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We're a media, education and lifestyle company that supports you in elevating every area of your life. I started IHML in 2014 out of my own desire to love myself and my life. Welcome. We're glad you're here.
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For many people, bearing the weight of the world can feel heavy and almost never-ending. As a society, we’ve been conditioned to do so much: push through, focus on the next best thing, and seldom stop to take in the moment.

But just imagine if we were given the tools, time, and space to embrace our journey and focus on the deeper feelings that mold it. Entertain that reality in your mind… because it can be yours! And way sooner than you might believe…

“Tune in to what word really feels aligned for you and go past that initial excitement point if that’s kind of where you’re landing at the moment, because there’s something deeper on the other side.” — Emily Williams

Working in the coaching and entrepreneurial space has opened me up to the ever-evolving world of how to change your mindset.

Even before I launched my own business, I always sought to cultivate alignment in my life. So over the years, I’ve made it a point to address it in my ongoing conversations with both colleagues and friends…and now on the IHML Show.

This week’s IHML Show is all about the recent transformational mindset hacks that I’m implementing. I’m sharing the three simple mindset shifts I’m currently leaning into, and why they’re crucial to my current reality (and yours!) in order to change my mindset quickly and in the moment.

I’ll also be sharing the questions and affirmations I’ve found most helpful in my mindset journey, despite all the societal conditioning that counters them.

It’s my mission, as well as I Heart My Life’s, to candidly embrace the human experience so we can make it better.

In This Episode:

  • [0:02] Emily shares the first big shift she’s been leaning into (thanks to an amazing previous guest).
  • [5:57] How the feeling of relief can drastically shift your mindset, thanks to Emily and her powerful conversations with colleagues.
  • [9:54] This is the three-word statement that’s empowered Emily’s mindset.
  • [12:50] For those feeling the weight of the world right now, Emily has this super amazing mindset challenge for you (and some helpful advice)…


“I’ve been tuning into both of those questions: How do you wanna feel and what do you wanna embody?” — Emily Williams

“When we take it one step further, it makes it much easier to make decisions that are gonna be in alignment with the goals that we have.” — Emily Williams

“Tune in to what word really feels aligned for you and go past that initial excitement point if that’s kind of where you’re landing at the moment because there’s something deeper on the other side.” — Emily Williams

“When you tune into relief and it’s like a breath, a sigh of relief, right? Our shoulders automatically go down and [we] feel less stressed. There’s less anxiety in our bodies when we tune into that. And [when] we ask ourselves that question, it opens up so many doors and a level of awareness that we might not have had before.” — Emily Williams

“A big theme of today’s episode is really you tuning in and trusting your intuition. Just giving yourself the time and space to even ask these questions of success and going to the next level, and you becoming the best version of yourself and creating more joy and happiness is about personal awareness.” — Emily Williams

“We’re moving so quickly as a society that we don’t let ourselves tune in to what the reality actually is and what we truly need. But the amazing thing is, our body will tell us.” — Emily Williams

“When we tune in and we give ourselves the time and the space, it can bring about such awareness that it enables us to be crystal clear. And then we can make decisions from that place.” — Emily Williams

“So many people are struggling at this point in time and are nervous about what’s coming in the world. And we can get so overwhelmed with the current reality and forget that we are doing great.” — Emily Williams

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