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The one word that’s been a game-changer for me the past few months

If you’re one of my clients or in the IHML community, you’ve probably heard one of the words I’ve been saying over and over again the past few months. It’s word that’s enabled me to hire top mentors that get my vision. It’s a word that’s enabled me to map out a 2019 plan that […]

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I feel guilty making more money than him…

One of my biggest missions in life is supporting women in understanding what’s really possible (Hint: it’s ANYTHING!), and creating the mindset that helps them achieve their wildest dreams. That includes you Lovely. A big part of the mission is to support women like you in making more money and increasing your capacity for wealth. […]

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I’m so close to committing…

 I was on a call with a client recently, and she said the words “I’m so close to committing”. Immediately, a big red flag went up in my mind. You see, Lovely, if you’re “so close to committing” you may as well be completely uncommitted. Here’s what I mean… In order to reach your goals, […]

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Why smaller dreams are actually scarier than the big ones

I’m back from Italy, and I just had an incredible week hosting client calls and supporting our students in going to the next level. In particular, on our I Heart Money LIVE call last week, we talked about the dream of hitting big financial milestones — 6-figures and even millionaire or billionaire status for example. […]

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Let’s talk the Law of Polarity from an Italian pink palace

Yup, still in Italy! We are now in a town called Ravello. It’s one I’ve never visited before, so I cannot wait! I’m also so excited because we’re meeting our friends for a week in a beautiful hotel that truly looks like a pink palace. What could be better, right?! Just wanted to check in […]

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I want to tell you the truth

The other day, I was talking to one of my clients about a struggle she’s currently having inside of her business with hiring staff members. I told her that hiring is definitely one of the hardest things to do within a company. I’m still learning how to do it myself. That lead us to chat […]

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How to create a no-limits mindset

Hi Lovely, This past weekend, James and I ended up taking a 7-mile walk along the Thames. It was a gorgeous sunny day, and we just kept walking! Around mile three, we heard helicopter after helicopter further down the path. As we neared that area, one passed right by us and turned to the right […]

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Not enough time? Check out my huge breakthrough that shifted this belief

Last week, I completed the final stage of my settlement application to eventually become a British citizen. I went to an in person location for my appointment and ended up spending about five hours waiting for everything to be processed. It was not exactly a fun experience, but it had to be done and after […]

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3 ways I used blowdrys to transform my money mindset

Hi Lovely, Last week I recorded a Facebook LIVE that I’d love for you to check out… Click here to watch the video. Although you may think it’s all about my hair and blowdrys, it’s actually about money mindset… In the video, I share that once a week, I get my hair done. (Stick with […]

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