5 Biggest Success Blockers When You’re Upleveling


October 26, 2022

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Yesterday, my husband and I hosted a VIP Day at our home, and it made me think about the main issues we see with high-achieving women as they’re trying to uplevel and achieve more success, happiness and wealth in all areas of life.

(BTW, I’ve experienced many of these myself and they are totally normal, but can be detrimental to your growth, happiness and success which is why I’m calling them “blockers”.)

See if you resonate with any of these…

Blocker #1 – You don’t recognize how far you’ve come.

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You’re literally on the hamster wheel day after day, chasing success and ticking things off the list when you’re trying to uplevel and achieve more success.

You wait until the end of the year to review your progress and celebrate your success…thus, every day feels like you’re “behind” or not far enough along.

The issue with this is that you’re never satisfied, and you may even end up burning out.

You’re always thinking about the future and are rarely present to the current moment which you regret when you look back. (That trip to Italy or special moment with your kids … you weren’t really there and can’t get that moment back!)

Blocker #2 – You allow your mind to run the show. (In particular, your negative thoughts and beliefs that cause you to stop.)

All of us have stopping strategies – things like overwhelm, confusion, doubt – the mind uses these tricks to get us to stop and leak energy…thus slowing down our progress.

When you haven’t done the work to reprogram your mind, you can only go so far.

Your mind will try to stop you every step of the way and will often time succeed. And you won’t even know it’s happening!

After all, these tricks will be masked as being realistic or responsible or as seemingly valid reasons why you can’t move forward like you’re not clear on the next steps, etc.

But they aren’t true!

Blocker #3 – You’re all work, and no play.

woman on computer

Trust me, as a manifesting generator (if you don’t know Human Design, look it up!) I could work all day, every day and not take a break. But is that what I want for my life?! NO!

As driven women, it’s like we’re afraid to have fun or take our foot off the gas for fear of what will happen. We think we’ll lose momentum or not be able to perform, but the opposite is actually true.

I’ve learned through eight years of working with clients, tons of ups and downs in life/business myself, and through being coached by my Certified High Performance Coach husband that rest is essential to success.

And so is slowing down and tuning in to my intuition so I’m moving forward and taking aligned action when I’m trying to uplevel and achieve more success.

Blocker #4 – You’re too close.

Tunnel vision is real! Often times we can’t see the blocks (and the opportunities!) right in front of our face.

In a recent VIP Day that we hosted with a client, she was literally sitting on a goldmine and had no idea. When I shifted her perspective to a course idea that wasn’t even on her radar – one that she was beyond qualified to create and sell – a whole new revenue stream opened up to her.

It’s the same with some of the mindset pieces. Sometimes the answer to your happiness and next level is as simple as implementing a self-love practice or removing a limiting belief but it takes someone with another vantage point to shed light on it for you.

Blocker #5 – You’re thinking too small.

Woman writing on note page

Have you ever heard the phrase “fortune favors the bold”? I have to admit, this has never been one of my issues, but we do see this with our clients on a regular basis. When they get into our communities or work with us intimately, they see how they’ve been keeping themselves small in terms of their desires, the money they can make or their vision in general.

Maybe you haven’t put yourself in the metaphorical (or physical) room of big-thinkers when you’re trying to uplevel and achieve more success, and you’ve been impacted by those who play small in your current social circle, family and industry. In order to go big, it’s essential to follow and learn from those who are doing big things.

And oftentimes, doors only open when you truly step into the vision and go all in!

So there you have it! Some of the top reasons why we see incredible women getting stuck on their journey to the next level.

Do you resonate with any of these?

If so, we can help.

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