the habits that you would like to remove, then we can sort of figure out what you want to do with your money.” — Walli Miller

“One of the things that I tell my clients is that as a financial coach, this might sound a little weird but, I do not care how you spend your money. What I do care about is that I wanna hear what it is that you want your life to look like.  Let’s design the life that you want. Let’s design the experiences that you want.” — Walli Miller

“So if we can really tie in the things that are [a part of]  the life that you want to have, the experiences you want to experience, then we can tie that into how we can use money as a tool to help you get there. “ — Walli Miller  

“Once I really understood where my money was going and I realized that it wasn’t aligned, where I was spending my money wasn’t aligned with what I valued most. That was something that helped me make that shift.” — Walli Miller

“I like to use this acronym for cutting the F.A.T.T.  and F.A.T.T.  stands for food, accommodation, transportation, and taxes. If you can cut the F.A.T.T.  down in your budget, that is where the bulk of your success is going to be.” — Walli Miller

“If we had to create a list of the top five things that you valued most, where does being financially independent or building generational wealth fall in line with your shopping trips to whole foods or your luxury vehicle. And only you can decide that.” — Walli Miller

“When you can define what wealth means to you and what a rich life means to you, then you can begin dreaming.” — Walli Miller

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